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Navy League of the United States STEM Program

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  • Pacific Merchant Marine Council
    Ahoy Members and Friends, The Pacific Merchant Marine Council is one of the first councils to support this worthwhile effort. Not much but there isn t much in
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2012

      Ahoy Members and Friends,

      The Pacific Merchant Marine Council is one of the first councils to support this worthwhile effort. Not much but there isn't much in the council treasury.

      If you think it is a good idea, please contribute. Either directly or through the council (preferred). For more information see Bob Crippen's letter: https://www.alumniconnections.com/olq/MOCKUP/images/NLUS-AF12_Crippen_Letter.pdf.

      Thank you for your gift.

      Your credit card has been charged.

      Name:Pacific Merchant Marine Council
      Processing Date:Mar 7, 2012
      Gift Amount:25.00
      Address:P.O. Box 191403
      Sacramento, CA US 95819-1403
      Email:pmmc at cwo dot com
      Charge Confirmation Number:NLUS-121896-2425908|AF2012F

      Heave Ho,



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      Sent: Wednesday, March 07, 2012 11:12 AM
      Subject: Navy League of the United States STEM Program

      Dear Mr. Hobart,
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      I am pleased to announce that the Office of Naval Research (ONR) has awarded the Navy League of the United States a grant that will enable the Navy League to inspire the next generation of engineers. Using a constellation of literacy training and educational experiments in the curriculum known as STEM-Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics-a group of military retirees, like myself, will engage today's youth as they prepare to take their place in tomorrow's leading edge professions.

      Because I'm asking you to consider joining me in support of the Navy League, I'd like to tell you why I have made my commitment, and why I believe your contribution to be so vital.

      I am an engineer, a retired United States Navy Captain, and a former NASA astronaut. Having piloted four space shuttle missions and won the Congressional Space Medal of Honor, I owe my career to my lifelong exposure to STEM subjects.

      The League has a legacy of inspiring and equipping youth through programs such as the Naval Sea Cadet Corps, NJROTC,and MJROTC. The Navy League Foundation has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to young adults as they pursue their career dreams.

      Thanks to your support, the ONR Challenge will sustain this tradition. As you read this, young men and women all over America are wondering about their future, about how they can achieve their dreams. This is Tomorrow's Navy-fueled by their dreams, and fulfilled through your generous support.

      Please consider a quarterly pledge of $25.00 over the next three years, for a total gift of $300.00
      to the Navy League of The United States ONR Challenge Grant. Thank you for your kind attention to my request. For the next generation I remain,


      Robert Crippen
      Navy League of the United States

      P.S. Just as we all have paused recently to honor the 50th anniversary of John Glenn's pioneering mission into space, let's think about helping the John Glenns of the future to send their dreams aloft by supporting STEM!



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