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September is Naval Sea Cadet Corps Month - We salute the Arkansas Division!

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  • Pacific Merchant Marine Council
    Ahoy Members and Friends, Please see the attached proclamation. This coming month the Pacific Merchant Marine Council again places special emphasis commending
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2011
    Ahoy Members and Friends,
    Please see the attached proclamation.
    This coming month the Pacific Merchant Marine Council again places special emphasis commending our exceptional Arkansas Division Sea Cadet leadership team, Sea Cadets, and League Cadets.
    They seem to be everywhere either training or serving. You can read about the Division at http://www.arkansasdivision.org/index.htm.

    Few Sea Cadet Divisions have a band; Arkansas Division does - the Sea Cadet Band of the West. Most recently it performed on the Hornet and for the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, US Army, luncheon.
    August 27 the Division was again serving aboard the SS JEREMIAH O'BRIEN for the Americas Cup bay cruise. They are frequently aboard; July 4th they assisted when a multitude came aboard to to watch the evening fireworks over the bay.
    On September 10th the Division will be participating in opening night of the San Francisco Opera world premier of Heart of a Soldier! . San Francisco Opera decided that having uniformed League Cadets and Sea Cadets would enhance the evening. Cadets will be used to usher, stand by doors, and help as necessary. Here is the invitation to this specal event: http://new.evite.com/?utm_source=other_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=text&utm_campaign=invite&eml=g_inv#view_invite:eid=03C7AAQZXGL24EZXYEPAWAXCPMOGYM&gid=03C7AAPMT7N2NE3T6EPAWAYU6TV7QQ.

    September 24th the Division will assist at the Wheelchair Regatta at Encinal Yacht Club, http://www.picya.org/Wheelchair_Regatta_2011_Entry_A.pdf and http://wheelchairregatta.homestead.com. This event, the 15th annual, will once again provide veterans, many confined to wheel chairs, with the rare opportunity to experience a power boat cruise on the Oakland Estuary and San Francisco Bay along the San Francisco City front. On their return, our guests will be treated to a picnic luncheon and entertainment on the grounds of Encinal Yacht Club.
    San Francisco Fleet Week, http://www.fleetweek.us, October 6 -11,  will find them shoreside with the Sea Cadet information booth and likely aboard the O'BRIEN. Its not cleared yet, but I supect they will be assisting with the Fleet Picnic BBQ October 11. The Division asked to be ship greeters along with Navy Leaguers.
    It is proposed that Arkansas Division attend the US Naval Academy Midshipmen versus San Jose State University Spartans football game on November 19th. The game starts at 1:00 pm and will be seen on ESPN3.
    December 19th we will see them at our council luncheon aboard the O'BRIEN. Good chance we will again hand out our Navy League's Theodore Roosevelt Youth Award to a deserving Sea Cadet and League Cadet.
    BRAVO ZULU Arkansas Division Sea Cadets!
    Heave Ho,
    Phelps Hobart

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    Subject: September is Naval Sea Cadet Corps Month
    Date: Wednesday, August 31, 2011, 11:18 AM


    TO: Council Presidents

    CC: Executive Committee

    SUBJECT: Designation of September as Naval Sea Cadet Corps Month

    I am pleased to inform you that the month of September has again been proclaimed as Naval Sea Cadet Corps Month in recognition of the many benefits we all realize from this premier youth program. While I urge you to support the NSCC program fully throughout the year, designating September as NSCC Month will give you an opportunity to place special emphasis on the Navy League’s exclusively sponsored youth education program.

    The NSCC program is an important part of the Navy League and this great country. The training and education provided to NSCC cadets prepare them exceptionally well for whatever career field they choose. Moreover, the discipline, core values and team work these cadets learn will form the basis of their lives as future citizens and leaders in their communities. You cannot go wrong by sponsoring and supporting this fine youth program!

    Proclaiming September as NSCC Month commemorates the formal establishment of the Sea Cadet Corps and provides an opportunity for all Navy Leaguers to develop a deeper appreciation for this Navy League sponsored youth education program. I strongly encourage each council to plan a special program which highlights the importance of our Sea Cadets. Councils sponsoring a Sea Cadet unit should contact their NSCC unit commanding officer to assist in coordinating Sea Cadet Month activities.

    This is a golden opportunity for council members to get to know their Sea Cadet unit. I also recommend that the council extend a warm welcome for Sea Cadet parents to join the local sponsoring council to help the council and unit. This special relationship will pay great dividends to both groups.  

    Navy League councils should contact NSCC Headquarters to receive additional information on sponsoring a unit.

    Please make every effort to provide suitable publicity in your council newsletter and through other means to support this initiative. NLUS headquarters thanks all councils now sponsoring a NSCC unit.

    Dan B. Branch, Jr.
    National President
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