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1290Navy League Life Memberships: Cost Going Up!

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  • Pacific Merchant Marine Council
    Dec 21, 2012
      Ahoy Members and Friends,
      I am pleased to announce Stuart Ripley of Sun City Lincoln has come aboard our council - and a three year membership at that! Welcome Aboard Stuart.
      Below is an E-mail blast I just sent out to recipients of the Navy League's Pacific Central Region Online Newsletter, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PCR-NLUS (readership up four this week).
      Our council welcomes new members anytime but the next few days is an opportunity to save some $$$ if you are considering becoming a NLUS life member. Details below.
      I can assist - telephone me. Renewing members and new members need to have a credit card number though I suspect the membership application in SeaPower could be mailed in with a check.
      If you should have any questions concerning the Navy League, membership or otherwise, telephone or E-mail me.
      Together, lets continue to grow this council! Please list me as sponsor.
      Heave Ho,
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      Sent: Friday, December 21, 2012 10:59 AM
      Subject: Navy League Life Memberships: Cost Going Up!

      LAST CALL:
      Please pass the word that the cost of a Navy League life membership will again increase. This time a tiered structure will be implemented.
      You don't want to know what some of us "old timers" paid several years ago. 
      As for the council's share of this, it is a bit complicated and I don't have that information. I do know that for existing life members, the council receives $4 or $5 annually in the spring. Except for life members who joined in 1984 or before; the council receives no dues split. Headquarters continues to nick off 20% of the dues rebates due councils. Talk to me sometime if interested in such matters.
      Right now, please make an effort to notify as many members and potential members of this change effective January 1, 2013. Currently, through 2012, the life member one time dues are $500 for an individual and $750 for a husband and wife. There is only one way to get in under the wire on this and that is to submit a membership application electronically. Use the application found at https://www.nlussecure.org/membership. The NLUS office in Arlington is essentially closed from 1700 EST Friday, 21 December 2012 through 0800 EST, Wednesday, January 2, 2013.
      Want to give me a Christmas gift? List Phelps Hobart as the sponsor on any applications. I have sponsored 14 new members so far this year and would like to make it 20 or better.
      I regret that for the most part, the Pacific Central Region continues to loose hundreds of members annually; anticipate 150+ this year. We need to reverse this trend. Your assistance is appreciated - both on new applications and renewals.
      If you should have a question pertaining to membership there is a good chance I can answer it. I have the retention stats and other information. Oh, I serve on the NLUS National Membership Committee.
      Did you know one can join more than one council? Many of us are members of two and sometimes more councils. Now, that's showing support!
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
      Phelps Hobart
      Vice President - Membership Marketing / Membership Retention
      Pacific Central Region
      Navy League of the United States
      (916) 739-6949
      One-Year Membership $50.00  
      Two-Year Membership $90.00 Save $10 over 1-year rate!
      Three-Year Membership $125.00 Save $25 over 1-year rate!
      Life Membership $500.00
      Husband/Wife Membership $85.00
      Husband/Wife Life Membership $750.00
      Active Duty Spouse $30.00

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      Sent: Friday, December 21, 2012 7:15 AM
      Subject: RE: Navy League's 2012 Membership Contest - Final Days!

      Effective January 1, 2013, life memberships will be broken into 3 tiers:

      55 and younger - $1000

      56-75 - $750

      76 and older – unchanged - $500

      Have a great holiday season!


      Salvador Chairez | Senior Director of Membership

      Navy League of the United States

      2300 Wilson Boulevard, Ste 200

      Arlington, VA 22201

      Phone (703) 312-1569

      schairez at navyleague dot org


      The 2012 Membership Contest is going on right now! Click here or go to our website to learn how you could win one of several monthly prizes – including a $1,000 Grand Prize!

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      Sent: Friday, December 21, 2012 5:15 AM
      Subject: Navy League's 2012 Membership Contest - Final Days!


      Final Days of the 2012 Membership Contest!!

      The $1000 Grand Prize is still up for grabs!

      This year’s 4th quarter contest started on October 1st, and runs through December 31, 2012. This contest has been very successful and there are still several opportunities left to win – one more monthly winner of an Apple® iPad™ 2, PLUS one Grand Prize winner of $1,000.

      As a final twist, one of the Grand Prize winner's recruits will also win an iPad™ 2!

      For this Holiday Season, consider giving the gift of a Navy League membership - it could really pay off for you! Peter Thorand of the Thailand Eastern Seaboard Council was October's winner and Lorraine Decker from the La Crosse Council was November's winner. There is still time to enter to win an iPad™ 2 in December's drawing, and that winner could be you!

      Remember - The $1000 Grand Prize is still up for grabs!

      Click here or go to the Navy League website (www.navyleague.org) for complete contest rules and an official contest application.

      If you have any questions, please contact Salvador Chairez at schairez@....

      Good luck!