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Bethlehem Shipyard Museum Update #26 and San Francisco Pier 70 News...

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  • Pacific Merchant Marine Council
    Keep up on the Port of San Francisco at http://www.sfport.com/index.aspx Here is some news... Central Waterfront Advisory Group Meeting The prospective
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2012
    Keep up on the Port of San Francisco at http://www.sfport.com/index.aspx
    Here is some news...
    Central Waterfront Advisory Group Meeting

    The prospective developers for the 20th Street Historic Buildings will present to the Central Waterfront Advisory Group, Wednesday, February 8, 2012. The meeting will be at 5:30 p.m. at the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House at 953 DeHaro Street.
    Kathleen Diohep
    Pier 70 Project Manager
    Port of San Francisco
    Here is some back-up material from Council Director Bill Perez...
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    Sent: Wednesday, February 01, 2012 3:26 PM
    Subject: Bethlehem Update #26

    Bethlehem Shipyard Museum

    “Connecting the Past with the Future”

    Update #26

    February 1, 2012




    As you read this update, please take a minute to consider how the daily actions of our organization closely shadow our mission statement.



    The first part of our mission is to rescue a wide range of maritime treasures from garage sales, flea markets and ultimately, the garbage bin. We will continue to work tirelessly to collect the priceless treasures of yesterday.



    The second part of our mission is to create joint ventures and cross promotion partnerships. In the last 12 months we have worked in partnership with the SS Jeremiah O’Brien Liberty Ship Museum, the Nourot Glass Studio, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Moulin Gallery. We will continue to look for new opportunities to create partnerships and are currently in the process of finalizing agreements with the Spirit of Sacramento Paddle Boat, SFmuseum.org, the IOM Group and numerous individual artists.



    The third part of our mission is to join with events and organizations that further the maritime cause in the San Francisco Bay Area. In the last 12 months we have worked with the following:


    *Marin County Fair

    *Ironworkers Union

    *US Army Reserve

    *US National Guard

    *The City of Benicia

    *Mare Island Shipyard

    *Port of San Francisco

    *BAE Systems Shipyard

    *Marin Independent Journal

    *California Historical Society

    *Sausalito Historical Society

    *Bethlehem Retiree Organization

    *SS Jeremiah O’Brien Liberty Ship Museum

    *Regional Consortium held at the St. Francis Yacht Club



    The final part of our mission is to instill the discipline, the self-esteem and the common sense that will help our children overcome almost any obstacle placed in front of them.


    Update 26.

    --We are currently searching for a temporary location to place the Bethlehem Shipyard Museum and will speak with the Port of San Francisco about a possible lease of Pier 66. It is adjacent to the Ramp Restaurant and a stone’s throw away from the shipyard at Pier 70. Pier 66 will serve as a great location while the historic buildings of Pier 70, our future home, are renovated over the next few years. I've included a few pictures as attachments above.


    --On Saturday, the 28th of January, our resident artist Daniel Lopes, spent several hours at Pier 66 where he began a sketch of what the building will look like after we renovate the structure – should we get a lease. He will complete the drawing at his studio and I will pick-up the drawing as well as the sketch he did while on the dry dock cruise aboard the SS Jeremiah O'Brien on February the 2nd. We will use the illustrations in our presentations to the Port of San Francisco and the developers of Pier 70. Daniel also brought along a friend, Joe Martiono, who is an artist and would be a great asset to our Pier 70 mural project.


    Before I tell you why Pier 66 is such a perfect fit for our organization, let me refresh your memory as to the goals we hope to accomplish. The Bethlehem Education Foundation will serve 3 specific age groups.


    Our first objective is to enroll school children from the fourth thru seventh grades and guide them through what I call, "The Bermuda Triangle of Education". That is, children enter the fourth grade with the hopes and aspirations of innocence. Unfortunately, by the time they reach the 7th grade, too many will have become lost in the system. They will miss the opportunity of a good education, the ability to find a good paying job and the possibility of becoming a productive member of society.

    It gives me chills to know that some law enforcement agencies currently use software to predict which 3rd graders will end up in jail. To me, the formula for failure is composed of 4 simple ingredients. First, deprive children of the ability to “catch up” on their schoolwork by eliminating one-on-one tutoring sessions. Second, keep them away from successful role models they can imitate. Third, make it difficult for their parents to participate in their lives. Finally, allow their environment to rob them of their self-esteem. It's a sad reality that the current economic downturn has made the formula for failure an even more potent cocktail.


    Our “Whole Child” concept will teach…

    The Hard Skills of the 3-R's (reading, writing and arithmetic).

    The Soft Skills of perseverance, conscientiousness & sociability.

    The Life Skills of problem solving, time management & public speaking.

    (Please visit our website for a more thorough explanation of our education foundation)

    Our second objective is to sign up a small group of high school students who are interested in learning job skills from our master carpenters. The youngsters will volunteer their time to build our kiosks using materials donated by local hardware suppliers. Upon completion of the Kiosk, we will donate it to the local jurisdiction (i.e., city or county) and will then work to place the top students in nearby union apprenticeship programs. Ultimately, we hope to place our Kiosks all along the 500 miles of the Blue Greenway Trail with the exact number and location to be determined at a later date. (Please visit our website for a description of our Kiosk Project.)

    Our final objective will be to put military veterans to work. Since we are an “all-volunteer organization”, the museum will need a few full-time workers to help advance our projects. We will also search for a qualified individual who can run a training program for military veterans as well. Furthermore, our quest for talent will include gifted military veterans for our “Partnership with Art”.

    That being said, I’d like to enumerate the reasons why I am so excited about the potential of Pier 66.

    1. Our high school students will have a place to build the kiosks we will place along the San Francisco waterfront. Additionally, we’ll have an area where our students can expand their skills in our training center.

    2. Our school children will have a place where they can be tutored, mentored and supported. We intend to speak with city and private agencies to arrange rides to and from our classroom facility since the safety of our students is of prime importance. Every other week we will send a tutor to their home since it provides us with an opportunity to insure their home environment is safe, secure and conducive to learning. Additionally, we plan to help parents build a study area at home for their children with donated supplies.

    3. Our military veterans will receive an income while helping renovate the building to meet our unique needs.

    4. Our “Partnership with Art” will have a place where ongoing maritime art projects can be created and showcased to the public on weekends. We will also display our extensive collection of maritime artifacts in the main space. Some of our artifacts were used by Union Iron Works which occupied Pier 70 in the late 1800’s.

    5. The upper floor can be used as office space and a section of the lower level will serve as a renovation facility where our volunteer artists can help restore our maritime treasures.

    6. The easy access to the waters of the bay means our students of all age levels can launch the kayaks and sail boats our program will use to teach science, math and the maritime arts. Of course, everyone enrolled in our program must first pass a swim test, a lifesaving course and a CPR course before going near the water. All costs will be covered by the Bethlehem Foundation and certificates of achievement will be issued to all who successfully pass the required tests.

    The ideas above are just a few quick thoughts; imagine what the “unleashed talents” of our entire group will come up with.

    Saturday January 28, 2011

    --Gary Moss spoke at length with the owner of the Ramp Restaurant and the adjacent boatyard in San Francisco; I later had a short discussion with him and offered to arrange a tour of the SS Jeremiah O’Brien while the ship is in dry dock at BAE Systems. I hope he will receive a personal tour of the ship from Dennis Koller, or his wife Sarah since they are much better informed than I am about the historic ship.


    --Over the last year, making friends with our neighbors in the Pier 70 area has been a top priority. Our business plan includes several ideas that have been designed specifically to further our position in the community and they will be unveiled as soon as we find a permanent home.


    --Marc Marino toured the SS Jeremiah O’Brien and took numerous photographs of the ship while she sits in dry dock 1, which is an example of a “floating dry dock”. Marc already has a large collection of photos of another type of dry dock, the graving dock. His photos, along with an HO model to be built by Dave Hanson and a 4 foot by 4 foot working replica to be built by Andy Tarantino, will be one of many unique exhibits at our museum. We are blessed to have talent of the level that Andy, Dave and Marc bring to our group.


    --Marc also received discs that contain photos of the Mothball Fleet from early 2010. Our volunteer photographers have taken thousands of photos & videos documenting the dismantling of the Mothball Fleet. Included are aerial photos of the USS Iowa during her recent move from Suisun Bay to her current berth in Richmond.


    --I Spoke with Tom Bernard from the SS Jeremiah O’Brien in regard to the transfer of cement blocks to be used as ballast by the ship. We hope to arrange the use of a barge for transport from our friend Phil Joy, who owns a local shipyard. Dave Hanson, who is acting as liaison for this project, will provide an update very soon.


    --Jim Celedon, Head of the San Francisco Division, and I dropped off items we have loaned to the California Historical Society on Tuesday, January 31st. Andy Tarantino is in charge of this project and has already lent several items to our friends at the Society.


    --Andy is also assisting the President of the Sausalito Historical Society in identifying pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge since he is our resident expert.


    Friday January 27, 2011

    I met for over 3 hours with Gladys Hansen, the curator of the SFmuseum.org and her son Richard Hansen, the webmaster of the popular internet site. Gladys is the Retired Head Librarian of the SF Public Library. We discussed a wide range of topics and among them were how we may be able to store/showcase the large number of items they have collected over the years. Since they are a virtual museum, they don’t have the space to store everything they’ve collected.


    --The Hansen’s also graciously donated an original rivet from the Golden Gate Bridge and a copy of a historic recording made during the opening ceremonies of the Bay Bridge. They were also very generous in providing me with some great contacts, including an individual at the Military Museum in Sacramento. This is a particularly valuable and timely connection since many smaller military museums are being consolidated in that city as a result of base closures.


    --I spoke with volunteer pilot Roy Resendes and he has scheduled a photographic flight for Richard Hansen of SFMusuem.org. Weather permitting; they will be in the skies of the Bay Area on Wednesday morning. Richard has worked as a biologist for Steinhart Aquarium and he has extensive photographic experience. Copies of his photos will be turned over to our Archivist, Lisa Baird for filing.


    --The experience of working with both small and large museums that the Hansen’s bring to our organization is immeasurable. I expect to call on their talents and experience in the future and I envision both Gladys and Richard becoming valued members of our “Partnership with Art”.


    --Richard has also informed me of historic aerial photographs stored at the SF Public Library, so Jim Celedon and I spent Tuesday afternoon at the Main Branch researching the pictures. The resolution on the 32”x32” photos is incredible. I will obtain copies of the epic flight undertaken by Harrison Ryker, a pioneer in aerial photography, for our museum. It took place in August of 1938 and covered the entire city of San Francisco.


    --I had hoped to have Richard and Roy recreate the exact photographic angle on their flight the next day, but the pictures were taken from an altitude of 12,600 feet and I don’t want to impose oxygen requirements on the mission. Federal Air Regulations state that oxygen must be used on any flight at altitudes above 10,000 feet through 12,000 feet MSL (Mean Sea Level) for any part of the flight at those altitudes that is of more than 30 minutes duration; and (2) Above 12,000 feet MSL.


    --I’d like to thank to Mr. Sanford Livingston for introducing me to the Hansen’s and for sharing his contacts with me so willingly. He is currently working on connecting me with an executive at Wells Fargo who may help us create a program that helps the entire family of our kids. We believe our efforts to assist the parents and guardians will pay dividends by vesting them in the success of their children.


    --The Project Manager for Pier 70, from the Port of San Francisco, is looking into the possibility of allowing a nighttime photo session of the historic buildings at Pier 70. I am sure we will get unique photographs that will publicize both our organization and the Port’s mission of renovating the southern waterfront.


    --We will follow-up the land tour by a flyover of the entire San Francisco waterfront during the hours of darkness. With so much construction going on around us (e.g., Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, UCSF Medical Center, etc.), I am sure we will get some incredible aerial shots of the city. I thank volunteer pilot Roy Resendes for his dedication and professionalism. He jumps through hoops every time he ventures into the air since he must coordinate with ground control, local towers and Air Traffic Control prior to entering the Pier 70 airspace since it is a Homeland Security Zone.


    --Our website now has a video taken at the December 7, 2011 luncheon of the Bethlehem Retiree Organization. I thank Mr. Richard Casinerio for his dedication to preserving the tradition started in the 1980's. Every year we lose more and more members and I am proud that our site is dedicated to the memory of our comrades. I appreciate the hard work and dedication of HuDesigns for putting together our site. I promise that our site will be continually upgraded and improved, so please check back often.


    (((To view pictures, video or post on our blog, click on MEDIA at the top of the page and select by pointing and clicking your mouse.)))


    --I want to extend a big THANK YOU to all the "DIEHARD MEMBERS" who attended the "Cruise to Dry Dock" aboard the SS Jeremiah O’Brien. We met at around 5:30AM at Pier 45 (Fisherman's Wharf) where the historic ship is berthed. At approximately 6:30AM she departed with the BAE Systems Shipyard as her destination. During the voyage we were treated to spectacular views of the San Francisco waterfront as the City awoke. The cold wind and rain did little to dampen the excitement of all aboard, though an occasional trip to the friendly confines of Hold #2 was necessary. There, coffee, muffins and donuts were cheerfully served by the Sea Cadets from the Arkansas Division based at Treasure Island.

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