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895Re: Fw: NLUS Membership Contest ends 12/31/10 - Reminder to get new members in to HQ

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  • usaseapower
    Jan 9, 2011

      Ahoy All,

      Happy New Year!
      We wrapped up 2011 with a strong finish membership wise. Gained seven members in December. We entering 2011 with one assured new member. Our immediate goal is to reach 132 dues-paid members ASAP. That would be triple our membership when chartered December 11, 2006. At the current 110 members we are larger than half the 250 Navy League councils but going over 125 would place us in the NLUS medium size council category. Our ultimate goal is to become a large council with 300+ members up and down the West Coast, throughout the USA, and overseas.
      I am pleased to announce a new council membership discount and membership incentive program.
      • For 2011 the council will offer a three year membership for the cost of two years. A one year membership is $50, two years $90, and three $125. For individuals who care to take advantage of it, the council will reduce the cost to $90. Sure we would rather have the full $125 from the individual but if it takes a kicker to close, this is it. The $50 savings over a one year membership with two renewals also applies to life memberships.
      • The 2011 incentive for one and two year memberships is a $25 voucher for any council luncheon or other council sponsored event. Yes, in 2011 we will be doing other things like field trips near and far, hosting meetings with other councils, and engaging in NLUS Community Service Organization Presentations. For one year memberships the voucher is good for a year. For two year memberships, it is good for two years. Can only use it once. This is actually a continuation, with a slight modification, of our complementary council lunch for anyone who joins the NLUS and council. A new NLUS community affiliate membership at $400 comes with a wall plaque and four individual memberships. Each of those four individuals would receive a $25 council voucher.
      For more on Navy League membership see www.navyleague.org/membership. It is best that new memberships and discount three year renewals be handled through me by E-mail and telephone. For renewals please contact me before your membership expires. All handled directly with NLUS HQ pay full fare.
      Council membership retention for 2010 couldn't get better. We are again at 100% - just like 2008. The year end NLUS membership stats are not in yet but for eleven months, no other NLUS council our size or larger reached this goal. Those few who are close are councils half our size with many life members. If possible we would like to be at 100% for 2011. If you are seriously thinking of disembarking - not renewing your membership - we would offer you the three years for the cost of two to keep you aboard.
      Our council treasury will never delve into deficit financing. We will always stay in the black; never in the red. The council gets a NLUS membership rebate for each member, not much - for example $4 annually for life members - but every source of income is appreciated! Our council Arkansas Sea Cadet Scholarship Fund remains at zero though, it, like the treasurey, awaits donors.
      The council officers, directors and our council advisory board members all like the discount and incentive program initiated by this council. Much of the Navy League, regretfully, is hemorrhaging members. Not this council! We're growing and will continue to do so. Please help - everyone of you are appreciated and every new member is welcomed!
      Heave Ho,
      PS We have council nametags for members at our events. Ask for them and please turn them in afterwards. Pacific Merchant Marine Council business cards are available for the asking from me - no charge. Same for NLUS membership applications with council inserts.

      --- In PMMC-NLUS@yahoogroups.com, "Pacific Merchant Marine Council" <pmmc@...> wrote:

      Ahoy Members and Friends,

      You have heard me encourage you to bring new members into the Navy League and our council. There are just a few days left to sponsor a new member or let me know the individual and I would be delighted to sponsor the individual. An incentive is the possibility of a $500 NLUS check - details below and in Sea Power magazine. There is an application there as well as on the reverse side of the December 20 council luncheon invitation you received.


      A bit on our council membership stats:
      a.. The Pacific Merchant Marine Council is currently tied within the League for 10th place in gain in members for 2010. There are about 250 councils. The council has been the leader in membership growth within the Pacific Central Region since its inception in 2006.
      b.. The Pacific Merchant Marine Council again wraps up 2010 with 100% retention. That means all whose membership was up for renewal have renewed. We were at 100% for 2008 as well. There are seven other councils with 100% - all of them are half our size our smaller.
      c.. The Pacific Merchant Marine Council is approaching 110 members - we are among the top 50th percentile among councils by size and ditto for the region.
      d.. Again I am among the top Navy League recruiters - something above 20 new members - not all placed in our council.
      I would like some company on the recruiting effort - the next few days and into 2011 as well.

      There isn't a better way to support and show one's support for the "Sea Services." That's the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and the US flag Merchant Marine. Navy Leaguers are "Citizens in Support of the Sea Services."

      With membership comes a lapel pin, a membership card, and a subscription to the Navy League's Sea Power magazine. Council news and activities are announced via the Yahoo group website, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PMMC-NLUS. Opportunities are available to become involved in council affairs.

      Thanks for being a member of this council. It means a lot to the Navy League, the region, the council, and me.

      Heave Ho,


      Phelps Hobart
      President, Pacific Merchant Marine Council
      Senior Vice President, Pacific Central Region
      Vice President, Pacific Southwest Region
      National Director
      Navy League of the United States
      PO Box 191403
      Sacramento CA 95819-1403
      (916) 739-6949 | (916) 955-3972 cell | PMMC@...
      The Pacific Merchant Marine Council was chartered
      11 December 2006. It advocates for the US maritime
      industry. Luncheon meetings are the 3rd Monday in
      March, June, September, and December in the San
      Francisco Bay Area. New members welcomed!

      Membership in the Navy League of the United States

      Join Now or Renew Your Membership http://www.nlussecure.org/Membership. No discount if you use this method to join.

      Member Benefits

      Individual Membership One year $50, two $90, and best value three $125.

      Community Affiliate Membership $400 per year. Comes with four individual memberships and a nice NLUS wall plaque.

      Corporate Membership

      Since its founding in 1902 with the enthusiastic support of President Theodore Roosevelt, the Navy League of the United States (NLUS) has promoted the need for strength in American sea power. As Assistant Secretary of the Navy and recipient of both the Nobel Peace Prize and the Congressional medal of Honor, Roosevelt fully understood that superior sea power sustains peace, deters war, and protects our economy as well as the freedoms essential to the American way of life.

      Navy League of the United States
      2300 Wilson Boulevard Suite 200
      Arlington, VA 22201-5424

      Phone: 703.528.1775

      ----- Original Message -----
      From: Jaffacotej at aol dot com
      Sent: Monday, December 27, 2010
      Subject: NLUS Membership Contest ends 12/31/10 - Reminder to get new members in to HQ

      To: Navy League Leaders copied ( EXCOM & other National Directors)
      From: Tom Jaffa - National VP - Membership

      Greetings .... hoping that you all have had great holidays and wishing you the very best for a great New Year ...

      Membership continues to be a top priority for Navy League --- with many Councils and Regions building their Retention Rates to 80% or better in the last year (Congratulations to all of you who have done so!) -- we are turning the corner on stabilizing our Membership base -- and in fact - if we continue to bring in new members at the anticipated pace that we hope to achieve --- we will be showing membership increases!

      You can help us achieve success .... Thanks to all of you who have been bringing in new members - your efforts as volunteer leaders are important .... whether one " gives the gift of membership" to family and friends or recruits new members - these new recruits count as new members! .... Also, your encouragement for others to be active recruiters/sponsors is appreciated....

      As you know, we launched our Third Annual Fall Membership Contest on 10/1/10 ... the contest ends on 12/31/10 ... once again - one of our members (who sponsors a new member) will win a $500 Gift Card.

      Please remind other leaders & members in the field that for every new member sponsored during this time period - the sponsoring member gets one chance in the drawing --- the more new members the better the chances of winning!

      1. New Members applications/info needs to be received at HQ by 12/31/10 ( Postmark by 12/31/10)

      2. Sponsors name (& membership #) needs to be clearly identified

      3. Billing info included

      4. New member info complete

      5. Preferred Council for the New Member needs to be indicated

      6. The PRIORITY CODE 4Q2010 should be included

      PLEASE REFER TO THE FULL PAGE AD (application) IN SEAPOWER - to find information needed (OCT, NOV & DEC issues).

      The winner will be announced on FEB 1, 2011.

       Thanks again for your support and assistance - Membership is vitally important to our organization as we accomplish carrying out our important mission programs.

      Warmest regards, Tom Jaffa

      Thomas E. Jaffa, CTP
      National Vice President ( Membership & IT )
      Navy League of the United States *
      P.O. Box 16171 - Seattle, WA * USA* 98116
      Tel: 206-932-3792 Fax: 206-932-3244

      Jaffacotej at aol dot com



      * "Civilians supporting the Sea Services, the men & women who serve and their families through direct action and enhanced public awareness."

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