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NLUS Council Alert March 30, 2012

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  • Phelps Hobart
    NLUS Council Alert for January 30, 2009Ahoy Members and Friends, I would like to comment on some of the items in the March 30 NLUS Council Alert. a..
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    NLUS Council Alert for January 30, 2009
    Ahoy Members and Friends,
    I would like to comment on some of the items in the March 30 NLUS Council Alert.
    • Sea-Air-Space Exposition, the largest Maritime Exposition in the world, held at National Harbor, MD April 16 - 18,2012. See http://www.seaairspace.org. Very worthy to attend; please let me know if you will be there.
    • Region Presidents are scheduling their annual region meeting for your council’s benefit. Hasn't happened yet - date, time and place have not been announced. Once announced love to have your company. Also ahead is the region's Nominating Committee meeting to select nominees for National Directors and other national officers. Again, it has not been announced. We are seeking NLUS National Directors. Great way to serve at a higher level. Talk to me, Sam Sause, or Ed Dangler if you care to explore this.
    • National President Phil Dunmire, has asked that council leaders focus on activities related to his 2012 Goal: “Every member get a member, Involved!” This council has plenty of opportunities for involvement - supporting the sea services and sea cadets. Simply let me know your interest(s). Committee assignments easily arranged and if you like titles, like Vice President or Director, they are readily available! Complementary business cards too!
    • Community Affiliate Recruiting. The Port of San Francisco is our council's only Community Affiliate Member, http://navyleague.org/membership/community_affiliate.html. There are a dozen additional ports we would like affiliated with our council. And over a hundred maritime businesses. Then there are countless other firms that could see the importance of the Navy League and our council - if they knew about us. We welcome community affiliate members, corporate members and individual members!
    • Updating Records for Bad Address members. All our members have good postal addresses; a few do not have E-mail addresses and I am working on that. Please keep you addresses and telephone numbers current. Contact me.
    • The 2012 National Convention and Annual Meeting of Members will be held in Honolulu, HI on June 19-24. Great event. National Directors need to make an effort to attend; all Navy Leaguers welcome. Let me know if you will be there.
    • The Maritime Policy for 2012-2013 has been released and is being distributed to Congressional staffs in DC. The document can be downloaded from the Navy League website at http://www.navyleague.org/legislative_affairs/maritime_policy.html. Always a good read; if the Navy League is for it, this council is for it too! I will soon have copies to distribute.
    • Third Annual Congressional Maritime Sail-In, an effort to educate members of Congress on the importance of the American maritime industry. The event is scheduled to be conducted on Capitol Hill on May 9, 2012. This is central to our council mission. We have been a supporter the past two years and this year will be no exception. Thank you to the members who participate.

    • Grassroots Legislative Initiative Update. I serve at the region and national lever in this regard. Let me know if you would like to visit a member of Congress or key staffer. Training is required. I arrange that. The Navy League definitely has a message to convey and so does this council.

    • Annual Reports. Our council has submitted its annual report on time. We should continue to receive quarterly dues rebates.

    •  2012 Online Community Survey. I replied already. If you need any assistance with the NLUS Online Community, http://members.navyleague.org/login/login.asp, let me know. If you are going to respond to the survey, please indicate that you would like to see the Calendar and the Poll reactivated.

    • Navy Leaguer published again. After an absence of five years, this quarterly is now available in a digital format. We made the first edition but not the second. The more council newsworthy activities written-up and submitted the better chance to again get noticed in the Navy Leaguer. Yes, we would welcome having a public affairs officer.

    • The Community Service Organization Presentations. We are set to go for presentations. I have done two so far this year; Director Stas Margaronis assisted on the second one. A lot more potential here; talk to me if interested in telling the Navy League and Council story as well as touching on the sea services - especially that 4th one - the Merchant Marine.

    • Navy Week. Sacramento Navy Week, July 19 - 22, in conjunction with the State Fair is California's only Navy Week. See attached for information on it.

    • War of 1812 Bicentennial Events. I don't have knowledge of activities here on the West Coast but maybe you do. I will be going a special Naval Order War of 1812 event in Baltimore in October.

    • Celebrate National Maritime Day by sponsoring US-flag Merchant Marine CSOP presentations. This is a good idea. Presenters wanted.



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    Subject: NLUS Council Alert March 30, 2012

    Happy Spring, Navy Leaguers!   The flowering trees are blooming in the Northern climates and the crocus are appearing.  For Navy League this means we are approaching our annual Sea-Air-Space Exposition, the largest Maritime Exposition in the world, held at National Harbor, MD, in the Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center.  Navy League members are welcome…and it’s free.  Meanwhile, Region Presidents are scheduling their annual region meeting for your council’s benefit.  Region and area meetings are an opportunity to share successful experience and find solutions to vexing problems.  Please try to have your council leaders attend so they can get a Navy League update and participate in training programs. 

    National President Phil Dunmire, has asked that council leaders focus on activities related to his 2012 Goal: “Every member get a member, Involved!”  We will be asking each council to tell President Phil the percentage of your members who are involved.  With this baseline established, we can measure and report progress toward increasing involvement, one secret to improving retention and growing the Navy League.  But remember, to get volunteers, you have to ask.  Limited scope volunteer activities generate more support, so break-up a larger project into small “bites”.  No-one volunteers to eat an elephant!

    If you have comments about the information below, please contact the Member Service Center at service@... or call 1.800.356.5760.  Thanks!  Bill Waylett   


    Featured Sections:

    I.          Best Practices for Councils

    II.        2012 National Convention and Annual Meeting of Members

    III.       Legislative Affairs

    IV.      Membership

    V.       Public Relations

    VI.       Development

    VII.      Announcements


    I.          Best Practices for Councils

    Periodically, we share examples of successful council’s best practices and good ideas.  These are programs that the council has implemented because they work.  We have presented the value of recruiting Community Affiliate members many times.  This is an “oldie but goodie”.  Enjoy!

    April 24, 2003

    Community Affiliate Recruiting

    Recruiting Community Affiliate members is often overlooked, yet can be very beneficial to your local council and community.  Here are tips on how to get started:

    Many Navy League councils receive tremendous support from their communities: financial support, publicity, sea services personnel support (for members and their families) and youth group support.  Why do these councils have success, when other councils report financial difficulty, lack of volunteers, and aging membership?  The answer may be in their efforts to engage their community in council-sponsored activities.  The Navy League has a membership category for local businesses that can help your council engage the community, as well as provide financial support for your sea services personnel and youth groups.  This category is called Community Affiliate membership.

    The Recruiting Community Affiliate Members workshop prepares participants to initiate a Community Affiliate Recruiting campaign in their council.  The workshop is a "how to" experience and covers everything you need to know and do to start recruiting these valuable business members.  The workshop can be scheduled by contacting Bill Waylett at Headquarters, wwaylett@..., or (703-731-5907).

    Why should you initiate a Community Affiliate recruiting campaign?

    1.      Increased membership, since each Community Affiliate membership includes four (4) individual members
    2.      Reliable council revenue - The sponsoring council receives a $200 rebate from the $400 Community Affiliate member’s dues.  Renewals receive the same rebate as a new Community Affiliate membership, so a large number of Community Affiliate members provides budget stability and a steady source of revenue for your council.  Additional council revenue can be used to expand existing council activities/programs, or add new activities or programs. 
    3.      Business people tend to be younger and bring enthusiasm, business expertise and fresh ideas into your council.  Potential youth group leaders are often found among these members.  Business expertise strengthens your Board of Directors.
    4.      Community Affiliate members will sponsor and host many council activities.
    5.      Community Affiliate members will often help recruit other businesses as Community Affiliate members.

    How do you organize a recruiting campaign?

    Recruiting Community Affiliates Workshop -
    The workshop teaches you how to complete the following steps, which have been used successfully by many councils to recruit Community Affiliate members:
    1.  Sell the council’s board and membership on the program to get wide support.
    2.  Your council should form a separate business recruiting committee to focus on the program.
    3.  Determine your council's selling proposition - what benefits (value) do you offer to a local business?
    4.  Select and train your recruiters - get professional sales people to do it!  You may have to “recruit your recruiters”.
    5.  Prepare a prospect list using all your council resources (get everyone involved). 6.  Develop retention strategies - how do you plan to keep these new members?
    7.  Execute, succeed, and celebrate! 

    Membership recruiting and retention should be critical council goals every year.  Good, diverse programs that appeal to the broad community in which our councils exist drive membership growth and retention.  Resources (people, facilities and money) are often cited as impediments to building and sustaining good programs and activities.  Community Affiliate membership addresses all these issues.

    You are encouraged to schedule this workshop and get a Community Affiliate Recruiting Program started as soon as possible.  You will be pleased with the results.

    2012 UpdateIncreasing member involvement is a goal this year, so Community Affiliate Recruiting is a win-win-win!   Membership prospects in the community should include:

    1)   Local companies with which your council does business;
    2)   Local offices of NLUS Corporate members;
    3)   Local companies with government contracts (see below);
    4)   Employers of your members or youth group parents; and
    5)   Veteran owned businesses.

    How to find local government contractors.

    1)   Go to the government’s Central Contractor Registry, www.ccr.gov.
    2)   Search by entering the city and state information for communities in your geographical area (you’ll have to search each city or town) – ignore the various category codes!
    3)   You can also search for just Veteran-owned businesses (also by city, state);

    Another method to find veteran owned businessesThanks to Bob Downey, Tampa Council, for sharing.

    1)   Go to http://www.veteranownedbusiness.com/?mode=geo.
    2)   Search by state, county and city (from the header).
    3)   On the next screen, search by city, county and state for the communities in your area of operation.
    4)   Contact the business names on the list (you should get the business name, address, contact, phone number, locator map and website url).
    5)   Multiple searches are not necessary if you use a large distance for your search.

    Note – The veteran must register his/her business with the VeteranOwnedBusiness.com organization.

    Updating Records for Bad Address members – The Yellow Pages (thanks again to Bob Downey, Tampa Council)

    Yes, the Yellow Pages still exist, but they’ve migrated online to http://www.yellowpages.com!   Here’s the process Bob uses:

    1)   Makes a list of members with Bad Addresses;
    2)   Search the Yellow Pages for the names identified in step 1);
    3)   Call the individual to verify membership; and
    4)   Call National to update records for verified new addresses


    II.        2012 National Convention and Annual Meeting of Members


    The 2012 National Convention and Annual Meeting of Members will be held in Honolulu, HI on June 19-24.

    Preparations for the 2012 Navy League National Convention are in full swing!  Registration will be opening very soon. We have added a day to our program so please plan accordingly.  Business meetings will begin on Wednesday, June 20th.   As we finalize the program and events, be sure to visit the website to have the most up-to-date information.  

    Registration is not yet open but don’t let that stop you from planning. Book your travel arrangements now. Hotel and airline information is available on www.navyleagueconvention.org

    American Airlines is offering convention attendees a 10% discount!  Plus, you can travel early, stay late and island hop with the same discount.

    See you in Hawaii!!!

    III.  Legislative Affairs

    Maritime Policy 2012-1013

    The Maritime Policy for 2012-2013 has been released and is being distributed to Congressional staffs in DC.  The document can be downloaded from the Navy League website at http://www.navyleague.org/legislative_affairs/maritime_policy.html.  Please notify your council’s legislative affairs team and begin distributing this document to your Members of Congress on 2012 grassroots presentations.

    Third Annual Congressional Maritime Sail-In

    The U.S. Maritime Coalition has announced plans for its third annual Congressional "Sail-In," an effort to educate members of Congress on the importance of the American maritime industry. The event is scheduled to be conducted on Capitol Hill on May 9, 2012.  The Navy League supports this effort.  Council leaders are encouraged to notify their Members of Congress about this event and

    VADM Albert J. Herberger, USN(Ret), a former U.S. Maritime Administrator and Chairman of the Navy League’s Merchant Marine Affairs Committee heads the volunteer organizing group.  Chairman Herberger reports that previous events have had representatives from 20 states, 48 congressional districts, 28 companies, nine unions and labor organizations, and 10 related associations. Our participation sends a powerful message to Congress.

    The purpose of the Sail-In is to increase Congressional awareness of the importance of America's maritime industry to the economic and national security of the United States, and to bolster support for the programs and policies important to U.S.-flag merchant marine and the jobs of American merchant mariners and America's maritime workforce

    For more information on the Sail-In, as well as registration instructions, visit http://www.maritimeindustrycongressionalsail-in.org/   

    Grassroots Legislative Initiative Update

    We have produced a video demonstrating how to prepare for and present Grassroots LA Presentation One; your Region Vice President will have a DVD copy soon!  Legislative Affairs (LA) training will continue in April with Presentation One scheduled for April 3, Presentation Two scheduled for April 10 and Presentation Three scheduled for April 17.  All presentations are at 3 p.m. Eastern.  You must register for training with your Region Vice President, LA, who will send your name and email address to Bill Waylett, wwaylett@....  Presentations are also available in Word for those presenters who cannot use PowerPoint.

    US Marine Corps Presentation Four

    For those who have asked when the USMC Grassroots Legislative Affairs presentation will be available, it is complete and waiting release by the Legislative Affairs (LA) Steering Committee.  Training for this presentation should start on the fourth Tuesday in April, 4/27/12.  Please contact your Region Vice President LA when your Member of Congress is ready for Presentation Four (9 months after last presentation).


    IV.       Membership

    Annual Reports

    Annual Reports were due in Membership by March 1 to qualify for judging for a council award.  Scrapbooks are due by March 31 to be included in the judging.  Note:  Annual Reports received by March 31 still qualify for 1st Quarter rebates.

    Deceased Members and Retention rates

    Several Councils have asked if the death of member counts against their retention rate. The answer is no, reporting the death of a member does not affect the Council’s retention rate.  We believe we have many deceased Life Members that have not been reported and are not eligible for rebates!  Please help us clean up our membership records.  Thanks, the membership team services@....

    Member Email Addresses.  We continue to have only about ½ of our member’s email addresses.  Please ask your members to release their email to us so they can receive important announcements from our Navy League leadership.  Remember, in the interest of improved communication, every leader needs to have an email on file with us. We appreciate your cooperation.

    2012 Online Community Survey.  We are in the process of reviewing the Online Community for enhancements and upgrades. As part of this review, we sent out a survey to everyone with an email address on file to give us feedback about their level of usage and to share their “wish list” of upgrades, features and enhancements. If you haven’t already taken this survey, please check your email for an message from Salvador Chairez (generated through Survey Monkey) and take a few minutes to complete it. We really need your input to make the next version a useful improvement for you.


    V. Public Relations

    Navy Leaguer published again.  The Navy Leaguer is a council news publication that was suspended about 5 years ago because of budget constraints.  We are again publishing the Navy Leaguer as a digital newsletter.  The first issue was distributed at the National Convention in Chattanooga, TN.  It was also posted on the Navy League website at http://www.navyleague.org/communications/the-navy-leaguer.html. The NLUS Communications Department will publish this newsletter quarterly.  Please submit your council stories of successful programs and activities to publicrelations@....  We will pick and publish council news and best practices to share from your submissions.  Thank You!

    CSOP Update.  The Community Service Organization Presentations have all been updated and are posted on the Navy League website at http://www.navyleague.org/councils/csop.html.  The new Marine Corps CSOP has been videotaped so that the presenter can deliver the information without having to speak to the audience; questions must still be handled by the presenting team.  The following presentations are approved for use at this time:

    U.S. Navy
    CSOP#1 USN#1 “Protecting the Sea Lanes and America’s Commerce” as of 11-17-11 CSOP#4 USN#2 "The IA Program - Recognizing Individual Augmentees" as of 11-15-11

    U.S. Coast Guard
    CSOP#2 USCG#1 "Resetting our Maritime Forces" as of 11-15-11

    U.S. Flag Merchant Marine
    CSOP#3 USFMM#1 "An Important Asset" as of 11-15-11

    U.S. Marine Corps

    CSOP#6 USMC#1 “Role of the Marine Corps” as of  3-16-12

    CSOP#6 USMC#1 Video “Role of the Marine Corps” as of 3-16-12

    Navy League Photo Contest Approaching Completion.  There is still time to enter the 2012 Navy League Photo Contest, which runs until March 31, 2012.  Submitted photos should demonstrate council activities that support the mission and goals of the Navy League.  We want pictures of Navy Leaguers in action (no “grip & grin” photos, please).  Guidelines for submission can be found here: http://www.navyleague.org/communications/inthenews/2012_photo_contest.pdf .

    Prizes for the Photo Contest are:

    1st Prize – Airfare and hotel paid to attend the 2012 Navy League National Convention in Honolulu, HI

    2nd Prize - $250 expenditure at the Navy League Ship’s Store

    3rd Prize - $100 expenditure at the Navy League Ship’s Store

    Honorable Mention - $50 expenditure at the Navy League Ship’s Store

    Navy Week.  The Navy Week events for 2012 have been announced; councils that participate in Navy Weeks report their community visibility has improved due to their involvement.  The 2012 Calendar for America is posted at http://www.navy.mil/navco/display.asp?page=cfa.html.  The Calendar for America includes all Navy Outreach activities, including Navy Weeks, Blue Angel Demonstration Flights at air shows, and the War of 1812 Events that begin in New Orleans, LA on April 16-22 (more below)..

    Navy Week events are conducted to raise awareness and bring the Navy to communities across America.  Navy Week is also an excellent opportunity for your council to raise visibility in your community by getting involved with the planning and execution of a local Navy Week.  Each Navy Week has a coordinator who wants local council assistance and guidance.   Here are Navy Weeks scheduled in the next 4-5 months that need support from the local councils:

                        New Orleans, LA                    April 16-22 (includes OpSail tall ships)
                        Nashville, TN                           May 7-13
                        Spokane, WA                         May 14-20
                        Baltimore, MD                        June 11-19 (includes OpSail tall ships)
                        Boston, MA                             June 29-Jul 6 (includes OpSail tall ships)
                        Sacramento, CA                    Jul 16-22
                        Sioux Falls, SD                      Jul 19-28

    War of 1812 Bicentennial Events

    The Navy League is the official partner (with the Navy History and Heritage Command, the Naval Historical Foundation, the International Council of Air Shows and Operation Sail - OpSail 2012) for the War of 1812 Bicentennial.  Council planning should be completed now to take full advantage of this public education and membership recruiting opportunity!

    Upcoming events in 2012 that include NLUS participation in the US:

            April 17-23, New Orleans
            May 23-30, New York City  (Fleet Week)
            June 2-12, Norfolk, Virginia
            June 13-19, Baltimore, Maryland and Annapolis, Maryland
            June 29 – July 6, Boston
            August 8-13, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
            August 15-20, Chicago
            August 22-27, Toledo, Ohio
            August 27 – September 4, Cleveland, Ohio
            September 5-10, Detroit, Michigan
            September 12-17, Buffalo, New York

    For more information on these bicentennial events, go to http://www.history.navy.mil/commemorations/1812/1812-index.htm.

    Local events that have councils in the area of the event are listed for the next 2 months.  The full schedule is at http://www.visit1812.com/.  Here are local events planned for April-May 2012:

    Oswego County War of 1812 Symposium; March 31, 2012; The American Foundry, Oswego, NY
    US Navy War of 1812 Port Visit New Orleans; April 17-23, 2012; New Orleans, LA
    32nd Annual Illinois History Symposium; April 26-28, 2012; Embassy Suites Hotel, East Peoria, IL
    US Navy War of 1812 Port Visit New York; May 23-30, 2012; New York, NY

    Note: Post visits include US Navy and OpSail ships.


    VI. Development

    Harris Connect.  The Navy League of the United States has once again partnered with the award-winning, distinguished firm Harris Connect to fundraise for vital NLUS programs and initiatives. They have raised millions of dollars for other non-profit organizations similar to our own, and, in this economy, the Navy League needs to leverage all the support it can.  Our mission focus crucially hinges on the amount of money we can raise to support national and local programs. If you are contacted next month by a Harris representative on our behalf, please give them your consideration. We anticipate a long-term partnership with this extremely successful organization.

    President’s Circle Membership

    President Dunmire continues our goal of 125 members in the President’s Circle by YE 2012; currently, there are 110 members in good standing.  Members of the President’s Circle contribute $1000 to National for general use as the National President determines.  Members also receive VIP status at Navy League events, including special receptions at most National events and invitations to Ship Commissioning Ceremonies.  Application can be made online at www.navyleague.org/, or by contacting Mike Carter, Director of Development, mcarter@..., or call 1-800-357-5760, X1585.


    VII.     Announcements

    1.      Year of the Chief.  The US Navy Memorial Foundation has designated 2012 as The Year of the Chief, April 1, 2012 to March 30, 2013, to recognize the contributions of Navy and Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers.  Planned activities and information are summarized on the website www.navymemorial.org/yotc.  Announcement of the recognition was made by Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Jim Herdt, MCPON (SS, SW,AW), USN(Ret).  Councils should seek opportunities to sponsor and join this recognition of our “goats”.  Challenge coins are available from the U.S. Navy Memorial.

    2.   Constant Contact.  Chris Murch, USNA, former Marine Captain, life member of the Coronado Council, has made a generous offer to councils that want to improve their email communications and marketing efforts.  Any council that signs up for Constant Contact can contact Chris for assistance is setting up the system and maximizing the value your council will receive.  Chris normally charges $250/hr, but he is donating his time and services to the Navy League. 

    Santa Barbara Council has been using Constant Contact for several years and has found it to be very useful for improving communications.  Chris Murch can be contacted at chris@..., or by calling (858) 442-1734.

    3.  Seapower.  The April edition of Seapower can be found online by visiting www.seapowermagazine.org and clicking on the cover of the current issue — “The CNO.”  The issue features interviews with Adm. Jonathan W. Greenert, chief of naval operations, and Vice Adm. Kevin M. McCoy, commander of Naval Sea Systems Command, as well as articles on the potential impact of the 2013 defense budget request on the sea services, the funding concerns of seaport facility managers and the development of Littoral Combat Ship mission packages.  President Dunmire discusses the proposed defense budget as “Short-Term Savings, Long-Term Loss”.  Navy League News features the Tampa Council’s efforts to assist Clearwater, Fla., in becoming an official “Coast Guard City.”  Council Digest features the presentation of the Alfred Thayer Mahan Award for Literary Achievement to Adm. James G. Stavridis, Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, at a reception on Capitol Hill on Feb. 16, Mayport Council hosting another Individual Augmentee recognition event, Camden-Kings Bay Council adopting USCG Maritime Safety and Security Team Kings Bay, and various councils presenting Awards to outstanding service members.

    Want to introduce your local high school students and others in your community to the Navy League? You can do that by giving the gift of a subscription to Seapower to your local school and public libraries.  Many councils have taken advantage of this great value. A one-year subscription for schools and libraries cost just $25!  Contact Editor-in-Chief Amy Wittman for more information at awittman@....

    Limited edition Centennial of Naval Aviation Special Reports are still available as well. Contact awittman@....

    4.  Commercial General Liability Insurance binder

    Cincinnati Insurance, our NLUS carrier, issued a two year CGL Insurance Binder last year that is still in effect.  If you need another copy, we have posted it on our website at http://www.navyleague.org/files/finance/coi.pdf

    5.  IRS Notices and Assistance

    A.  IRS Publication 1771 released – Substantiating charitable deductions.

    The IRS has released Publication 1771 (rev. September 2011), Charitable Contributions - Substantiation and Disclosure Requirements, which explains general rules and specifications for documenting charitable deductions and explains new guidelines that allow charities to electronically mail documentation to donors.

    B.   IRS to Co-sponsor Conference on Nonprofit Governance.

    The IRS, Georgetown Law School and Independent Sector will co-sponsor a program on Nonprofit Governance: Empowering Board Leadership on Wednesday, April 18, 2012 at the Georgetown Law Center. Find more information and register online today.

    C.  Workshops for Small and Medium-Sized Exempt Organizations.

     Start off the new year right by planning to attend one of the IRS workshops for small and medium-sized (SMS) 501(c)(3) organizations.

    In FY 2011, in collaboration with nine universities, Exempt Organizations offered its SMS workshop program to faculty, students, nonprofit and practitioner communities of its academic hosts. In 2012, all SMS workshops will be associated with academic institutions.

    To register click on the city of your choice. Registration is now available for the following workshop locations:


    San Diego, CA.  Hosted by University of San Diego - Nonprofit Leadership & Management ProgramApril 24, 2012San Diego Registration
    San Francisco, CA.  Hosted by San Francisco State University - Nonprofit Management Certificate ProgramApril 26, 2012San Francisco Registration
    Lincoln, NE, and Kearney, NE.  Both hosted by University of Nebraska - Lincoln - Extended Education & Outreach / Department of Conferences & Professional Development

    May 22, 2012

    May 24, 2012

    Coming soon
    Boston, MA.  Hosted by New England Law

    June 12, 2012

    June 13, 2012

    Coming soon
    Springfield, MA.  Hosted by Western New England University School of LawJune 14, 2012Coming soon

    More information will be available soon.  
    Check our Calendar of Events for the latest information.

    6. Upcoming Dates, Deadlines and Events

    Apr. 6              Passover begins at sundown; Good Friday
    Apr. 8              Easter
    Apr. 15-21       National Volunteer Week
    Apr. 17            Individual Income Taxes Due
    Apr. 22            Earth Day
    May 3              National Day of Prayer
    May 9              Congressional Maritime Sail In
    May 13            Mother’s Day
    May 15            Non-profit Tax Returns Due
    May 19            Armed Forces Day                              Fly the flag
    May 22            National Maritime Day                       Fly the flag
    May 28            Memorial Day                                     Fly the flag

    In April and May councils  plan and implement programs and activities that support Community Involvement and Community Education.  Councils should deliver Community Service Presentations to local service clubs and organizations.  Celebrate National Maritime Day by sponsoring US-flag Merchant Marine CSOP presentations.


    The NLUS Council Alert is prepared by Bill Waylett, Sr. Dir. for Regional Activities
    wwaylett@... or 703-528-1775

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