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558In the Line of Fire, Honoring Sacrifice

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  • Roger Bazeley
    Nov 17, 2009

    In the Line of Fire


    In the line of fire;

           As many soldiers wait,

    awaiting their own fates.

          Yet, they hold in their hands,

    away to end the war, or a way to restore peace.

           But in many ways, they use only one hand.

           One hand is in war,

    the other hand is in sorrow,

    for not knowing when it is,

    to be able to return, to their native land.


    In the line of fire,

    as many soldiers wait.

        Their fright abiding within

    Awaiting their own destiny,

    in the line of fire.

           Yet, they hold in their hands,

    a way to safely come home,

    back to their native land.


          Across the seas in Afghanistan,

    across the sands in Iraq.

          America ’s soldiers fight,

    while we wait so long,

    to finally say, “welcome home”.


          Yet it is not clear,

    to know what it’s like.

          On the battle field,

    hearing all that noise.


          The sound of people dying,

    the sound of reeking death.

           The sound of screams and shrieks.

           We Americans, in all the other states,

    can only imagine the horror that the New Yorkers felt.

              But the sounds of ugly gunfire,

    are the scariest of all sounds, when followed by the silence of death.

              The soldiers, our brothers and sisters across the sea and sands, are the only ones.

              To hold in their hand,

    a bittersweet victory to sustain our freedom from terror.

              And the people in New York ,

    who have lost friends and family; we will never know the reality of the moment from TV images.

              What they have gone through,

    smelling the senseless results of evil forever enshrined with the smell of fear and destruction.

               Watching in September,

    as we all knew.

               This was shockingly real,

    what happened on the eleventh of September.

               But as it is now nearly December,

    even as the day’s sun sets, we can all recall the horror,

    as the towers came falling down.

               Falling down, falling down.

                We can never forget what happened,

    even in the light of day.


                In the line of fire,

    there were many brave citizen heroes lost.

                 Many of them were fire fighters, police officers, but most working mothers and fathers leaving behind children.

                 Kids all across America are also heroes, enduring the pain of loss of loved ones and innocence on September 11, 2001 .


                  In my hand I hold,

    with each of you and our heroes the future of FREEDOM, from terror.

                  As it has been told often,

    we are all in the line of fire in protecting freedom, each and every day of our lives.


    (By Mikiko Bazeley (16), Roger Bazeley (60) San Francisco, Father and Daughter)



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