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Naval Order National President Doug Moore joins the Navy League

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  • Phelps Hobart
    Ahoy, I am pleased to announce that Rear Admiral Douglas M. Moore Jr. Supply Corps, USN (Ret.) National Commander, Naval Order of the United States,
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      I am pleased to announce that Rear Admiral Douglas M. Moore Jr. Supply Corps, USN (Ret.) National Commander, Naval Order of the United States, http://www.navalorder.org, has joined the Navy League of the United States and its Pacific Merchant Marine Council.

      Doug is an active member of the Naval Order’s San Francisco Commandry. The other Commandery within the Navy League’s Pacific Central Region is Monterey. Both are outstanding. The San Francisco Commandry hosted the Naval Order’s National Congress last year and the Monterey Commadery hosted it four years ago The Battle of Midway and the attack on our forces at Pearl Harbor are remembered by formal dine-ins annually. In addition there are other activities including well attended monthly luncheon meetings with prominent speakers. 

      If you are not a member and you might be interested in joining please thoroughly examine the several pages at http://www.navalorder.org including each commandery’s pages there. Then contact me and we can discuss joining. Joining is not as simple as joining the Navy League but I would be delighted to be your sponsor.

      The Naval Order Congress, http://www.navalorder.org/Congress%20Schedule-8-13-11.pdf, held last week in Galveston was wonderful in all respects; so were those in years past. Next year’s Congress in Baltimore, Maryland, October 24-27, at the city’s Inner Harbor’s Pier 5 Hotel, http://www.harbormagic.com/Pier5/pier5_default.asp, will focus on the War of 1812. That Congress immediately follows the Navy League’s Board of Directors’ meeting in Crystal City (by the Pentagon) October 17-19. In 1213 the Charleston, South Carolina, Commandery will host the Congress in early November.

      I can not do justice to this outstanding naval organization, its proud history, and the wonderful companions in a message. If interested read about it on the internet and then if you should have questions contact me.

      Anchors Aweigh,



      Naval Order

      The history and heritage society of the United States sea services:




      United States


      United States

      Marine Corps

      United States

      Coast Guard

      And the Commissioned Corps of:

      U.S. Public

      Health Service

      National Oceanic &

      Atmospheric Admin.

      United States

      Merchant Marine


      The Naval Order of the United States (NOUS) was founded in 1890 by descendants of New England seafarers who fought in the Revolutionary War.

      The Order’s “charge” is to encourage research and writing on naval and maritime subjects and to promote the preservation of historic artifacts and memories of our naval and maritime history. In addition, the Naval Order is also a “fraternal” Order, so “camaraderie” is an equal ingredient.

      If you have an interest in the history and heritage of our naval services and enjoy the friendship and camaraderie of those who do, you may well be interested in becoming a member of the Naval Order. Click for membership information.
















      Doug Moore

      Douglas M. Moore, Jr.

      Mr. Moore is the Editor and Associate Publisher of the California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board Reporter since it inception in September 1999. This is a twice monthly publication that summarizes all current workers’ compensation appellate court decisions.

      He was a trial lawyer for 30 years with Sedgwick, Detert, Moran & Arnold in San Francisco specializing in the defense of litigation ranging from products liability and professional negligence to insurance coverage issue. He tried cases in 32 of the 58 counties in California including both urban counties (San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and Sacramento) and rural counties (Alpine, Colusa, Modoc and Shasta) as well as in the Federal District Courts in the Northern, Eastern, Central and Southern Districts. He briefed and argued appeals in the California Courts of Appeal. California Supreme Court, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.

      He left the practice of law to become a Superior Court Judge in San Francisco involved in the trial of complex civil cases including personal injury and wrongful death cases involving products liability, environmental, medical malpractice, employment law matters including sexual harassment, employment discrimination and wrongful termination issues and over 500 settlement conference as a settlement judge. At the request of California Governor Pete Wilson he accepted an assignment as Chairman and commissioner of the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board participating in 2,574 opinions and decisions involving the full panoply of issues involved in the workers’ compensation system as the first level appeal.

      He served in the United States Navy and Naval Reserve from 1961 to 1997 attaining the rank of Rear Admiral (0-8).

      His education includes: University of California (Berkeley) B.S. (Business Administration) 1961; University of California (Hastings College of the Law) 1966; Harvard University (John F. Kennedy School of Government) Executive Internship in National and International Terrorism 1994.

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