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Fw: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the SS United States Conservancy

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    Ahoy Members and Friends, Wish I could have been there when three of the Conservancy s East Coast chapters met. Good to see Vice Admiral Al Herberger in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 24, 2011
      Ahoy Members and Friends,
      Wish I could have been there when three of the Conservancy's East Coast chapters met. Good to see Vice Admiral Al Herberger in the picture at the Washington DC gathering. Al is an honored member of the Conservancy's Advisory Council; he also serves on our Council's Advisory Board.
      I have contacted the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco suggesting a Conservancy presentation in spring 2012. I think with enough publicity a large crowd could be expected. No news to date as to the Club's interest in hosting such a program. Saving the SS UNITED STATES needs to be a national effort and our council has the potential to be instrumental in raising interest on the West Coast.
      As Susan Gibbs states, "2012 will be the SS United States' make or break year." We too, like the Washington DC Chapter, have the 60th anniversary of the ship's maiden voyage on our calendar.
      There are several informative websites on the ship among them http://ss-united-states.net, http://www.ss-united-states.com and http://www.ssunitedstatesconservancy.org. Also http://youtube.com, Facebook and Twitter.
      Heave Ho,

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      Subject: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the SS United States Conservancy

      SS United States E-Newsletter

      December 24, 2011
      Happy Holidays from the SS United States Conservancy and the Conservancy's New York Chapter. Image courtesy of Paul Stipkovich, the Conservancy's New York Chapter Chair.

      Message from Conservancy Board President Charles Anderson

      Dear Conservancy Members and Supporters:


      On February 1, 2011, we defied all the skeptics and naysayers -- we took ownership of the SS United States, the greatest ocean liner ever built.


      As this extremely eventful year draws to a close, I am in awe of the support the SS United States Conservancy has received from our members and friends, may of whom have gone the extra (nautical) mile. As a close member of our growing SS United States family, you have provided extraordinary financial support, introduced new people to the effort, donated precious time and professional expertise, and attended our special events.


      Our effort to save the SS United States is about more than a ship -- it is about bringing people together to preserve an irreplaceable, inspiring piece of American history.  


      As part of our 2011 Annual Appeal, we are asking you, our dedicated friends, to make an extra generous donation to the SS United States Conservancy. Next year, which marks the 60th anniversary of the SS United States' maiden voyage, will be our "make-or-break" year.  (To donate, click on the link above or visit our website at www.ssusc.org.)  


      Like all non-profits, our organization depends on "connectors" - individuals who make introductions and have a large, diverse base of friends. Please be a connector for the Conservancy, and help us identify others who might appreciate learning more about our efforts.


      The SS United States has touched the lives of countless Americans, and she will endure for future generations only if she continues to touch countless more.


      Together, we can change history. Together, we can save the SS United States.


      Thank you, once more, for all of your support!



      Charles Anderson

      President, Board of Directors



      In this issue:

      HolidayParties Conservancy Celebrates the Holidays in New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC!
      As befits such an eventful year, Conservancy chapters in Philadelphia, New York and Washington DC celebrated the holidays with great aplomb! 
      On December 14, Philadelphia Chapter Chair David Peavy organized a holiday party for the SS United Staes Conservancy's Philadelphia Chapter at Champp's on South Columbus Boulevard, within sight of the great ship.  Bill Magee of ATC Associates presented Steven Ujifusa (Development Associate) and Margaret Stack (Curatorial Associate) with a beautiful framed cutaway of the ship that originally appeared in Time magazine in June 1952. The group discussed possible fundraising and media outreach ideas over beer and appetizers.  Although the SS United States may not remain in William Francis Gibbs's hometown, the Conservancy owes Philadelphia a deep debt of gratitude for producing the catalyst that saved the ship from the scrappers in 2010.  To learn how to get involved with the SS United States Conservancy's Philadelphia Chapter, please contact David Peavy at david.peavy@.... 

      Bill McGee's presentation of Life Magazine's June 1952 cutaway diagram. From left: David Peavey, Bill McGee, Steve Ujifusa, Margaret Stack 

      The following night, December 15, the New York Chapter met at the Soldiers', Sailors', Marines', Coast Guard and Airmen's Club, on Lexington Avenue in New York City. The venue was cheerful and the spirit festive as the guests enjoyed their refreshments and conversed about the Big U.  A slideshow, composed of images of the ship, provided a constant sense of purpose. 

      Dan McSweeney addressed the gathering, congratulating all on the great progress made in 2011, and reminding the guests of the road still to travel in 2012. The Chapter responded enthusiastically and is looking forward to facing the coming year's challenges.

      Crowning off the night was a raffle of donated items and memorabilia, the proceeds of which will help future Chapter happenings and gatherings, and benefit the ship.  For those in the New York area - stay alert!  More events will be coming in 2012.  

      The New York Chapter at the end of the night. 

      The Conservancy's Washington DC holiday celebration was a great success.  As guests sipped wine and champagne, Conservancy executive director Susan Gibbs welcomed attendees and emphasized that 2012 will be the SS United States' "make or break year."  Seth Levey, the Conservancy's Washington DC chapter chair, described the organization's emerging plans to honor the 60th anniversary of the maiden voyage and put out a call for support and involvement.    




      Conservancy executive director Susan Gibbs and DC chapter chair Seth Levey address guests at the Conservancy's DC holiday event. 


      The evening's highlights included sea tales from four SS United States' former officers and crewmembers: Alex Keisch, Joe Muchulsky, Jim Robertson and Al Herberger. Al, an honored member of the Conservancy's advisory council, described receiving orders from Commodore Harry Manning to sound the horn as the Big U entered New York Harbor after her triumphant maiden voyage in 1952.  Jim noted how two engineers kept a steady vigil monitoring the appearance of the smoke billowing from the ship's giant funnels.  Joe described sleeping on dirty laundry bags aboard "Times Square" in stormy weather.  Alex admitted that he has been reluctant to visit the ship in Philadelphia: In his mind, she eternally remains vibrant, gorgeous and in her prime.


      Alex Keisch, Joe Muchulsky and Al Herberger share their memories of the SS United States being filmed by Detlev Konnerth from Germany's AgendaMedia. 

      Many thanks to all who made the attended the Conservancy's holiday celebrations!   Happy holidays to all and best wishes for the New Year!

        OutreachAssociate   SS United States Conservancy Welcomes Outreach Associate, Sarah Carley, Aboard!  

      The SS United States Conservancy is very pleased to introduce Sarah Carley as our new Outreach Associate! 


      Ms. Carley received her bachelor's degree in Ancient Greek from Oberlin College and her masters in city planning from the University of Pennsylvania's School of Design. She was a corporate relations assistant at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and did marketing for multi-disciplinary design firms in Scotland and the United States. As an associate with Urban Partners in Philadelphia, Ms. Carley worked on community and economic development projects. Most recently, she has managed client and au pair relations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, for EurAupair, a nationwide au pair program. A native of Scotland, Ms. Carley immigrated to the United States as a teenager, and currently resides with her husband and three children in the Philadelphia area. Ms. Carley grew up hearing stories about her father's work with US Lines and his travels aboard many of the great ocean liners including the SS United States.   


      As Outreach Associate, Sarah Carley is responsible for managing the Conservancy's membership programs, chapters and merchandizing.  She can be reached at scarley@....  We're thrilled to welcome her to the team!   


        UpdateRedevelopment   SS United States Redevelopment Project Update
      Dear Friends of the SS United States,
      On the SS United States Redevelopment Project front, things continue to progress.  Ship management, remediation, and business development work is growing appropriately.  We continue to expand contacts and intelligence in the all-important task of structuring a redevelopment deal for the ship and remain optimistic about our prospects.
      New York is still the front-runner in these efforts, though we continue to view Miami as a potential site for the ship, should conditions warrant better terms and conditions there.
      In the SS United States' long and complicated journey to 2012 -- the 60th anniversary of her maiden voyage -- there have been many people involved in ensuring she is not lost to future generations of Americans and international supporters.  We have much to be thankful for this Holiday Season and much work to accomplish to deliver the right news to all friends of the Big U.  Thank you for your continued interest and assistance.
      If you'd like to share your ideas or get involved more meaningfully, please don't hesitate to contact me.
      Dan McSweeney
      Managing Director, SS United States Redevelopment Project

      MerchCatalog Give the Gift of History for the Holidays!


      Stumped for gift ideas? Looking for a way to spread your enthusiasm about the Big U? The SS United States Conservancy has your back, for the holiday season and the entire year. We've compiled a catalog of our merchandise, the sale of which promotes our efforts to save the SS United States. Whether you're looking for books or bracelets, prints or calendars, or something else entirely, let us help you spread the word about our ship!


          social_mediaFollow the Conservancy with Facebook and Twitter!  

      SSUSC on Facebook 

      SSUSC on Twitter  


      Over the past few months, the Conservancy has completely redeveloped its presence on online social media, giving us new ways to connect with potential supporters of the SS United States. Be sure to join us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest in developments from the Conservancy as well as discussions, photos from the ship, photos of Conservancy events, and fun ship related trivia!

      For the latest news about the SS United States,
      please visit our website, SSUSC.org


      Please visit our bookstore on Blurb.com 

      Please support our efforts to save the SS United States by visiting our store


      SS United States Conservancy

      P.O. Box 32115

      Washington, DC 20007



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