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Re: [PMMC-NLUS] New Presidio trail honors S.F.'s maritime past

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      Dear Phelps,

      I used to go to the Marine Hospital for medical and dental when i sailed in the US Merchant Marine. It also serviced US Coast Guard and American Indians...

      Several Years ago it came to my attention that there were mariners from various nations buried in unmarked graves on the old Marine Hospital property... I started a drive to have the remains disinterred and turned over to me for decent Christian Burial at sea aboard the SS Jeremiah O'Brien. My dear friend, the late Admiral Tom Patterson backed me up. (I have performed some 60 funerals in my time, including burial of 5 men and 2 women at sea)...

      The Army turned me down so I asked Carl Nolte from the Chronicle to research this and write an article... He wrote a beautiful large article with pictures which appeared in the Sunday Chronicle...The Army relented to a degree and said that I could perform a Memorial Service for these deceased mariners, and that we could place a modest monument on the site.
      I appealed to the American Merchant Marine Veterans, Golden Gate Chapter,of which I am a past president, for an allowance of one thousand dollars for the monument..(there was at the time some 12 thousand in the fund). I was told by the secretary "that ain't gonna happen!"....the project thus died....subsequent to this incident the Golden Gate Chapter dipped into it's "Memorial Fund" which was started by past president Byron Hall (deceased) and contributed to the Baton Rouge Victory Monument, and the restoration of the King's Point Merchant Marine Academy Monument at Coyote Point San Mateo...
      I was always puzzled by this... Since last year, the AMMV has changed the rules for joining so that FOREIGN seaman may join its ranks.... Why is it still called the AMERICAN Merchant Marine Veterans?

      You Faithful Servant,

      Captain K.C. O'Brien

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      Subject: [PMMC-NLUS] New Presidio trail honors S.F.'s maritime past
      Entombed under the sand are the remains of more than 600 merchant mariners who were buried in a graveyard that was forgotten...

      "This trail is commemorating the sailors that were buried there," said Amy Deck, the Presidio Trust's trails project manager.

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