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1407FW: 2014 Dues Increases and Life Membership Sale

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  • Executive Director, Pacific Merchant Mari
    Jan 27, 2014


    Ahoy Members and Friends,

    Please pass the word…

    If not a life member here are the existing options for joining or renewing one’s Navy League membership until April 1st. After that see National President Jim Offutt’s letter below.


    Downloadable application

    I strongly suggest staying with the Navy League; we need you as a member, both nationally (numbers count) and here within the Pacific Merchant Marine Council!


    I encourage the “Regular individual membership (three years) - $125” though the Life membership with the special below is an option to consider.


    Here is the simple way to renew a membership from 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Eastern), Monday-Friday.


    ·         Go to http://www.navyleague.org

    ·         Click on About US then Contact Us.

    ·         Telephone and ask for “Membership” preferably with your membership card or address label in hand along with a credit / debit card.

    ·         When you connect with someone in that department, explain you would like to renew your membership(s) or you have a new member you are sponsoring.

    ·         Provide the necessary information along with your credit card information. Seriously consider three years or six years, lowest cost per year and less bother in the future.

    Contact me if assistance is needed.

    You are also encouraged to read “Navy League of the United States – Navy League Remains Focused on Core Missions” in the January SeaPower Almanac. I have yet to see a better write-up of what the Navy League is doing. The attached PMMC About Us 2014 in one page indicates what the council is doing.


    Anchors Aweigh,



    Phelps Hobart

    Vice President Membership and Marketing

    Pacific Central Region

    Navy League of the United States



    From: Navy League of the United States
    Sent: Friday, January 24, 2014 3:46 PM
    To: pmmc@...
    Subject: 2014 Dues Increases and Life Membership Sale



    New 2014 Dues Rates and Life Membership Sale 


    Dear Navy League Leader,

    At our Board meeting in Baltimore, a dues increase proposal was voted on and passed with the new dues rates taking effect April 1st, 2014. I realize that dues increases are not a popular subject, and we held out as long as we could without raising them. A dues increase has not been approved by the Board since 2007, and the rising cost of doing business has unfortunately brought us to the need to raise dues.

    We do not have email addresses for every member but we will be doing what we can to notify the ones we do have an email for and also post the changes online. I ask for your help in getting the word out to members in your area of responsibility (Council, Area, and Region). Please inform them of these new rates (word of mouth, emails, newsletters, website posting, etc.), and encourage them to "beat the increase" by renewing their memberships now. Here are the new rates effective 4/1/2014:

    1yr (Regular and Associate) - $65 with a $13 rebate to the Council

    Students (electronic) - $25 (unchanged)

    Active Duty Spouse - $30 (unchanged)

    2yr - $117 with a $23 rebate to the Council

    3yr - $175 with a $35 rebate to the Council

    Husband/Wife - $117 with a $23 rebate to the Council

    Community Affiliates - $460 with a $230 rebate to the Council


    Life Membership Sale

    At this time, Life membership rates will not be affected, however, before the regular dues increase takes effect, we will also be offering a sale on Life Memberships. The rates are listed below, and the sale will begin on 2/1/2014 and run until 3/31/2014. February and March 2014 are the months to upgrade your members to a Life status using the following rates:

    76+ - $450/ $12.50 rebate/annual escrow payment

    56 - 75 - $700/$12.50 rebate/annual escrow payment

    55 and under - $950/$12.50 rebate/annual escrow payment


    If you have any questions about the dues increases or Life Membership sale, please send an email to us at service@...


    James H. Offutt

    National President


    Navy League of the United States | 2300 Wilson Boulevard | Suite 200 | Arlington | VA | 22201-5424