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Fw: California Maritime Academy - Marine Diesel Emission Reduction

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  • Phelps Hobart
    From: Phelps Hobart Sent: Thursday, November 03, 2011 To: Norman Fassler-Katz Subject: California Maritime Academy - Marine Diesel Emission Reduction Norm,
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    Sent: Thursday, November 03, 2011
    Subject: California Maritime Academy - Marine Diesel Emission Reduction
    Possibly CALMITSAC members and their associates might be interested in this commendable initiative and attending the half day progress report forum at the California Maritime Academy on the 14th.
    Sam Sause and Bill Nickson are active within the Navy League’s Pacific Merchant Marine Council and engaged within the maritime industry. Sam is Senior Vice President and Bill is a Director.
    For information on this Navy League maritime industry related council see http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PMMC-NLUS. For joining see http://www.navyleague.org/membership and contact me, Sam, or Bill. Any of us would be delighted to sponsor prospective new members.
    Heave Ho,
    Phelps Hobart, President
    Pacific Merchant Marine Council
    Navy League of the United States
    From: Sam Sause
    Sent: Wednesday, November 02, 2011 8:42 PM
    Subject: Cal Maritime Academy - Marine Diesel Emission Reduction
    Hi all – Bill Nickson, General Manager of Transmarine Navigation is asking his friends and associates to help spread the word about the half day “progress report” forum being held at the California Maritime Acadamy on November 14 relating to a reasearch project started in 2010  by a Hong Kong shipping executive who has pledged up to $4.1 million to fund a research program at the University of Southern California to reduce emissions and improve combustion efficiency in marine diesel engines. 

    The project started in 2010 by Kenneth Koo of Tai Chong Cheang Steamship Co. (H.K.) Ltd (TCCHK) who believes collaboration between industry and academia is needed to substantially reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and harmful pollutants emitted by conventional large bore two-stroke single-acting marine diesel engines used by the world’s merchant shipping fleets.  See the attached flyer for  more info and the agenda and to read more about this project go to http://viterbi.usc.edu/news/news/2010/new-usc-institute.htm.  If you are interested in attending this forum you can  register directly from the attached flyer.





    USC Viterbi Dean Yannis Yortsos and TCCHK Group Chairman and CEO Kenneth Koo sign a memorandum establishing the new USC institute.



    Hopefully you will be able to join us.


    Please pass along this invitation to any other individuals or groups which you feel may have an interest in this TCC/USC presentation.


    Sam Sause, Grand Transport                                                Bill Nickson,  Trans Marine Navigation

    510-865-0993                                                                         b.nickson at transmarine dot com




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