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    Transportation Issues Daily, http://www.transportationissuesdaily.com, is a great souce for keeping current the subject. Of special note is
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 17, 2011
      Transportation Issues Daily, http://www.transportationissuesdaily.com, is a great souce for keeping current the subject. Of special note is http://www.transportationissuesdaily.com/category/maritime/ports.
      For subscribers, weekly reports are sent out. Here is the most recent one. Some of the items are of our council's interest.
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      From: Larry Ehl @ Transportation Issues Daily [mailto:larry@...] On Behalf Of Larry Ehl @ Transportation Issues Daily
      Sent: Sunday, October 16, 2011
      Subject: Senate to Act on Appropriations, LaHood to Retire, Infrastructure Bank Dead


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      Lots of news last week: LaHood announces he'll retire in 2013, the Senate announced it will debate the 2012 spending bill this week, Rep. Mica declared the House would not enact an Infrastructure Bank - and that's not all.  See below for stories. 


      This Week in Congress  

      USDOT and federal agencies are funded through November 18.


      The House is in recess this week.  The Senate is scheduled to debate legislation that includes the 2012 funding bills for Transportation-Housing, Agriculture, and Commerce-Justice-Science.  



      This Week in Federal Transportation Issues  

      The Senate is scheduled to debate legislation that includes the 2012 spending bill for transportation.



      Last Week In Federal Transportation Issues   

      Sec. LaHood announced he would leave USDOT in 2013.      


      Senators Boxer & Inhofe Urge Super Deficit Committee to Fully Fund Transportation.     


      The President's Jobs Council released a report urging aggressive investment in infrastructure to stimulate employment.  


      House Transportation Democratic Members wrote to the Joint Committee on deficit reduction urging investment in infrastructure to stimulate the economy, which would would reduce deficits. 


      The House Transportation's Subcommittee on Highways and Transit held a hearing, "National Infrastructure Bank: More Bureaucracy & More Red Tape".  Learn more about the hearing, including the Briefing Memo for committee members.  Rep. Mica opened the hearing by declaring the Bank is DOA in the House. 

      The Senate Environment & Public Work's Subcommittee on Green Jobs & the New Economy held a hearing, "Innovative Practices to Create Jobs and Reduce Pollution." View the witness testimony and archived webcast.   


      The House Energy & Commerce's Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations holds a second hearing on "Cutting EPA Spending" on Wednesday at 10:30 am (ET). Learn more about the hearing, including the Briefing Memo for committee members.    



      Last Week's Stories on Transportation Issues Daily   



      Status of transportation-related bills


      SAFETEA-LU: Extended through March 31.  

      The Senate and House transportation committees have published a summary of their proposals to replace SAFETEA-LU, but neither chamber has published detailed bill text.


      The House Transportation Committee Republicans propose a six-year bill funded roughly at current revenues, about $38 billion annually (22-page summary). That would be about a 33% cut from current funding levels. Reaction from interest groups ranged from mixed to negative.


      In the Senate, Democrat Barbara Boxer and Republican Jim Inhofe released an outline of legislation to replace SAFETEA-LU. The two-year bill provides about $54 billion annually. Reaction to the Senate proposal from stakeholders also was mixed, but generally more positive than reaction to the House proposal. Rep. Mica is adamantly opposed to a two-year bill. The proposal relies on a transfer of general funds, which would surely be opposed by the House.  


      SAFETEA-LU provided about $48.8 billion annually, and was supplemented with general funds. The bill has been extended eight times since expiring in October 2009.   


      2012 Appropriations:  The Senate is scheduled to debate its draft bill this week.  The bill is included with the Agriculture and Commerce-Justice-Science spending bills.


      USDOT and all other government programs are funded through November 18.  The Senate Appropriations Chair prefers a series of spending bills in small batches, rather than try to wrap them into one omnibus package. Some Republican Senators agree. However, there's still a chance that all the appropriations bills could be rolled into one omnibus bill before November 18.    


      The House Appropriations Transportation Subcommittee passed its draft 2012 spending bill in early September (How Will House Allocate 2012 Transportation Spending?) The Senate Appropriations Committee also has passed its bill (TIGER, Passenger Rail, Sustainable communities funding Preserved by Senate Committee)


      Federal Aviation Administration authorization: Extended through January 31.   


      Water Resources Development Act (WRDA)

      Congress is working on a new bill, and the Senate has solicited project funding requests from members, which are due by December 5th. Few people believe a bill will pass before 2013. The last bill passed in 2007, and the previous bill was enacted seven years earlier. 


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      Larry Ehl
      Transportation Issues Daily  



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