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Seeking Database Extractor for Los Angeles Site ASAP

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  • Lauri Ellis
    Our Client is an Industry Leader located in Los Angeles, CA. We are seeking candidates for Data Extractor Opportunities. Please direct your response to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 15, 2007
      Our Client is an Industry Leader located in Los Angeles, CA. We are seeking candidates for Data Extractor Opportunities.
      Please direct your response to Lauri@...
      What is the “typical day” for a person in this role?  (In terms of priorities, supervisory responsibilities, most pressing concerns, etc.)
      The candidate will be working directly within a business unit, supporting a group of researchers (business analysts, statisticians, and actuaries).  The candidate must be able to communicate effectively with both I.T. professionals and non-I.T. business professionals.
      Candidate will be responsible for locating, extracting, preparing data from various reporting systems and from front-line OLTP systems to support the needs of the researchers.  Researchers will explain in English (not in information technology jargon) the data that they require.  Candidate will be responsible for obtaining the data necessary to meet the researchers’ requirements.  The researchers are not skilled I.T. requirements authors.  Candidate will need to interact with the researchers to obtain clarification to ensure that he/she understands the assignment and then locate the correct data within the various available systems.
      Most of the source systems are located on IBM mainframes, in Flat files and DB2 tables.  Some additional data sources are in SAS tables on Unix; and some will be in DB2-UDB tables on the Unix environment. 
      The candidate will be extracting data on mainframe and Unix; but most programming, including match-merging and transformation of the data, will be done in SAS on Unix and/or SAS on PC (Windows).
      Projects will vary in scope and complexity between simple requests for a small amount of data from a single table or single flatfile; to complex requests requiring extracts from multiple tables across different systems; match-merging; and significant data transformations.  Duration of projects may vary from less than a day to several weeks.  Candidate will typically be working on multiple projects concurrently.
      What are the expected short-term results for which this candidate will be responsible?
      The candidate will be expected to be productive immediately.  Initially, assignments will be more simple and the candidate will receive more hands-on assistance from one of the researchers who is familiar with the source data systems.
      What are the expected long-term results for which this candidate will be responsible?
      Over time, the candidate is expected to master even the complex data systems, and be able to meet nearly all of the requests generated by the researchers; without having to call on data system “subject matter experts”.
      Preferred educational background:
      Four year degree in Computer Sciences or Four year degree in Statistics with sufficient educational or work experience in computer sciences.
      Preferred certificates desired:
      Certificates in SQL or SAS are desired but not required.
      Preferred experience level (# years):
      At least 3 years relevant experience, covering the specific areas listed below.
      Necessary technical abilities?
      The ideal candidate would have all three of the following:
      1. Experience programming in SQL
      2. Experience working in Mainframe (MVS) environment
      3. Experience programming in SAS language
      Candidates with a strong background in two of the three items above; ( missing only one of the above) may be considered.  Candidates must have at least two of the above to be considered.
      Experience with Unix environment is a plus, but not required.
      Personality / Interpersonal qualities?
      Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
      Ability to identify potential or actual problems and identify solutions.
      Highly organized.
      Ability to manage multiple tasks concurrently.

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