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Council Luncheon March 19 A Success!

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    The Luncheon at the Seamen s Church Institute International Maritime Center in Oakland has come and gone. Member and speaker Ed Hughlett wowed us with all that
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 21, 2012
    The Luncheon at the Seamen's Church Institute International Maritime Center in Oakland has come and gone. Member and speaker Ed Hughlett wowed us with all that Ports America does here in Northern California. Here he is afterwards with yours truly Phelps Hobart, President.
    The Council's Chaplain Fr. James Wade entered the drawing and won it! The pot was $100 and he could have kept half but instead here he is presenting the all the cash to Adrienne Yee, the Center's Executive Director. Looking on is the Center's Chaplain and Director of Ministries Rev. Roger Bauer. Also in the picture is PO3 Weston Freitas who drew the winning ticket for Fr. Wade.
    Once again we had a fine luncheon meeting at the Seamen's Church Institute International Maritime Center in Oakland. Sam Sause, Vice President - Industrial Relations, chaired the event and introduced Ed Hughlett our guest of honor and speaker. Ed was all set to use a Power Point video presentation but that was not to be - the projector's bulb decided enough was enough and refused to light-up. Undaunted Ed carried on and handed out a multi-page handout. Everyone was impressed! Big company - active on the waterfront throughout Northern California and virtually everywhere else goods move by ship. Please take the time to examine http://portsamerica.com and the video there.
    We had guests from the Propeller Club and elsewhere - good to have them with us! Guests always welcome at our events. 
    Adrienne Yee, arranged for the tasty meal of sandwiches and salads with Stella Nonna Catering in Berkeley. We thank her for making the arrangements and the Center's hospitality. Thanks also to new member Sebron Flenangh of Oakland for visiting the caterer and bringing the lunches to the Center.
    We kept to a tight time schedule for the luncheon but stayed on for a meeting of the council members minds where the future of the Council was discussed. Lively - several good points brought up.
    Afterwards, Karen Freitas, Vice President - Youth Activities, her Sea Cadets, Roger Bazeley, Senior Vice President, and myself drove over to the USS POTOMAC and met with the ship's Executive Director Marti Burchell for discussion of a Navy League / Sea Cadet fundraiser aboard in June. We want to pick a weekend afternoon date when the Arkansas Division's Band of the West is free to perform. We are thinking of desserts and non-alcoholic beverages, a silent and live auction (donation of items appreciated), and ... well wait and see. You will be among the first to know. Rest assured its going to be a party! A party on the Presidential Yacht!
    Don't miss our next luncheon - soon to be announced. Likely date Monday, June 18. Location - not yet decided - maybe shipboard. Anticipate an informative panel discussion on break-bulk cargo handling here in Northern California.
    We are engaged in the maritime industry more than ever!
    Heave Ho,
    Phelps Hobart
    President, Pacific Merchant Marine Council
    Navy League of the United States
    PO Box 191403
    Sacramento CA 95819-1403
    (916) 739-6949 | (916) 955-3972 cell | PMMC@...
    The Pacific Merchant Marine Council, The Maritime
    Logistics Council, was chartered 11 December 2006.
    Its an advocate for the United States maritime industry.
    Luncheons and other activities are hosted in the San
    Francisco Bay Area. New members welcome!

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