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  • Pacific Merchant Marine Council, NLUS
    Oct 1, 2009
      Network and connect with Maritime Professional
      Ahoy Members and Friends,
      I accepted the invitation to join Maritime Professional and I am a member of two of its groups. You might be interested as well.
      It is a new network website and will have a lot of catching up to come close to gCaptain.com. Still its software is awesome: blogs, news, forums, and groups. Reminds me of Facebook but without the frustrations I continue to find with that network.
      It seems to update the news section by the minute. Here are a couple of items:

      Tom Crowley Receives NDTA Award

      Tom Crowley, Jr., chairman, president and CEO of Crowley Maritime Corporation, was presented with the prestigious National Transportation Award from the National Defense Transportation Association,
      On Sept. 30, Coast Guard Sector Portland, Ore. reported that it is monitoring and managing vessel traffic on the Columbia River east of Portland/Vancouver, Wash.
      Here are three recent blog postings:

      Are Profits "Blowin' in the Wind"

      Are Profits "Blowin' in the Wind"
      Offshore wind energy business is projected to grow mightily to 2013

      Is the cost of attending worth the networking opportunity at industry trade fairs?

      Is the cost of attending worth the networking opportunity at industry trade fairs?
      Before things got a bit squeezy, people went to trade exhibitions without really considering the cost, but is it really worth it now?

      Navy Missile Range Gets Tangled in California's Low Sulfur Rules

      Navy Missile Range Gets Tangled in California's Low Sulfur Rules
      Commercial ships are using Point Mugu to bypass 24 mile zone
      I gave a pitch for the Navy League and our council on my profile page, http://maritimeprofessional.com/Members/Hobart.aspx/Phelps-Hobart. I will be posting our December 21 luncheon invitation.
      Speaking of joining, I rejoined the San Francisco Maritime National Park Association. It seems to be going through a metamorphosis. Exciting things continue to happen at the Park and the Association is right there and involved. We will have an event or two there, at least announce an event or two and encourage attendance as a group. Please let me know if you have been active - like a board member or volunteer - with the Association. You may recall we had a representative of the Park as our guest speaker at our March 16 luncheon on the O'BRIEN. Sea Scouts activities on the Hyde Street Pier, remember?
      Heave Ho!
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      Sent: Thursday, October 01, 2009 11:51 AM
      Subject: Your Maritime Professional Membership

      As a leading member of the Global Maritime Industry I wanted to extend to you a personal invitation to join Our Professional community at MaritimeProfessional.com

      You'll be in great company networking with other Industry professionals with similar interests and career goals. You'll also have access to the latest industry news, forum topics and our maritime blogs from industry leaders around the World.

      It will be our great pleasure to Welcome you aboard!

      Click here to join Maritime Professional

      Maritime Professional
      Introducing the first networking website dedicated to making and maintaining crucial industry connections
      Maritime Professional.com is the most comprehensive networking resource dedicated to the marine industry, and we'd like you to be a part of it. Be among the first to take advantage of this valuable business resource!
      • Maritime Professional offers industry-specific contact networks, news, discussion forums, and blogs.
      • Keyword tagging keeps information organized and focused. Our system prioritizes news, blogs, and forums to reflect your specific needs and interests, for an effective and dynamic internet experience.
      • Each profile is created using real names and contact information, allowing you to expand your network of contacts and connect with colleagues around the globe.
      • Our users are online to conduct business in a professional work environment. Off-topic or inappropriate postings will be removed and the user will be blocked.
      Creating your profile is easy- and completely free of charge- giving you advance access to the largest online community in the maritime industry. Gather your contacts, take the lead in forum discussions, or launch an industry blog. Start today, and be ahead of the game!

      Click here to join Maritime Professional

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