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1334Bay Planning Coalition May Newsletter

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  • Executive Director, Pacific Merchant Mari
    May 21, 2013
      May Newsletter from the Bay Planning Coalition
      Ahoy Members and Friends,
      This Bay Planning Coalition May Newsletter is a wrap-up of the Decision Makers Conference May 3 and a look ahead upcoming activities. I spotted seven council members in attendance - a fine turnout! Of special note, Roger Bazeley seemed to be everywhere with his camera shooting snapshots throughout the day. Sebron Flenangh was on the Coalition's volunteer team doing assorted tasks throughout the day as well. Our ship's bell was used on occasion to call attention ~ see it on the podium with Congressman Eric Swalwell. Note the council is listed as a conference sponsor. Note the upcoming Coalition events.
      Let me know if you want Roger's photographs, I can forward his messages full of them on.
      I saw Sebron again at California Maritime Academy's commencement day May 11. He received his master's degree - proud occasion. BRAVO ZULU Sebron. I was there for the Awards and Commissioning ceremony that morning - presented one of the awards - more later.
      I was aboard the JEREMIAH O'BRIEN Saturday for the "Greatest Generation" cruise May 18. Wreath lei placed upon the water in memory of the nation's departed seafarers. Two photographs at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151490484028337.1073741826.159519498336&type=1.
      Right now I am preparing for the National Maritime Day activity here in Sacramento. The other one is at Alameda Point. Both at 1100. See http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PMMC-NLUS/message/1333. Hope you can attend - reservations not necessary. Sure hope the Presidential Proclamation is promulgated soon!
      Do you have our luncheon aboard the O'BRIEN 1100 Tuesday, June 11, on your calendar? We will need reservations so we can plan for the catered meal, $20. This time, send no $$$; we will collect it once you are on board. Plan to stay for a short business meeting upon conclusion of the luncheon.
      I have already made my reservations for the National Convention in Long Beach, June 19 - 23. FuturePorts, www.futureports.org, is having a major Southern California gathering on the 19th as well - more on that in a future message.
      If you have any questions about the Navy League and our council, don't hesitate to telephone.
      Heave Ho,

      May 2013 Newsletter

      Hi Phelps and Members,Pacific Merchant Marine Council

      We hope that spring has been treating you well!

      May got off to a strong start at the Bay Planning Coalition:
      Our 26th Annual Decision Makers Conference, held on May 3rd at the Pavilion at Scott’s Seafood in Jack London Square, Oakland, was a great success, attracting approximately 300 attendees, and featuring such distinguished speakers as US Senator Barbara Boxer, US Congressman Eric Swalwell, and Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, among many others.
      John Coleman and Barbara Boxer
      BPC Executive Director John Coleman & Senator Boxer

      BPC would like to once again thank our generous DMC sponsors for making this great event possible!

      Hosting Sponsor
      Contributing Sponsors
      California Capital & Investment Group
      The Dutra Group
      Great Lakes Dredge & Dock
      Manson Construction
      Phillips 66
      Port of Oakland
      Supporting Sponsors
      ARCADIS US, Inc
      BAE Systems
      Briscoe Ivester & Bazel, LLP
      California Maritime Academy
      East Bay Municipal Utility District
      ENVIRON International Corporation
      Environmental Science Associations (ESA)
      Levin Richmond Terminal Corporation
      Moffatt & Nichol
      Pacific EcoRisk
      Pacific Gas & Electric
      Pile Drivers, Divers, Carpenters, Bridge,
          Wharf and Dock Builders Local #34

      Port of Redwood City
      Port of San Francisco
      Port of Stockton
      Santa Clara Valley Water District
      Western States Petroleum Association
      Donor Sponsors
      BKF Engineers
      Building Industry Association of the Bay Area
      Downey Brand Attorneys LLP
      Eagle Rock Aggregates, Inc.
      ECorp Consulting, Inc.
      Farella Braun & Martel LLP
      Fugro Pelagos
      Ghilotti Construction Co.
      Jerico Products
      Miller Starr Regalia
      Montezuma Wetlands
      Port of Richmond
      San Francisco Bar Pilots
      Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP
      Sims Metal Management
      Sonoma County Water Agency
      Vortex Marine Construction
      Weston Solutions
      WRA Environmental Consultants
      Media Sponsor
      San Francisco Business Times
      In-Kind Sponsors
      Bay Area Council
      California Marine Affairs & Navigation Conference
      Contra Costa Council
      East Bay Economic Development Association
      Jobs and Housing Coalition
      Marine Exchange of San Francisco
      Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce
      Pacific Merchant Marine Council, Navy League of the United States
      San Mateo County Economic Development Association
      Swalwell 2
      Congressman Eric Swalwell

      The videos are up!  Please visit the DMC webpage or the BPC YouTube channel to view videos of each of the individual speakers and panels at the 2013 DMC.  We are pleased to be able to make this valuable resource available to anyone who didn’t get to attend the conference or who would like to refer back to all the great information and ideas that were shared on May 3rd.
      panel 1
      Panel #1 : Accidents on the Bay

      Coming Up:
       In just a few weeks, BPC will hold the first of four Workshops in the
      2013 Workshop Series:

      Cap and Trade: How it Works, and How to Make it Work for Business

      Featuring two panels:

      The Legal, Scientific and Regulatory Perspective
      The Economic Impacts
      Plus:  An opening address by John Gioia, member of the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors, Bay Area Joint Policy Committee,  and San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, and recent appointee to the
      California Air Resources Board
      Among the other distinguished panelists:
      • Allan Bedwell, URS Corporation
      • Jane Luckhardt, Downey Brand
      • Tim O'Connor, Environmental Defense Fund
      • Cleve Livingston, Briscoe Ivester & Bazel
      • Paul Spraycar, EcoPartners
      • Dr. John Faust, Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
      • John Larea, California League of Food Processors
      Questions to be Addressed:

      • How do we expect California's Cap and Trade program to affect business, government and the economy within the next few years?
      • How can affected business and industries try to reduce their costs?
      • How can regulated business and industries continue to grow while complying with Cap and Trade?
      • What is the role of Cap & Trade auction proceeds in improving the health of “Disadvantaged Communities”
      • How do we measure success when it comes to Cap and Trade?
      • From the regulatory and implementation perspective, is Cap and Trade working as it was intended?
      • What challenges and opportunities will be confronted as we move forward in implementing this young, untried and untested system?
      • What is the economic impact to households and unregulated businesses?
      Visit the Workshop Webpage for info

      vr_button- register now

      We thank our Workshop Sponsors for their generous support!

      ARCADIS_logo 2012    chevron_c   Dutra   ENVIRON
       esa  Manson Logo  MoffattNichol  Pacific Ecorisk_LOGO

         PGE   URS   wspa

      Don't miss any of BPC's 2013 Workshops! 

      June 6, 2013    Workshop #1: Cap and Trade: How it Works, and How to Make it Work for Business

      September 12, 2013    Workshop #2: Energy and Water Nexus Summit II

      October 11, 2013    Workshop #3: Ocean Planning: How Will it Affect the Maritime Industry?

      November 15, 2013     Workshop #4   Dredging and the South Bay Salt Ponds Restoration Project: Who Pays for Beneficial Reuse?
      Have you considered becoming  a series sponsor?
      Sponsorship includes multiple free tickets to all of the workshops, logo placement on all workshop websites, emails, print materials and collateral, and great exposure for your organization! 


      Featured Member

      Every month, BPC highlights one of our members, to help spread the word about the works and
      interests of our diverse membership base. This month:

      WRA logo

      WRA, Inc. provides professional consulting services in plant, wildlife, and wetland ecology,
      GIS, CEQA/NEPA and landscape architecture. Formed in 1981, WRA is a certified small
      business headquartered in San Rafael that has worked throughout California. We have
      completed over 2,000 projects with a wide range of experience in a variety of
      region-specific habitats. Our award-winning projects have been recognized by the
      American Society of Civil Engineering, Association of Environmental Professionals,
      California Water Environment Association, and American Society of Landscape Architects.
      “WRA has had the privilege of working on many important projects around the Bay. Our
      clients want to do the right thing for the environment, so we help them work with
      regulators to ensure optimal project and environmental outcomes,” says Tom Fraser,
      President of WRA. “With humble beginnings as a small restoration company, WRA has
      grown into a full-service environmental consulting firm. What hasn’t changed is our
      commitment to and passion for our work.”
      WRA is experienced in the application of federal/state wetland and endangered species
      regulations. Our clients have land, water, and species impacts that require careful planning
      and permitting. We have worked in wetland, marsh, marine, riparian and upland
      ecosystems. Our biologists routinely conduct a broad range of plant and wildlife habitat
      evaluations, habitat/species monitoring and wetland and riparian studies. The firm
      provides evaluation, planning, implementation, and monitoring of wetlands and
      endangered species habitat restoration and mitigation projects.
      Enhanced Marine-Based Project Services
      WRA’s recent partnership with Environmental Data Solutions (EDS) accommodates clients
      with bay impacts looking for a more integrated service solution. EDS marries
      sophisticated environmental data collection and analysis to WRA’s biology and permitting
      expertise. Our partnership means that bathymetry, eelgrass and aquatic vegetation
      surveys, mitigation solutions, eelgrass restoration, and permitting services can be
      provided with a single point of contact and streamlined project management.
      Project Examples
      Cargill Permitting, Biological, and Restoration Services
      For over 30 years, WRA has worked with Cargill on some of their more challenging
      bayshore projects. We have assisted with complex jurisdictional wetlands delineation
      analyses, permitting, and special status species studies. Services performed: wetlands
      delineations, biological studies, permitting, and tidal marsh restoration investigations.
      Exploratorium Permitting
      Developed permitting strategy and provided environmental review for biological services
      in an area with habitat containing known populations of California clapper rail and salt
      marsh harvest mouse. Services provided: permitting advisory, environmental review, and
      biological surveys.
      South Bayside System Authority Force Main Replacement
      Developed a permitting strategy and provided environmental review for biological
      services in an area with habitat containing known populations of California clapper rail
      and salt marsh harvest mouse. Services performed: environmental review and permitting.
      Tesoro Amorco Wharf Well Installation
      Designed and installed wells (while minimizing installation impacts) within tidal marsh to
      determine the source and extent of a MTBE plume. Services performed: biological studies,
      permitting, and tidal marsh restoration.
      Confidential Client Tidal Wetland Mitigation Bank Feasibility Study (Ongoing)
      Evaluated the potential to develop tidal wetland and salt marsh harvest mouse mitigation
      to service impacts to Bay Area tidal wetlands. Investigated the suitability of turnkey
      mitigation opportunities in addition to bank feasibility. Services performed: feasibility
      analysis, mitigation bank consulting, biological assessments, and wetland delineations.
      Clipper Yacht Harbor Eelgrass Transplant and Monitoring
      Created eelgrass mitigation plan and conducted eelgrass transplant and monitoring to
      fulfill mitigation requirements. Eelgrass was transplanted to mitigate for impacts caused
      by dredging activities, and the project met success criteria for the mandatory 3-year
      monitoring period. Services performed: mitigation and monitoring plan, eelgrass
      transplant, and eelgrass surveys.

      To learn more about WRA, visit www.wra-ca.com, or contact Liston Witherill at 415.454.8868 x144

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      With over 30 years of experience, the Bay Planning Coalition (BPC) has mastered clear communication techniques between regulators and  businesses. The results have been outstanding. By using BPC services, businesses can now effectively voice their communities’ interests with regulators to ensure all parties are fairly represented. BPC has successfully defended its members by showing government officials and regulators how specific actions would be detrimental to the business community and the environment.

      We encourage you to contact us - we would love to meet with you and discuss how the Bay Planning Coalition might help you meet your goals.

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