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2012 Officers, Directors and Advisory Board Members

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  • Pacific Merchant Marine Council
    The Pacific Merchant Marine Council 2012 officers and directors were sworn in by Founding President Kerry O Brien at the council s 5th Anniversary Luncheon,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 9, 2012
      The Pacific Merchant Marine Council 2012 officers
      and directors were sworn in by Founding President
      Kerry O'Brien at the council's 5th Anniversary
      Luncheon, Coast Guard Island, Alameda, December
      19, 2011. The term of office is calendar year 2012.  

      2012 Officers and Directors



      Phelps Hobart, President

      Roger Bazeley, Senior Vice President

      Sam Sause, Vice President – Industrial Relations

      Don Hale, Vice President – Region & National Affairs

      Karen Freitas, Vice President – Youth Affairs

      James Wade, Vice President – Chaplain

      Adrienne Yee, Secretary

      Roger Reinke, Treasurer

      Edward Dangler, Judge Advocate



      Sarah Carter – SS JEREMIAH O’BRIEN

      John Coleman – Bay Planning Coalition

      Guilherme Freitas – Youth Affairs

      John Garvey – Maritime Historian

      Ellen Joslin Johnck – Environmental Affairs

      Dennis Koller – SS JEREMIAH O’BRIEN

      Stas Margaronis – Marine Highways

      Michael Nerney – Port of San Francisco Relations

      William D. Nickson – San Francisco Marine Exchange Committees

      David A. Nolan – Marine Engineers Beneficial Association 

      Kerry O’Brien – Master Mates & Pilots

      William Perez – Bethlehem Shipyard Museum

      Mark Shaffer – Ancient Mariners, MOAA, SS JEREMIAH O'BRIEN

      Alexey Sobolev – Youth Affairs


      Advisory Board

      Mr. William F. Anonsen

      Mr. Evan Baker

      Capt. Roger Bing

      Capt. Raymond Blanchet

      Capt. John A. Konrad

      Mr. Davis Freitas

      Joe Giambrone

      V.Adm. Albert Herberger

      R.Adm. Frank X. Johnston

      Capt. William Kelley, Jr.

      Capt. Shirley Kohlwes

      V.Adm. Dick Macke

      Capt. Alexander Mackenzie

      Capt. Mark Neeson

      Mr. John Panneton - Advisory Board Chairman

      Capt. Al Woods










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