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California Maritime Security Council (CMSC) Metting, December 14th

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  • Pacific Merchant Marine Council, NLUS
    Dear Members and Friends, As indicated in a previous announcement and in the November-December Captain s Call newsletter, I attended the CMSC meeting in
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 19, 2007
      Dear Members and Friends,
      As indicated in a previous announcement and in the November-December Captain's Call newsletter, I attended the CMSC meeting in Sacramento, Friday morning, December 14th. It was the 4th such meetings and my 2nd.
      CMSC members and attendees were briefed of  the progress of subcommittees since the September 25th gathering. Besides listening to reports, the intent was to continue to strengthen the overall collaboration between federal, state, and local maritime security partners.
      Everyone is still seeking the way but with each passing month progress to enhance the security of our California ports is being made. In some respects, being a government organization and response, there is any number of committees and sub-committees.
      There are four regional maritime security committees or centers. Information and action tends to flow and occur at this level.
      Command 21 is a USN/USCG program on using "off the shelf" equipment and software to handle emergency situations such as a security breach at a port. So far it seems to only have been used in DoD war games or simulated situations, http://www.pacific-science.com/kmds/Global01KW7-01.pdf.
      For information on the rapidly developing science and technology aspects of port security, the group leans on the National Defense Industrial Association, http://NDIA.org.
      For a disaster situation, a (hopefully) simulated exercise, Golden Guardian, is scheduled in 2008. A simulated port security event is planned for 2009.  
      The Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) program has been started. Seems most everything associated with it has problems. Don't count on this being done on schedule or background checks being thorough. The presentation and discussion of TWIC took as much time as all six of the other topics. Count of a lot more money being spent on identifying everyone who comes and goes from our state ports including merchant mariners.
      Before the meeting closed I addressed the attendees. Briefly explained the purpose of the Navy League, showed that maritime security was a SeaPower Magazine cover story for December. and encouraged them to discuss the Navy League and the Pacific Merchant Marine Council with me further afterwards. I did take time to introduce R. Adm. Frank X. Johnston and saw that he received a good round of applause for his service to our nation (He retires at the end of December - and comes on board the Navy League and our council as a Director.) 
      Below is some information pertaining to CMSC. Of special note is the annual report - the 1st.
      Governor's Office of Homeland Security 
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