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    Navy League President s MessageAhoy Members and Friends, Chat with me about anything in this message from our National President. I hope to be able to bring
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      Navy League President's Message
      Ahoy Members and Friends,
      Chat with me about anything in this message from our National President.
      I hope to be able to bring the incoming National President Phil Dunmire out here for San Francisco Fleetweek 2012.
      Recently I have submitted information about our Merchant Marine stamps event in Sacramento and our Arkansas Division Sea Cadets. We will keep an eye on Sea Power to see if they get mentioned there. Also returning is the popular publication Navy Leaguer. I will keep submitting council news for both publications.
      Hey, if you are on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin, have you checked in to our council pages there? Plese do so - we welcome more friends. The Navy League and the Pacific Central Region has pages as well.
      Heave Ho,
      Phelps Hobart, President
      Pacific Merchant Marine Council
      Navy League of the United States
      (916) 739-6949

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      Subject: National President's Message - September 12, 2011


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                                                                                                                            September 12, 2011 
      Dear Fellow Navy Leaguers,

      August 2011 started with a visit to the Santa Barbara and San Diego Councils.  Doug Crawford, Santa Barbara Council President Kevin McTague, and Area President Grant Ivey hosted Kathleen and me for a great visit to Santa Barbara.  We attended a Council Board meeting and reception, rode in a beautiful carriage pulled by four Friesan horses in the Santa Barbara Old Spanish Days Fiesta Parade with Grant Ivey, and toured the Ronald Reagan Ranch north of Santa Barbara with Kevin McTague.  There was considerable Navy League publicity and presence throughout the 5 day Fiesta including a TV interview of us organized by Doug Crawford.

      We were then hosted for an outstanding visit by San Diego Council President Dave Grundies.  After conducting a business meeting for officers, we attended a reception for council and area Navy Leaguers, and community leaders at the Marriott Mission Valley Hotel.  A council breakfast followed the next day at the Admiral Baker Club attended by over 90 council and area Navy Leaguers.  During the San Diego visit, we here hosted for lunch and discussions by Vice Admiral Gerald Beaman, USN, Commander Third Fleet and his wife Yvonne at Third Fleet Headquarters.  Also while in San Diego, it was our pleasure to be hosted for lunch at the San Diego Yacht Club by Dr. Sam and Dr. Laure Mazzara who are members of the French Riviera-Monaco Council.  We had enjoyed many social events with them in July when we visited their Council in Cannes, France.  Santa Barbara and San Diego are doing wonderful events and activities with Marines, Sailors and their families, and with wounded warriors and their families. Congratulations San Diego and Santa Barbara.  Please see the last part of this monthly President’s Message for the Navy League Council accomplishments for 2010 based on the Council Annual Reports received this year.  The data can be of assistance to us in recruiting new members, retaining members, in giving interviews, and in making press releases.  Please also see the NAVY LEAGUE CALL TO ACTION below.    

      On August 25, 2011, Norb Smith of the Williamsburg-Yorktown Council, Kathleen Branch, and I went to the Naval Base Norfolk to present the 2011 Navy League of the United States Vice Admiral Batchelder awards.  The award was established by the Navy League in 1983 in memory of Vice Admiral Robert Batchelder, SC, USN who served from 1917 to 1957.  His final tour was as head of the Bureau of Supplies and Accounts, now the Naval Supply Systems Command.  The awards are sponsored by the Navy League and administered by the Chief of the Supply Corps.  This was the 28th annual award ceremony, and the purpose of the award is   to enhance operational readiness by public and official recognition of the Supply Corps Officer or Officers who make exceptional contributions to supply readiness.  Norb and I were joined by Rear Admiral Robert Bianchi, SC, USN, Fleet Supply Officer for U.S. Fleet Forces Command, and Rear Admiral Mark Heinrich, SC, USN, Commander, Naval Supply Systems Command and Chief of Supply Corps in making the presentations.  Recipients this year were Supply Corps Officers Lt. Kevin Clarida of EOD Mobile Unit 5, Lt. Duncan Ellis of USS Porter (DDG-78), Lt Benigno Razon of USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70), Lt(jg) David Couchman of USS Boise (SSN-764),  Lt. Robert Seltzer of Seal Team Five, and Lt. Christopher Roesner currently in Graduate  School.        

      On September 1, 2011, I was in Brooklyn, New York to present Rabbi Bill Kloner with the Navy League Hall of Fame Award.  We had a nice gathering of Navy Leaguers and Cobble Hill Nursing Home staffers in attendance for the award and the reception following.  Joining me and Liz Kloner were Region President Bill Evanzia, Bob and Micki Ravitz, Roger Bing, George Simpson, Mike Hallahan and Tom McGloin.  Rabbi Kloner looked great and his progress has been impressive.  Please contact Liz to visit.  I know the Rabbi enjoys visitors.  The address is Cobble Hill Health Center, 380 Henry Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201.  Liz’s numbers are cell 917-453-0399 and 718-858-1140.  The Health Center is 718-855-6789.

      Over the Labor Day weekend, I was hosted by Navy Leaguer Al Herberger and Rear Admiral Phil Greene, USMS, Superintendent of the U. S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point for Parents Weekend for the Class of 2015.  This included “acceptance” of the new plebes and administering of the oath of office.  Briefings, a parade where I was reviewing official with Admiral Mark Ferguson, USN, Vice Chief of Naval Operations, a special historically important musical Beat Retreat Ceremony, tours, and dinners were enjoyed during the three day visit to the Academy.  We were joined by Region President Bill Evanzia and Navy Leaguers from New York and Connecticut.  The visit was part of our ongoing effort to increase our support for the Merchant Marine and Maritime communities.   While there I met with all of the Presidents of the Academy’s Parents Clubs from around the nation.  They are a dynamic group and very interested in partnering with the Navy League Councils and becoming members.   What a great school.  All of us can be pleased by the professionalism and performance of the current students and all of their graduates.  If you are in the Long Island, New York area, plan to stop for a visit.   

      On September 8, it was my pleasure to attend the Broward County dinner meeting along with 84 council and area Navy Leaguers (from five different councils) that included Region President Bill Dudley and President Elect Phil Dunmire.  Broward County has done a spectacular job supporting the fleet and the troops and it was a special pleasure sharing the evening with Council President George Reeves and his outstanding council. 

      NAVY LEAGUE CALL TO ACTION                                 

      As you know, the Congressional Special Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction started their work last Thursday.  They are required to report out by November 23, 2011 with a plan to cut $1.2 Trillion.  Failing to do so would cause an arbitrary cut of $1.5 Trillion with half coming from Defense and half from other programs.  The Sea Services for sure cannot take that kind of reduction and still do their mission.  The Navy’s situation is quite different than other services.  Navy mission responsibilities will continue nearly as intensely after our pullback from Iraq and Afghanistan.  The Army can down size appropriately, and the Marines already plan to go back to pre-war size.  The Marines need adequate funds to reset the force after 10 years of combat operations.  The Navy will see only a very small reduction in their mission requirements.  The Navy cannot begin to meet the requests of the Combatant Commanders today.  The Coast Guard has many mission requirements including several added after 9/11. They need to continue to replace their over 50 year old ships. In view of our coastal security needs in an uncertain world, they should not be cut.  Because the Navy will experience only a small reduction in their global requirements, they should not be downsized.  They are the size they were in 1916 and many ships and air squadrons are on extended deployments.  The Navy is clearly very undersized today.  We are running the legs off of our aircraft and ships, and the high tempo of deployments is affecting the troops and their families.  The need for our ships to be in Africa, South America, Europe and Asia for missions of presence, joint exercises, partnering activities of all sorts, Central America anti–drug operations, and many operations that will lead to closer ties and relations (to prevent future conflicts and international problems) will continue. 

      We are the leader of the free world and our Navy’s mission of assuring the free flow of goods to and from the United States which is essential to our economic well being will continue to be paramount.  We need the Navy to grow to 325 ships near term and to have an annual shipbuilding budget of $25 B to support the growth. With so much uncertainty about our National security as we look ahead to possible clashes of interest in the Middle East, Central Asia, China and Korea to mention a few areas of concern, the Navy must build to meet the challenges that may lie ahead over the next few decades.  We need to be ready when challenged, not be caught unprepared like in 1941.  It takes many years to design and build ships and any reduction in the fleet now cannot be corrected in a timely manner when needed.  After our current battles finish, we clearly need the Fleet to maintain the peace and to promote international stability. 

      CALL TO ACTION.  The call to action is for all Navy Leaguers to meet with their members of congress to discuss this with them and seek their support for building the Navy and maintaining the Coast Guard.  Our Defense budget is only 5% of GDP today compared to 11% in the Eisenhower administration. Our decade of war in Iraq and Afghanistan has cost $1.2 Trillion, less than the debt we added this last year alone.  We can solve our debt problems without gutting the Sea Services.  Please meet in the local office of your members of congress.  One can locate the scheduler for the local office through www.house.gov/ and www.senate.gov/, and a meeting can be requested.  Many of the schedulers prefer email contact.  Let’s join forces and plan to meet with our Representatives and Senators between now and December 15 recognizing that the committee deadline is November 23, 2011.  Most meetings should occur during September and October.  Nearly all of our MOCs return to their home offices each Friday and Saturday for business.  Also please feel free to write your MOC although we know that a constituent meeting is worth 150 times as much as a letter or email (that is, it is greatly more effective with MOCs).  If you need additional talking points please read the Maritime Policy (available on our web site) or contact me.  We also want as many members as possible to talk to civic groups to raise their awareness of the issues and request support.  Our CSOP team will lead this up but all members can assist locally on their own initiative.  Our Grass Roots Legislative Affairs team will be stepping up their contact with MOCs, and HQ will be writing letters to all members of congress this month.  Because it is so expensive to run half or full page ads in the major national newspapers, we are looking for companies or individuals who can offer assistance in this regard.  For all, please keep us cut in on contacts made.  Thank you very much in advance for taking this on for the Navy League.


      Online registration is open for the 2011 Navy League National Convention being held in Chattanooga, Tennessee from October 26-30, 2011.   Convention registration, hotel information, and program details regarding the Convention are available online at: www.navyleagueconvention.org.  We have a great program planned, including several outstanding optional events:

       Chickamauga Battlefield Tour – A guided bus tour through this historical landmark

       Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum Ride & Tour

       Wounded Warrior Regiment Reception at the Tennessee Aquarium

       Art District Tour - Take a tour of the cool Arts District; lunch at great restaurants  

      On Thursday, October 27th, we host a reception at the Tennessee Aquarium to benefit the Wounded Warrior Regiment.  The Aquarium is just 10 minutes from the Convention Center and is located near the Tennessee River.  As this is a fundraiser for the Wounded Warrior Regiment, a minimum tax-deductible donation of $25.00 per person is all that is required to attend, and larger donations are of course welcome.  Join us for fine food and great music and meet our guests of honor.  Details are on the website.  For city and local information, check out www.chattanoogafun.com.   Contact Andrea Manning for questions. 


      For information, we are working on a few new items.  Our affinity programs with Pentagon Federal Credit Union and USAA will be finalized in the fall.  Great savings for Navy Leaguers, particularly in insurance, is on tap.  We are working to start a Navy League Yacht Club under the leadership of Grant Ivey and it can be a great benefit for us when traveling in particular.  Those in the President’s Circle will have automatic memberships.  We are also about to change the President’s Circle to include a provision that a member who recruits 30 new members a year will be afforded President’s Circle membership.  We are also exploring starting a Navy League Cruise/Travel program which can be a good benefit financially and a lot of fun to boot.  More information to follow. 

      FROM THE FIELD    

      Navy League Siam; from Paul Salvette in Bangkok. 

      On August 6, 2011, USS George Washington (CVN-73), USS Mustin (DDG-89), USS Cowpens (CG-63) and USS John McCain (DDG-56) moored at Laem Chabang port in Pattaya, Thailand for much deserved liberty. All in all it was an exciting and extensive visit that included sporting events, a cooking competition at the Benihana Restaurant, and a Thai cooking class onboard USS George Washington. It was a great opportunity for the Officers, Chiefs, and Sailors from the carrier group to learn a bit about Thailand, as well a chance for the Thai people to learn about the importance of the United States Navy. Navy League Siam was delighted to support our visiting service members and provide some hospitality.


      This is a note from Sea Cadet Regional Director Gail Ryan to Area President Skip Witunski and Region President Bill Dudley.  “As a Board Member of the Tampa Bay Council, and as a Regional Director of the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps, I don't know how to fully convey the thanks and the appreciation for the support that our Florida Sea Cadets get through you two, and, naturally, our Florida councils, but I'll try.  I am a firm believer that the personality and philosophy of an organization, area or business starts at the top and filters down. So goes the top, so goes the bottom.  It has to be true because the cadets in Florida are blessed by being associated with the Florida Region of the Navy League of the United States.  You two gentlemen work constantly to make sure that these units in our great state and area are supported, if not monetarily, by you aggressively talking up the program benefits and encouraging young people that you meet to contact us, and by encouraging adults to support us.  In my book, I have you listed as "Best Ever". Thank you Skip and Bill.  One of the smartest things I ever did was let Skip Witunski talk me into being on the NLUS Tampa Bay Council.”  LCDR C. Gail Ryan, USNSCC, Region 6-1 Regional Director (Tampa Bay Area) and
      Region 6-4 Associate Regional Director (Orlando Area).   Many thanks to Bill and Skip for providing such outstanding support for their Sea Cadets.


      The Tampa Navy League Council, the City of Tampa, and the Hillsborough County Economic Development Corp were hosts for the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force Training Squadron for a three day city visit July 25 to July 28, 2011. On Monday evening the Japanese hosted a very entertaining reception aboard two of their three ships. Entertainment was furnished by the Japanese Band and kettle drum musicians, Japanese style, and it was an awesome performance.  On Tuesday evening, the City and County Commissioners along with the Hillsborough County EDC hosted a reception at the Tampa Convention Center and again the evening entertainment featured the kettle drum musicians performing ancient Japanese rituals set to the beat of drums from this talented group. On Wednesday, the Tampa Navy League Council hosted a luncheon at the Tampa Wyndham Hotel with Rear Admiral Umio Otsuka, Commander of the Japanese Training Squadron as featured speaker. There was no doubt about the strong bond between our two countries.  Many Tampa Council members reached out to the crew of the three visiting ships by offering an overnight stay in their homes, and a friendly American style backyard B-B-Q cookout.  Well Done to Skip Witunski, Jose Gutierrez, Chris Paddock, Gail Ryan, Bill Dudley and all the Tampa Council members for organizing this outstanding event to promote unity and support for a very important ally and friend.

      From Dennis Dickerson.

      Dennis has passed along a suggestion for gaining new members locally.  I have included his suggestion here for consideration.  If you are interested in more information, please contact Dennis at dennisdickerson2@... or by phone as indicated below.  “Some years ago, I organized an event at a local movie theatre in San Diego on the opening day of the movie Pearl Harbor.  We had Pearl Harbor veterans in attendance and we were able to obtain free movie posters, set up a tent outside the theatre and have the veterans sign posters.  In just a few short hours we raised $700 for local sea cadets. Next year (October 2012), the movie SEAL Team Six will be released.  I would like to suggest a similar effort by the Navy League.  With some national-level coordination, local councils could make a similar effort with local theatres.  It may even be possible to gain advance support from the media through simple PR efforts.  If this concept is of interest, I could easily draft a plan that could be followed by any local council.  At the national level, it could represent an opportunity to make contact with senior people in the movie business.  Separately, I suggested a 5K walk/run sponsored by local councils on Armed Forces Day.  Again, this could be a nationally coordinated effort with a script that local councils could follow.   Both activities would be certain to raise the profile of the Navy League, Sea Cadets and potentially bring in large numbers of new, younger members”.  Dennis Dickerson, 619 841 8105 cell.

      San Diego Council to Cruise in Russia in 2012

      San Diego Council is organizing a cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg September 9-22, 2012.  The trip includes:  Flights San Diego(or other locations)-Moscow, St. Petersburg-Return; 10 nights Tourist Class river cruise on MS Lenin; all transfers; 29 meals: Shore excursions per itinerary; St. Petersburg City Tour; Hermitage Museum; Monastery of St. Cyril; Moscow City Tour; Kremlin Tour.  If interested in joining the San Diego Council members on this trip, contact San Diego Council member Hillary Henderson at 619-699-3813 or Hillary_henderson@....  She is not a travel agent.   


      From Assistant Chaplain Herb Goetz

      In thinking about the care of our military personnel in a humanitarian/spiritual way, I think we have great opportunity to expand the mission of care for the troops, provide the ‘heart’ concept expressed by the chief of Naval Operations which are currently being made in the realm of humanitarian efforts.  I have formulated the following for us to consider:    

      •    Form a Navy League (ad hoc) Multi Faith Chapel Service Committee.  (This was informally organized following the June 2011 Board Meeting/Sunday worship service).

      •    Plan, organize, implement and advertise a multi-faith Worship Service at all national Navy League Gatherings.

      •    Support the Active Duty Chaplains who are serving our worldwide sea services men and women of all faiths with prayers and support.

      •    Encourage local chapters to invite a retired Military Chaplain or a civilian clergy person to serve as local Council Chaplain and include him/her in Council functions.

      •    As appropriate, encourage the local Chaplain to attend National functions and make themselves known to one of the National Chaplains.

      •    Keep in conversation with one of our National Chaplains if there is any necessary inquiry about the Navy League, its mission or those military personnel we serve.

      •    Encourage Chaplains to explore the services the Navy League provides and encourage those interested to consider membership.

      If you would like to assist the Chaplain in these areas, please contact Herb Goetz when convenient.  Herb can be contacted at MATNAP84@....  

      Corporate Development and Marketing

      After a series of meetings with the United States Navy International Programs Office (NIPO), and a formal meeting of Rear Admiral Joseph Rixey, U. S.N., Director, Navy International Programs Office, Office of the Secretary of the Navy, and Senior Director Kevin Traver, the Navy League will be partnering with NIPO on several fronts in 2012.  We are hosting NIPO Industries Day’s at Navy League HQ.  This will be a great new corporate benefit and will help our small business and corporate members.  And in partnership with NIPO, the Navy League will be inviting country delegations to Sea-Air-Space.  This supports our need to grow Sea-Air-Space into a more international event to more fully develop and grow SAS over the next decade.  We had delegations from Taiwan and Spain last year and we plan to increase international involvement significantly.   

      Defense and Security Equipment International (DSEi) Expo

      The Navy League of the United States (NLUS) will for the first time host a maritime pavilion at DSEi 2011 from Sept. 13-16, 2011.   The Defense and Security Equipment International is a very large and important European Defense and Security exposition.  DSEi is held every other year in London and there are typically 1300 exhibitors.  The NLUS has teamed with DSEi to create and host a Maritime Pavilion at DSEi located in South Hall, Booth #S9-188.  The pavilion at London Docklands features a number of U.S. and internationally based companies that specialize in maritime related defense and homeland security products.

      Companies at the pavilion include:
      Thrustmaster of Texas
      Aydin Displays
      Brunswick Commercial and Government Services
      Shield Technologies
      Zyvex Technologies
      Maritime International
      Global Marine Systems, LTD
      Maritime Guard Group


       The Navy League fundraising campaign continues to move forward.  Results from the 2010 campaign continue to be outstanding.  The pledge fulfillment rate for multi-year pledges stands at 94.4%.  That is an amazing number and speaks directly to the generosity of all Navy Leaguers.  For information, this is a much higher fulfillment rate than other organizations experience.  Thank you to all of our members for the continuing support of the men and women of the Sea Services.  It truly helps us help them.

      President’s Circle

      The Navy League President’s Circle has grown to over 100 members today.  The President’s Circle recognizes faithful supporters who make annual gifts of $1,000 or more.  By making this  yearly commitment, a member leads by example and helps further contribute to the Navy League achieving its mission.  There are a number of benefits of joining.  Included are attending President’s Circle Receptions at Conventions and Board Meetings, networking with President Circle members and guests from the military, administration or industry in a number of forums, attending the Sea-Air-Space President’s Circle Reception during the largest maritime exposition in the world held at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center, receiving appropriate recognition throughout the Navy League, receiving an invitation to Navy and Coast Guard ship commissioning ceremonies periodically, and enjoying  the use of a VIP office when visiting Navy League Headquarters in Arlington, VA.  One of our goals is to continue to increase membership in the President’s Circle.  So please consider Standing in the Circle with us today. If you would like more information, please contact Kevin Traver, Mike Carter, Dale Lumme, or the National President.    


      The following is a summary of accomplishments by the Navy League Councils worldwide, as reported in the March, 2011 Council Annual Reports for 2010.

      It is noteworthy that between all of the Navy League councils and National Headquarters, over $3 Million dollars were donated to a variety of causes that support the men and women of the Sea Services and their families, and Navy League Youth Programs. This is a significant accomplishment considering the overall economic conditions experienced in the country recently.

      Councils actively supported a variety of youth activities including 175 Sea Cadet Units and 456 JROTC Units with over $449,715 in financial assistance. Headquarters provided $602,000 to Sea Cadet HQ and councils locally provided direct aid of $320,653 for the Sea Cadets bringing our total of Sea Cadets support to over $922,000.   The JROTC units were supported financially with more than $129,065.  Over 105 youth scholarships were provided by Councils in the amount of $227,271.  In addition to monetary awards of $287,162, there were a total 2078 Sea Service Awards, many consisting of presentations of plaques, swords, and certificates. There were Sea Services Scholarships totaling $59,970.  Councils funding for general support of activities and events for the year was $722,000.  Councils donated over $542,000 to Wounded Warriors and more than $9,500 to the Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society. 

      Councils were very active locally.  There were 93 Balls and Galas and over 576 distinguished guests and honorees hosted.  Councils were involved in over 52 changes of command,  participated in 46 Individual Augmentee (IA) welcome home events, were involved with 570 adopted Navy and Coast Guard units (ships/ units/ base commands), and there were more than 545 joint community outreach events conducted.  For the year, there were 145 visits or presentations made to members of congress.  Councils hosted over 107 ship visits worldwide.  There were 984 council dinners, breakfasts and receptions throughout the year.  One council near several major military installations created and conducted a major event honoring the Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps Spouses of the Year. 

      Councils had many undertakings for 2010.  This is but a summary.  Councils:  sent library books for ships and the troops in the war zones, raised funds for burn victims, escorted caskets for the fallen, sent off and met returning warriors at the airport, met ships at homecomings from deployments, held picnics and thanksgiving dinners for ship’s company members and families, sent care packages for Operation Homefront and deployed troops, hosted visiting ships including several of our NATO allies and Japan, hosted  a Luau dinner for troops, provided 100 teddy bears to wounded warrior children, sent 240 Christmas gift packages to the wounded at Naval Hospitals, assisted with Navy Weeks, Fleet Weeks, the Rose Festival, and Navy Air shows around the country, sponsored numerous trips to ball parks for the troops and the wounded, supported career day at local high schools, participated in many Navy and Marine Corps Birthday balls, supported homes for orphaned children, held Maritime Security Seminars, supported Fischer House, volunteered 3000 hours of time to help with the Navy League Sea Air Space Exposition, recognized graduating NROTC, Naval Academy, Coast Guard Academy, and Merchant Marine Academy students, partnered with Service Academy Parents Clubs, the Propeller Club, and community organizations such as the Lions, Rotary, and Kiwanis, provided over 800 toys and 800 clothing items to families at one of the large Naval Weapons Stations, conducted Family Days, sent books to 33 ships, collected food and toiletries for deploying  Reservists, and one council alone hosted 17 ship visits.  One council sponsored 56 adopted ships and units, and another council provided 80 days of complimentary cars and meals for the USCG crewmen and women visiting their island port.                

      Ship commissioning ceremonies were again among the activities for which councils contributed significant time and financial assistance.  In many cases, Council officers were Chairmen of the Commissioning Committees.  Eighteen Councils participated in various ship commissioning ceremonies during 2010. 

      Many of the Councils were quite inventive with support activities for active duty families.  Events ranged from Holiday Parties for the children to Poker Nights for the adults. One Council raised money via automobile donations and contributed over $500,000 to support of the Wounded.  Numerous councils and headquarters conducted a variety of wounded warrior events throughout the year.  One council teamed up with a local knitting group to knit helmet liners for the Marines in Afghanistan, shipping them 450 hand knitted items.    

      Our Navy Leaguers also do wonderful things for their neighbors and their communities as well as the men and women serving in the Sea Services. During 2010, this included cleaning up graffiti on monuments, delivering supplies and repairing orphanages and schools, as well as making sure 314 families could afford to buy baby furniture. One council provided $100,000 in $100 gift cards from a local grocer to make sure that financially stretched junior active duty families had food for the 2010 holidays.  Many of the parents were deployed and this assistance was timely and appreciated.

      Also during 2010, Navy League Council volunteers provided:

      •   Trips for 75 Wounded from Bethesda and Walter Reed, and their families and care givers to the Army-Navy Football Game in Philadelphia
      •   A fishing trip for 135 Warriors to Lake Vail
      •   Help for 149 families to pay for car repairsA three day vacation for 130 Coast Guard sailors and their families
      •   Hosting for international Ambassador receptions, and presentations on piracy and international threats
      •   Baby showers on bases so gifts could be gathered and distributed to deserving new mothers
      •   Toys for Tots and other gifts for local charities across the globe
      •   Cooking holiday dinners for many entire ships and crews, while providing gifts and refreshments
      •   Support for local boys and girls clubs, and local universities and high schools
      •   Donations of over 989 Navy League SEAPOWER magazine subscriptions
      •   Sending 2800 pounds of goods to the Marines in Afghanistan
      •   Sending 450 packages valued at $20,000 to troops in the war zone

      Navy Leaguers are a dedicated and involved group of citizens who have a host of great events going on throughout the world every year.   Check the local Navy League Council websites in your area and the websites of other councils to see what they have scheduled in case you can participate. Our service men and women have been at war for over 10 years now, and they need the Navy League’s assistance and support more than ever. The work, support, and volunteer activities undertaken by all Navy League members are greatly appreciated by all who serve, and  especially so by Navy Leaguers who have a family member serving.  Many Navy Leaguers have a personal attachment for the services in that their children and grandchildren are in uniform and are out there in harm’s way.  During my term, I have had two stepsons and several friends serving in the sea services in the war zones, so my wife and I can personally attest to the goodness of all that you in the Navy League do for our sea services men and women.  We and all Americans can be very proud of our Navy League Councils.  What a magnificent job they are doing year in and year out for the Sea Services, the troops and their families.

      Next month’s President’s e-mail will contain details about the War of 1812 activities on the horizon and our STEM initiatives.  War of 1812 activities should net us 10,000 new members in 2012 and another 10,000 in 2013 since there will be millions attending the many events.  Those involved in education will be interested in our STEM program.   And as a reminder, send me and Communications Senior Director Tom Van Leunen your Council Newsletters (electronically if possible) and Press Releases.  Tom is at tvanleunen@....   

      On the Horizon. 

      The 2012 Convention is in Hawaii at the Sheraton Waikiki June 18-24; Sea Air Space is April 16-18; the Board Meeting is October 17-20 at the Crystal City Hyatt in DC. The Long Beach convention is June 2013, and San Diego is June 2014.

      Arrange a trip to sea for business leaders and educators through the Navy Week Leaders to Sea Program.  Contact the Navy Office of Community Outreach at navco.fct@...; Telephone 901-874-5800 in Millington, TN, or check out www.navy.mil/navco or www.navyweek.org/

      With my best wishes,

      Daniel B. Branch, Jr.
      National President

      P.S.  Please try to attend the 2011 Navy League Convention in Chattanooga in October.  It is shaping up to be interesting and fun with sufficient time off.  And when you are in the DC area please stop by for a tour of the Navy League building at 2300 Wilson Boulevard in Arlington.


      Navy League of the United States

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