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1353Seamans' Church Institute Bay Area Sunset Cruise

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  • Executive Director, Pacific Merchant Mari
    Jul 26, 2013

    Ahoy Members and Friends,


    How about a date with your sweetheart, friends and associates Thursday, October 3, for a San Francisco Bay dinner cruise in support of the Seamans’ Church Institute?


    The Pacific Merchant Marine Council will endeavor to be a cruise sponsor – donations designated for this worthy cause welcomed!


    Details for the Sunset Cruise, sponsorship, and individual tickets in the two attachments.


    More about the Oakland based center: http://www.seamenschurch.org/bay-area-center


    Heave Ho,





    Bay Area Center

    4001 – 7th Street (map)
    Oakland, CA 94607
    Phone: 510-839-2226
    Fax: 510-839-8193

    Hours of Operation
    M-F 1000 — 2200
    Sat Closed
    Sun Closed

    SCI's International Maritime Center, located in the heart of the Port of Oakland, Oakland, CA, serves commercial ports in Oakland, San Francisco, Richmond, Crockett, Martinez, and Rodeo. SCI welcomes all seafarers, port workers, including truckers, and warehouse workers, to this friendly and safe environment for relaxation, recreation, and spiritual refreshment.

    At the Center, seafarers and port workers find ...

    • Wi-Fi and use of computers
    • International telephone service and low cost phone cards
    • Recreation (basketball, table tennis, billiards, and more)
    • Money transfer service
    • Mail Service – postcards and stamps
    • Snack bar and refreshments
    • Transportation to local stores, port gates, and BART
    • Worship, prayer, and counseling

    When seafarers arrive in port, SCI can arrange a free shuttle to/from the Center, terminal gates, and local stores.

    On board vessels, chaplains and ship visitors can provide

    • Phones, phone cards, SIM cards and "top ups"
    • Mobile Hotspots
    • Money transfer service
    • Prayer or Holy Communion

    SCI also welcomes other visitors to the Center, including

    • Knitters
    • Volunteers
    • Religious and civic groups (by prior arrangement)