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Fossil Collecting expedition - Science Education Center of California

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  • Dan Krawitz
    ScienceEducation Center of California Proudly Presents Our Summer Fossil Expedition Summer, 2011 August 13th to August 19th
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      Science Education Center of California
      Proudly Presents Our
      Summer Fossil Expedition
      Summer, 2011
      August 13th to August 19th
      Dear Friends,
      The Science Education Center of California’s summer fossil expedition is less than two month away.  There is still room for additional trip participants and your fees help to support our museum acquisitions and science museum on wheels program.  Reservations can be made by e-mail krawitz@... or by phone.  I can most easily be reached on my cell phone at (714) 292-6845.
      We offer seven days of stress-free travel through five states that includes some of the finest wonders of the natural world and an opportunity to add to your collection of natural history specimens. Our trip provides an opportunity to see Zion National Park and various geological formations. The collection of fish fossils at a private quarry in Wyoming’s Green River Formation is an added bonus.
      For the naturalist, collector or educator this is an expedition that will last a lifetime. The fossil-bearing area that we have access to is located on private land (fossil lake deposit), just west of Kemmerer, Wyoming. The site is at an elevation of 7,300 feet and the 100+ mile visibility provides a panoramic view of the ice clad High Uintas of Northern Utah.  Here in the Northern Rockies, summers are generally cool and pleasant, with temperatures in the low to mid 70’s.  This is a welcome relief from our typical summer heat.     
       We should note that this trip may help satisfy professional growth hours necessary for maintaining a math or science credential..    

      A summary of the trip can be found at:  www.scienceattractions.com/fieldtrips.htm

      We are looking foreword to another successful fossil collecting season with new museum quality finds and lots of happy participants.  I can be reached by return e-mail or on my cell at (714) 292-6845.
      Dan Krawitz,
      Owner and Curator
      Science Education Center of California
      3001 Chapel Hill Road
      Orange, CA  92867 
      (714) 292-6845  Direct Line
      E-mail:  krawitz@...  or krawitz@...
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