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    Aug 3 5:48 PM
      Ancient Mariners:
      We, the committee of three, are starting to get ready for our annual 7 Dec Pearl Harbor Remembrance luncheon at the Oyster Point Yacht Club, South San Francisco honoring U.S. Merchant Marine, U.S. Navy, and U.S. Coast Guard.  I would appreciate your again notifying your members upon receipt of the flyer info in November but in the meantime you might ask them in your newsletters, to put that date on their calendars.  Last year we had about 100 in attendance and a very good speaker.  We expect the USCG 11th District CO to be our speaker this year.  We Ancient Mariners include American Merchant Marine Veterans, Kings Point Alumni, CMA Alumni, Council of American Master Mariners (make it their regular December meeting), Society of Port Engineers, Womens' Propeller Club, et al.
      We always honor a few Ancient Mariners with bios in the printed program and our Master of Ceremonies, Steve Ware, asks them to stand to be recognized.  If you know of someone who was at Pearl or at sea in those early days of WWII, please give me (415-479-0382) their name and phone so I can glean a bio for the program.