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Bunyan Mine

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  • rexch8@yahoo.com
    The Bunyan Mine seems pretty well picked over. There is a seam dug about 10 feet down with the agate separated in the middle by a rock matrix. (my, what big
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    The Bunyan Mine seems pretty well picked over.  There is a seam  dug about 10 feet down with the agate separated in the middle by a rock matrix.  (my, what big words!)  I didn't see any  large pieces of agate that one might chisel out and slab.   I suspect that the seam may be near the surface at another unknown part of the mountain. 
    This is probably the best seam.  (see attached picture)   Is this how you remember it?  
    I think about 4 hard working guys with some power equipment might be able to get some nice stuff out of there.  
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    From: bc154
    Date: 10/25/2011 9:03:24 AM
    Subject: [PLS_RockHounds] open house

    I was told Jewel Tunnel open house is this weekend, 10-29-2011, is that correct?

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