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1296Council Alert: Our Adopted SS United States to Set Sail on CBS Television Sunday Morning

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  • Pacific Merchant Marine Council
    Jan 17, 2013
    Ahoy Members and Friends,
    Let's tune in Sunday morning to see our adopted SS United States!
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    Subject: SS United States to Set Sail on CBS Sunday Morning

    January 17, 2012
    CBS Sunday Morning, Jan. 20, 2013



    Tune in this week!


    As those of you who follow us on Facebook and Twitter already know,  CBS Sunday Morning  will feature the SS United States this weekend. While the Presidential Inauguration's theme is "Faith in America's Future," the Conservancy's theme is  
    "Faith in America's Flagship." We must save the SS United States, an enduring symbol of strength and beauty, technological innovation, and America's "Can Do" spirit.  


    CBS Sunday Morning, a nationally broadcast program, hosted by Charles Osgood, will explore the extraordinary history of the "Big U" as well as the Conservancy's urgent effort underway to preserve the ship's legacy and fulfill her economic potential.      


    The show will air at 9:00 AM eastern standard time on CBS. Be sure to tune in this Sunday, January 20 - or set your DVR - and set sail aboard "America's Flagship!"



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    The Conservancy is overwhelmed by the generous responses we have received from our Annual Appeal. While results are still being tallied, we want you to know it's not too late to support our work! Please become a Conservancy member by clicking hereTo read our important annual appeal message from Susan Gibbs, the Conservancy's executive director, please click here (if the PDF does not display properly, view the text here). And to purchase and personalize your own "virtual" piece of the SS United States, click here.


    We urgently need your support so that the SS United States can continue to endure and inspire.  Thank you for your dedication, enthusiasm and generosity!


    Support our efforts to Rescue and Restore the SS United States 


    If the above "Donate" button does not display properly, please view it online on our website.



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    Also in this Issue:


    DMDUpcoming Hollywood Thriller Filmed On Board SS United States


    Dead Man Down

    In addition to appearing on CBS Sunday Morning this week, the SS United States will enjoy time on the silver screen in the new Niels Arden Oplev thriller Dead Man Down (rated R), starring Colin Farrell and scheduled for release on March 8, 2013.

    Scenes were shot aboard the SS United States last April, and the filmmakers used some "digital magic" to move the ship out of her Philadelphia berth. Watch the trailer here (watch for the "Big U" at 01:52). 
    For footage of "shooting day" aboard the Big U, plus the press conference with the filmmakers, the Conservancy, and Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia, watch this video by Conservancy member Bill Magee.

    rozConservancy Advisor Profiled in Philadelphia Business Journal


    The McPhersons
    Roz McPherson's parents, Capt. James & Lillie McPherson, aboard SS United States

    Roz McPherson, a leading force behind successful museums such as the African American Museum of Philadelphia and the President's House Commemorative Site, was recently profiled by Philadelphia Business Journal for her involvement with the SS United States Conservancy.

    McPherson is working with the Conservancy to develop plans for the SS United States Center for Design & Discovery, an exciting and innovative museum and educational facility.  Stay tuned for more information about our recent progress!
    McPherson, passenger on the SS United States in 1958, remembers her experience on board fondly. "We were integrated into the mainstream of the ship's life for the three-day journey. Even at the age of 5, I knew that this ship was special," she says.

    Subscribers of the Philadelphia Business Journal can read the full article online here. Or download a PDF of the article here.

    QE2Conservancy Expresses Support and Solidarity for QE2


    SS United States & Queen Elizabeth 2

    The RMS Queen Elizabeth 2, the fabled Cunard luxury liner in service from 1969 through 2008, appears to have avoided the scrapper's torch. New press reports indicate that the Oceanic Group, a Singapore-based maritime company, will spearhead the vessel's renovation into a mixed-used facility to be permanently docked in Asia. Facilities will include a luxury hotel, restaurants, retail, event space, and a museum.


    A UK-based consortium had previously proposed an exciting adaptive reuse plan for the "QE2" that would site her near London's O2 Arena. Amid these global efforts to save Britain's iconic historic passenger ship, we hope public support in the US continues to grow on behalf of our efforts to rescue and restore the SS United States. You can read our earlier statement here.

    MadeInAmericaComing Soon: SS United States: Made in America


    COMING SOON! We've partnered with director Bob Radler to bring you a new five-part documentary, SS United States: Made in America, which will make an exclusive online premiere beginning in this month. This spectacular new release, a follow-up to SS United States: Lady in Waiting (2008), includes incredible footage of the ship, both in her heyday and in her current state, as well as interviews with former passengers, crew, maritime experts, and Conservancy leadership.
    The film will be released in five parts, with Chapter One being released online next week Wednesday, January 23, 2013. In the meantime, check out our YouTube channel for more fabulous SS United States video content.

    calendar2013LAST CALL
    SSUSC 2013 Wall Calendar Pre-Order! 


    2013 Calendar
    Despite unfortunate production delays, the SS United States Conservancy is proud to announce pre-order for the 2013 edition of our popular wall calendar series. This year's calendar includes spectacular black-and-white United States Lines promotional images of the ship's interiors - including some rarely seen spaces.
    If you haven't ordered yours yet, please visit our website for order information. Calendars will ship at the end of January (in the meantime, our 2012 calendars do have a January 2013 spread!)
    Also, if you're looking for other great SS United States merchandise, look no further than our new apparel store on Printfection!

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