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  • Pacific Merchant Marine Council
    Pacific Merchant Marine Council Members and Friends, From the July 3 message below... Sixty years ago today, the SS United States pulled out of New York Harbor
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    Pacific Merchant Marine Council Members and Friends,
    From the July 3 message below...
    Sixty years ago today, the SS United States pulled out of New York Harbor and set off on her history-making maiden voyage. This month, you can help us shape history once again by joining the Conservancy's Save the United States Campaign, our breakthrough initiative to restore America's Flagship.
    The month has been full of activity for the SS UNITED STATES Conservancy and the Save the United States Campaign. If not already a part of the Conservancy's effort to save the ship, you are invited to enlist and come aboard!
    Below are four recent E-newsletters: July 3, July 10, July 13, and July 26.

    From the council's adoption certificate dated 4 June 2010 attached:

    "The Navy League of the United States Pacific Merchant Marine Council, recognizing the SS United States’ flagship career, hereby adopts and commits to support her future life by aiding the SS United States Conservancy. Fair winds and following seas Conservancy!"

    Phelps Hobart, President
    Pacific Merchant Marine Council
    Navy League of the United States

    SS United States E-Newsletter

    July 3, 2012



    Dear SS United States Conservancy Supporters:    


    Sixty years ago today, the SS United States pulled out of New York Harbor and set off on her history-making maiden voyage.  This month, you can help us shape history once again by joining the Conservancy's Save the United States Campaign, our breakthrough initiative to restore America's Flagship.  Since the Conservancy purchased the vessel last year, we have been making progress every day toward preserving this "American dream come true" for future generations.  Now our efforts are about to pick up a full head of steam!


    The centerpiece of our global campaign is SavetheUnitedStates.org, a groundbreaking online experience that will allow you to explore the ship, learn about her history, and contribute to her restoration in a very personal way.  This exciting campaign will combine social networking, historic preservation, and the development of a high-tech interactive museum display that will enable your story to become a permanent part of the SS United States' story.  


    The campaign is already generating interest from national news media including the Associated Press and TIME, and it promises to bring the plight and potential of America's Flagship to millions across the nation and around the world.


    Because this innovative platform is so new, we need your help. We are seeking volunteers to help us test the site before the general public. If you are willing to assist, please visit SavetheUnitedStates.org to sign up By getting in early, you can help us prepare the site for its global launch by trying out its features, giving us feedback, and posting your special stories and images before the rest of the world is invited to join the effort


    When the campaign launches nationally next week, we hope you will spread the word among family, friends, colleagues, and your communities by email, Facebook, Twitter and word of mouth.  Your love of the ship combined with this new virtual experience will inspire others to be part of this historic effort.  We all must do our part to ensure this great vessel and all she represents are saved for future generations.


    The excitement starts this week!  During this special 60th Anniversary period, we will be sending out a number of important electronic announcements in the coming days and weeks, including the date of the Save the United States Campaign's official launch.


    We can't thank you enough for your support. Together we will make history.  Together we will Save the United States. 


    Susan Gibbs,

    Executive Director


    Follow me @SusanGibbs1 on Twitter!



    To become a member of the SS United States Conservancy  

    or make a tax-deductible donation in support of our efforts, please click here 


    In This Issue:

    NYCEventsHelp Us Celebrate SS United States Day In New York City!

    SS United States 60th Anniversary

    Wednesday, July 18th is SS United States Day in New York City - help us celebrate the Big U in her home port!  On the 60th anniversary of the ticker tape parade honoring her record-breaking maiden voyage, the Conservancy's New York Chapter is hosting two fabulous events. 

    The first event is a cruise aboard the Lexington, a motor yacht renowned for her classic elegance.  Owner David Hackert has made it his mission to exude the élan of the SS United States and the panache of Luxury Liner Row at the peak of its heyday.  The cruise will trace the Big U's path as she entered and departed New York Harbor and includes a light lunch, beer and wine.  All ages are welcome. Boarding begins at 10:30AM at Skyport Marina (East 23rd Street); the cruise is scheduled for 11AM -  1PM. Dress is business casual.  Please book ahead - space is limited to the first 45 contributors!


    After the conclusion of the river cruise, we'll be dashing across town to the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) at the World Financial Center. Thanks to CME Group, guests will be given an exclusive tour of the NYMEX trading floor and will witness the official sounding of the day's closing bell. An elegant cocktail party will immediately follow in the 10th Floor Executive Dining Room and balcony with its magnificent view of the Hudson River and Upper New York Bay.  Guests will enjoy a delicious array of appetizers designed and prepared by downtown's famous Compass/Lackmann Culinary Service with Marianne Walker herself, tailoring the variety of hors d'oeuvres to evoke flavors of an around-the-world cruise.  The event's highlight will be Steven Ujifusa discussing his soon-to-be-released Simon & Schuster book about William Francis Gibbs's quest to design the SS United States. Signed copies of A Man And His Ship will be available for purchase.

    We hope you can join us in honoring our great lady at one or both of these events. Make your reservations here, and we'll see you in the Big Apple!

     anniversary Conservancy Thanks Guests and Volunteers For A Successful 60th Anniversary Event

    On June 15, the Conservancy held a festive 60th Anniversary event at Philadelphia's Independence Seaport Museum. After a wonderful patio reception, guests gathered to hear updates from the Conservancy's leadership and applaud as special awards were presented to two of the Conservancy's most committed donors and volunteers: Dean Edmonds and Marie Prewett. The evening's highlight was the presentation of the National Flagship Champion Medal to legendary NFL Coach Dick Vermeil and his rousing call to action on behalf of the SS United States. This was followed by a special screening of the new documentary film, SS United States: Made in America. 


    After the event, the Conservancy illuminated the SS United States' funnels, a gorgeous spectacle covered by almost all of Philadelphia's major television outlets.  The Conservancy extends a special thanks to artist Robert Wogan for his inaugural funnel lighting back in 1999 and launching this very special tradition.

    The Conservancy would like to extend effusive thanks to all of the generous event sponsors as well as the staff and volunteers who worked so hard to make the evening such a success:

    Special Thanks

    Independence Seaport Museum

    Brulee Catering

    IKEA South Philadelphia

    Narragansett Brewing Company

    Big Ship Films

    Best Western Plus Independence Park Hotel

    MageeMedia Productions


    Blue Riband Sponsors 
    Marie Prewett 


    "Save Our Ship" Sponsors 
    ATC Associates Inc. 
    McAllister Towing of Philadelphia
    Henry Berry 


    Stack-Lighting Sponsor 
    Kevin Billings 


    "Big U" Sponsors 
    Mario Alvarez-Garcillán
    Bohn Butler 
    Frank DeGiulio

    Laure Duval 

    Thomas Watkins 
    Stephen Weaver 
    Heidi Woodmansee 


    60th Anniversary Sponsors 
    David Brownlee 
    Dorothy Duddy 
    David Fine
    Anthony Lame
    Ann K. Lockwood
    Joseph Marchione
    Senator Leonidas Raptakis  
    Jason Summers 
    Carl Wesch 
    Sandra Yonnone



    Les Streater

    Carl Wesch



    Christine Ferri

    Eileen Gernet

    The Henry Family

    Andrew Herdan

    Vori Kriaris


    Raffle Donations

    Champps Restaurant

    Triumph Brewing Co.

    Tastebuds Market



     This event received extensive press coverage: CBS Philly, The Philadelphia Inquirer,  and Fox Philadelphia all published articles detailing the evening's events.  (For links to the coverage, click on the names of the media outlets.)  Fox's coverage included a news clip showing footage shot aboard the SS United States from the evening party as well as the lighting of the ship's funnels. MageeMedia, headed by supporter Bill Magee, also produced a video of Dick Vermeil's speech, as well as highlights from the evening's presentations. 



    Former Philadelphia Eagles Coach Dick Vermeil was awarded the National Flagship Champion Medal.
    From left to right: Dean Edmonds, Marie Prewett, and Conservancy Executive Director Susan Gibbs. Edmonds and Prewett were honored with the Blue Riband medal, given in honor of their contributions to the SS United States

    Curt Battles, of New Canaan Advisors, speaks with supporters Carlo and Tony Arjona about the SS United States at the 60th Anniversary Event.  

    John Reynolds, of Atlantic Logistics, with Cornelia Mueller, lucky raffle winner! 

     news SS United States In The News

    Sixty years ago, America saw the SS United States begin grabbing headlines - with the anticipation of her unveiling, opening to the public, and maiden voyage. Now with the ship's 60th anniversary upon us, we are delighted to see the the Big U in the spotlight once again!  (To read the coverage, click on the names of the publications in bold text below.) 


    Main Line Media News covered the story of the SS United States - a story still in the making - with video footage of the vessel.  The piece featured Conservancy board president Charles Anderson, among others, and offered a wonderful exploration of the ship's history and the Conservancy's efforts on her behalf.


    As attention swirls around the SS United States for the 60th Anniversary of her maiden voyage, Harvard Magazine published an in-depth spotlight on perhaps the school's most fascinating drop-out: William Francis Gibbs.  Author Steven Ujifusa's book A Man and his Ship will be released by Simon & Schuster on July 10th.  


    Cruise Industry News has published an exciting look at the opportunities offered by the SS United States for redevelopers in its most recent issue: Part 1 and Part 2


    TimesSquare SS United States Sails Across The Silver Screen

    The SS United States continues to sail in Times Square! Our video, highlighting both the SS United States' star-studded history and the Conservancy's campaign to save her, has been moved to a larger, more visible screen - and getting more notice, too.  The 31 feet by 55 feet screen showcases wonderful footage of the Big U: a special thanks to Chandelier Creative for producing such a fabulous tribute!

    If your travels take you to New York City this summer, don't forget to combine a visit to Times Square with a trip to the Conservancy's SS United States exhibition at Manhattan's Forbes Galleries!  

    Merch Give A Gift Twice Over By Shopping Our Merchandise - It Is Our Lady's Anniversary!


    In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the ship's record-breaking maiden voyage, the Conservancy is releasing a fabulous new T-Shirt design! Available in red and navy in 

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