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1240NLUS September 2012 Digital Edition

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  • Pacific Merchant Marine Council
    Aug 24, 2012
      Of special note:
      P. 48 Ports Pick Up. Shipping industry cautiously optimistic as freight traffic rises.
      P. 65 Sacramento holds Navy Week events (photo of Phelps Hobart).
      P. 68 Membership Report (two members and our council listed).
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      Subject: NLUS September 2012 Digital Edition

        The September 2012 issue of SEAPOWER


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      P. 3 President’s Message. Happy Anniversary, Sea Cadets.

      P. 61 U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps to mark 50th anniversary.

      P. 64 New York Council helps U.S. Navy host Algerian ship.

      P. 64 French Riviera-Monaco welcomes U.S., French Navy ship crews.

      P. 65 Sacramento holds Navy Week events.

      P. 65 Portland Council hears of Adm. Peary’s Arctic exploits.

      P. 66 International Sea Cadets visit NS Newport.

      P. 66 Cadets attend Senior Enlisted Academy graduation.

      P. 66 Granby High NJROTC recognized as ‘Outstanding’ unit.

      P. 69 San Diego Council recognizes Marine DIs.

      P. 10 Interview. Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., assistant commandant of the Marine Corps.

      P. 16 ‘Fighters From the Sea.’ Marine Corps aims to re-establish itself as an amphibious force.

      P. 18 Ship & Shore Ops. As Afghanistan operations wind down, Marines seek agile, amphibious vehicle fleet.

      P. 22 Unmanned Solution. Marine Corps tests systems to protect supply convoys, lighten troop loads.

      P. 28 Nontraditional Shooters. Small missiles, munitions arm ISR, transport aircraft for time-critical strike.

      P. 32 Light & Lethal. Marine Corps takes aim at weapon systems to lighten MAGTF’s load.

      P. 36 The Evolution of R4. Goal of seamless logistics strategy is to strengthen the Corps as the nation’s crisis-response force.

      P. 40 Next-Generation LCAC. The Ship-to-Shore Connector will project ground forces, equipment ashore.

      P. 44 Sinking Ships. Old vessels are in demand for use as reefs, targets, but environmental, cost concerns bring controversy.

      P. 48 Ports Pick Up. Shipping industry cautiously optimistic as freight traffic rises.

      P. 50 Business as Usual. While U.S. remains outside Law of the Sea, member nations advance deep seabed mining interests.

      P. 56 Program Snapshot. Lockheed Martin resumes VLA production for Navy.

      P. 72 In My Own Words. USCG Cmdr. Christian A. Lee, Commanding Officer, Fast Response Cutter Richard Etheridge.

      P. 6 Washington Report

      * Congressional Opposition Grows to Navy’s Ship Retirement Plan.

      * Panetta Gives Up Push for New BRAC Rounds.

      * GAO: USCG Legacy Fleet Faces Numerous Problems.

      P. 7 Intercepts

      “The defense budget was going down and everybody could understand why and accept why — because the Soviet Union had gone away. But we are trying to manage to a lower budget at a time when the threat is not receding. The world hasn’t gotten any safer. It’s changing, developing; we’re facing cyber [warfare] and all kinds of new challenges.”

      Ashton B. Carter, Deputy Secretary of Defense

      On how current budget-cutting circumstances differ from those faced by the military two decades ago.

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