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1264California Maritime Academy Career & Community Partner Expo October 18

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  • Pacific Merchant Marine Council
    Oct 18, 2012
      Ahoy Members and Friends,
      I mentioned this a couple of times in the past. Now the day has arrived. We will have a Navy League information table on the Quad. Members Sam Sause and Adrienne Yee will be there as well with the International Maritime Center information table. I think our tables will be side by side. Member John Hummer may set up a MARAD information table.
      Come visit. It will be an enjoyable four hours. Who knows what we will do afterwards. Lunch for sure. Love to see you! Bring a bag for handouts - they can be numerable.
      Heave Ho,

      PS Our December 11 Luncheon...

      Ahead, the council has a luncheon aboard our adopted National Liberty Ship Memorial SS JEREMIAH O'BRIEN, www.ssjeremiahobrien.org, 1100, Tuesday, December 11. Vice Admiral Paul F. Zukunft, USCG, http://www.uscg.mil/flag/pacarea.asp, is our guest of honor and speaker. Already we are assured members of the San Francisco Council and others will be joining us. All are welcome. The cost will be $20 per person with an "Early Bird" $5 discount. The date falls directly on our 6th anniversary of our Navy League charter. Send reservation checks to our postal address: PO Box 191403, Sacramento CA 95819-1403.

      Don't have the invitation out yet but here is a little information...

      Itinerary? Something like:

      1100 Sideboys in place to pipe attendees aboard

      1100 -1200 Social, networking, tour ship (beer and wine available), opportunity to win drawing tickets sales commence.

      1200 Luncheon Begin ~ Call to order; welcome, pledge, grace - with taps, singing

      1215 Lunch Served - buffet

      1240 Guest Speaker

      1300 Q and A

      1308 drawing winner(s) announced Sometimes there are additional prizes - donated.

      1309 presentation of $$$ to O'BRIEN representative

      Those not interested in elections, etc. can leave now. Visit ship store, tour ship.

      1310 PMMC Meeting - nominations close, election of 2013 officers and directors, installation of officers and directors; announcements (Sea Cadet Youth Award awardees names announced (medals and ribbons may be presentenced if they are there.))

      1:30 Adjourned