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National College TT Championship Volunteer Software is live now

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  • Jon Liu
    Members;   After we discussed more detail with USATT and NCTTC, they offered better enticements. USATT and NCTTC are very generous to pay both umpire exam
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 5, 2012
    After we discussed more detail with USATT and NCTTC, they offered better enticements. USATT and NCTTC are very generous to pay both umpire exam fee and USATT membership fee for umpire volunteers (if you are not an USATT member). In return, umpire volunteer needs to work at least 2 shifts (totally 2 x 5 =10 hrs). One shift must be on Friday and another shift can be either on Sat or Sun.  To work as umpire on Fri is a little difficult, it means you need to take vacation or skip the school class. So, I highly recommend any retiree, self-employ or flexible working hour players to apply for umpire position.  
    Table tennis tournament doesn't like college football or basketball sports, they can make good money thru national TV broadcasting. So, please be understandable. NCTTC has only very limited income and budget. Lots out of town volunteers even need to pay hundreds of dollars out of his own pocket. 
    It is a very complicated process to estimate, identify tasks, then assign tasks to a large group of volunteers. So, Plano city just installed Volgistices volunteer software to track all volunteer's activities. I know you may have many questions, some answer may beyond my knowledge.  You will find your answer on this coming Sat. training class (please review more info at the following email).
    Please got o the following link to register for NCTTC volunteer jobs,  Thanks a lot for your support.  
    Volunteer application form:
    Volunteer login: once the volunteer receives a password confirmation they proceed to this site which lists the volunteer opportunities, schedule, training dates, etc.

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    Subject: National College TT Championship Umpire Training Class

    Hi, Members;
    Hope you all have a very prosperous new year. There are 2 msgs in this email.
    1.  Newby Robot 2040 for sale $350. including lot of balls and other accessories. Please contact member Kelvin directly at 972-608-0034 or email  kienchen@...
    2.  Free table tennis Umpire training class:
          Time: 01-07 (Sat)  2 PM - 4 PM
          Location:  Class room at Liberty Recreation Center,  2601 Glencliff Drive, Plano, Tx 75075 
    The purpose for this class is to train umpire for 2012 National College TT Championship games. This is the first time that a national TT tourney that ever hold in Dallas area.  Whether this event can be successful or not, it is totally depending on our local TT community's volunteer support. The most critical volunteer we need is the umpire. Please review the attached NCTT flyer to get more info.
    The instructor of training class is Scott Ryan, he is an Iinternational Umpire Certified Referee. Probably, he is the best qualified umpire trainer in DFW area. Scot told me he will go thru SERVICE, MATCH CONDUCT, ORDER OF SERVING, RECEIVING AND ENDS, Appendix A Recommended Procedure for Match Officials. Those are critical rules and procedures.
    There is NO pre-requirement for umpire training class as lon as you know how to play TT games, anybody is welcome to join this class. There is no age limit either.  But, I think you need to be at least 12+ yrs to capable to handle the umpire tasks.  Actually, for any young players above 12+ yr, I strongly encourage you to participate this class. As the more rules you know, the better chance you can beat you opponent. Plus, it makes you look better if you put the umpire certification on your college application.    
    There will be an open book exam for umpire certificate. Scott told me his 10 and 6 yr sons both passed this exam, so it can not be hard.  Besides the training class, we also emphasize the hands-on experience.  We will arrange all umpire trainees to practice at Donna's TT tourney on 01-14 (Sat) at Frisco.  After you complete our umpire training program, you will become a "Real Umpire" instead of just a "Paper Umpire".  The best part is you will have the best trainer and it is free, please don't miss this once in life time opportunity.  
    There is no registration necessary, just go to the class and we start from there.   Thanks.

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