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Captioned snapshots of the council's fundraiser for the Sea Cadets August 5

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  • Pacific Merchant Marine Council
    Ahoy Members and Friends. Well, the fun fundraiser aboard the POTOMAC Sunday afternoon, August 5 is now history and fond memories. Many thanks to Karen
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 6, 2012
    Ahoy Members and Friends.
    Well, the fun fundraiser aboard the POTOMAC Sunday afternoon, August 5 is now history and fond memories.
    Many thanks to Karen Freitas, Vice President Youth Affairs, for chairing the event. Everything went smoothly. Also thank you to the several Sea Cadet parents and the Cadets for your services.
    And the Band of the West - great as always.
    And member Marti Burchell, Executive Director of the USS POTOMAC, along with the two docents aboard to answer questions about the ship. Marti was the one who suggested an event aboard and offered the use of the ship.
    Here are some photos of the occasion and a couple afterwards.
    Telephone me if you have any questions. I can't write about everything. Donations in support of the Arkansas Sea Cadets still gladly accepted - see the attached PMMC Fundraiser flyer for the address.
    A pair of the unique keepsake tickets for our council's Fundraiser aboard the USS POTOMAC Sunday, August 5. They are printed on clear plastic.
    Strike up the Band. The Arkansas Division Sea Cadets Band of the West performed on the foredeck of the USS POTOMAC (AG-25), President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's "Floating White House." The occasion was the council's "Fun Fundraiser" for the Cadets Sunday, August 5, 2012. The council sponsors and supports the Division. The USS POTOMAC party was the most recent endeavor.
    President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's personal desk in the saloon of his "Floating White House." Yes, that's me faking a log entry. During the summer I am out and about in attire suitable for wearing my Panama hat.
    In the wheelhouse of the POTOMAC. Yours truly distributing the funds from the "Fun Fundraiser" to Petty Officers Freitas, representing the non- band part of the division, and Richie, the band. The funds were split evenly between the two units of the Arkansas Division of the Sea Cadets.
    In the president's personal quarters Phelps with Huong T. Biu, Sea Cadet mom and newest member of the council. Huong was instrumental in social arrangements and keeping the desserts replenished in the adjacent saloon. Everyone enjoyed their time aboard.
    Lester Rich, President of the Marin County Council, Roger Bazeley, Senior Vice President of our council, wife Teddy and myself ready to enjoy the meal at The Warehouse Bar and Grill, www.thewarehousebar.net, Sunday evening, August 5 after the council's "Fun Fundraiser" for the Sea Cadets on the USS POTOMAC, AG-25. The Warehouse is near Jack London Square and is the headquarters for the Oakland Council. We return to The Warehouse for the Pacific Central Region's Social and dinner, Friday, August 24. Les mailed out sixty of the fundraiser flyer to his council members and we thank him for that.

    The Warehouse Bar and Grill - Oakland CA

    The Warehouse Bar and Grill - A cop bar: Oakland CA bar catering to police, firefighters, emergency medical workers, lawyers, judges, court personnel, military ...
    402 Webster Street Oakland, CA 94607 (510) 451-3161
    6 Google reviews
    Testing the flash on my camera. Roger Bazeley, our council's Senior Vice President, contemplating the future of the council and other matters at The Warehouse. He also shot some pictures of the fundraiser; I will let you know where he posts them.
    What's ahead for the council? Plenty.

    First, the Navy League Pacific Central Region activities August 25 and 26 - see attached. You are encouraged to attend.

    Then September 17 and December 17 - both Mondays - we return aboard the SS JEREMIAH O'BRIEN for socializing, or do we call it networking, and lunch with a program, guest speakers, and other items that seem to make our luncheons resemble a three ring circus. Though the Navy League and the council has a serious mission we continue having fun and we encourage you to invite your friends and associates to join.
    These captioned photos are also on our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/PMMC.NLUS, and will be sent in to NLUS headquarters for selected publication in SeaPower and Navy Leaguer. 

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