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Lord Kuthumi Cosmic DNA 1 and 2 Activation

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  • Fredaricka Yarom
    Hi everyone, from most precious beloved Lord Kuthumi. Embracing all in Pure White Source Light, Fredaricka http://loveandempowerment.com/1024_p1 Free
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      Hi everyone, from most precious beloved Lord Kuthumi.  Embracing all in Pure White Source Light, Fredaricka http://loveandempowerment.com/1024_p1
      Free Transcript - Cosmic DNA 1 and 2 Activation
      Thank you for visiting my webiste and for all the effort you are making to heal yourself and to rise in love. Together we have the strength to change the patterns of separation and stand together in Unity Conscionsness! Enjoy this free transcript as a token of my appreciation. Much love, Michelle
      Lord Kuthumi –
      Cosmic DNA 1 and 2 Activation
      Channelled through Michelle Eloff©
      Cape Town – 15 September 2006
      To find out more about Michelle Eloff & The Lightweaver, please visit www.thelightweaver.org
      This is non paid for transcript and free for all to share. None of this information may be used for monetary gain, be altered, deleted or built upon, in any form whatsoever without permission from the author & publisher. All channellings published on www.thelightweaver.org  may be freely shared as long as the author & publisher is acknowledged and no information is altered, deleted or built upon, in any form whatsoever.
      Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channelling being and a similar process facilitated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the channelling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channelling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan, Timing & Purpose.
      I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet each of you upon this day and to bring unto each of you the blessings of tranquillity, harmony, integrity and light. Greetings, beloved ones. 
      And it is with great pleasure and joy in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day as we hold your firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God. 
      Beloved ones, as we stand with you in the presence of the Christ light we invite each of you into the Temple of Truth . When you come to stand before the authentic self, witness the dialog that takes place between you and the God/Goddess mind resulting in the deeper understanding and integration of the wisdom of the Gods, so to speak.  Each of you have divinely responded to the light of all of that which exists within the world of truth and you have chosen a pathway that shall guarantee you the discovery of all the treasures that exist within you. You have already found that walking upon the pathway of life has its challenges. However, each of you has chosen to acknowledge your worthiness and therefore have persevered and seen many of the journeys through to completion.  Each cycle that you have completed, every lesson that you have mastered has equipped you with knowledge, with tools and with abilities to recognise the opportunities the Grand Masters of Light present before you and you respond accordingly because you are living in harmony with the Divine Code of your soul. The Light and Presence within Father/Mother God exists within you. It is this energy that motivates you. All of you are experiencing many levels of change as a result of what you have undergone. You have experienced the opportunity to understand that light is a torch that shows you the direction to truth. It is not the torch that shows you the way into deeper darkness. Many people turn their back on the pathway of light for it appears as if it takes you into the darkness. All it does, beloved ones, is reveal to you that which has been lurking within the corners of darkness, giving you the opportunity to address that which you have ignored or denied in some way or another.
      You now stand in the presence of the Great White Brotherhood ready to activate your cosmic DNA, an energy that shall lead you deeper into the world light. Your cosmic DNA is made up of many levels of consciousness and information that shall guide you into the realms of higher awareness and it will also take you into the realms of yourself that until now have eluded you. Activating the 12 strands of your cosmic DNA catapults you into a completely different stratosphere revealing to you aspects of your personal divinity and the divinity of all that is. That will build inner strength and determination to continue upon the pathway you have chosen. The way of the Lightworker is not fraught with danger. It is not filled with obstacles. The way of the Lightworker is a pathway that offers the soul the opportunity to achieve mastery over all that comes before him or her. 
      Now, beloved ones, the greatest aspect of this great change that all of you are now having to face is the acknowledgement of your role in the creation of your life. The power of the mind and the utilisation thereof is at its peak. The time is upon you to utilise this very powerful tool in conjunction with the additional quotients of light that you are now beginning to integrate. Your cosmic DNA is made up of 6 gold electrical impulses of energy and 6 platinum impulses of energy.  They run up and down the chakras of your physical body and penetrate your thymus chakra, as well as the chakras on your chin, your nose, the chakras in your temples, your hairline and all the chakras at the back of your head and the minor charkas at the back of your knees, your ankles, along your shinbones and the soles of your feet. Tapping into this cosmic vibration will raise the vibrations within you showing you a divine way and this way is what will take you deeper into the understanding of what it means to be truly free. 
      So, beloved ones, let us now take you into the realms of Cosmic Light where we shall begin the activation of your first and second strands of cosmic DNA and begin the accelerated integration of the higher quotients of light. For the purpose of this activation we will require that all you join hands for the initiation of the energy and the connecting with the chakras of your physical body. So please, would you all mind holding hands? 
      Begin by taking a breath through your nose, exhaling fully through your mouth.  Take another deep breath in and as you exhale feel the presence of Spirit moving around the room connecting through the heart chakra to the person on your left. Breath in deeply, exhaling fully. The Cosmic Light of Love opens the pathways of your heart chakra and now you pass this love vibration to the person on your right.  Feel the connection, feel the stirrings of the inner knowing that light and love will always lead you into the realms of truth, regardless of what your ego tries to put in your way.  
       Find a comfortable rhythm of breathing, still feeling the love vibration moving around the group in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction creating a masculine and feminine spiral embodying the qualities of light and love. Allow your body to relax as we now transport your energy into the Cosmic Temples of the Great White Brotherhood. Imagine yourself standing within these great Cosmic Temples where you are met by all the members of the Great White Brotherhood and it does not matter if you don’t know who they all are.  
      You are met by Lord Arcturus, Lord Ra, Lord Maitreya, Lady Guinevierre, Lord Merlin, Lord Arthur, Lord Lancelot, Lord Afra, Lady Celeste, Lady Nada, Lady Quan Yin, Goddess Isis, Goddess Ishtar, the Goddess Nephratari, the Goddess  Hatshepsut, Goddess Sekhmet, Lord Tut, Lord Akhenahten, Lord Serapis Bey, Lord Metatron, Lord Sananda, Commander Ashtar, Commander Monka,  Lady Portia and the Lord of Sirius Lord Syra.  
      Beloved ones, just connect with all of these beings as they gather around to witness the activation of the cosmic strands of DNA within the groups of Lightworkers that shall be responsible to hold the Cosmic Gates of Light and serve as planetary anchors for these cosmic vibrations. Each of you are being held within a very specific grid, a vibration that is being woven through the systems of light held within your chakric field. These systems of light are anchored within the grids of each of the chakras of your physical body, the seven major ones that you are most familiar with. Imagine the seven chakras of your physical body lighting up like liquid torches as the Codes of Cosmic Light are woven into the very fine fibre of consciousness held in them by the presence of these Lords, Ladies, Gods and Goddesses.  
      Breathe in deeply and exhale fully, and as your breath is exhaled Lord Apollo manifests before you. He holds in his hands a golden disc. This disc has inscriptions on it, a unique sacred code. This unique sacred code holds the combination of light, which will activate your cosmic strands of DNA, which will bring into full consciousness the signature of your divine message and the divine connection you have with the souls on earth who are a unique part of you. This merging of souls is what will bring into life the columns of light representing the cosmic DNA within and upon Mother Earth’s body as it is within your own body.
      When you are ready take another deep breath, breathe in and take this disc from Lord Apollo and hold it over your heart chakra. Feel it turning to liquid gold, merging with your heart chakra, the inscriptions becoming one with the divine templates of your blueprint.  
      Breathe in deeply and as you exhale allow your body to relax so the energy can flow gracefully through you.  Lord Maitreya performs a recalibration harmonising your body and the frequencies you are currently integrating.
      Take a deep breath in now again and as you exhale Lord Maitreya comes and stands before you, he places his index finger of his right hand on your heart chakra and begins another level of the activation. This activation opens the resonance to Cosmic Love and this activates the 2nd strand of your cosmic DNA.  This DNA holds the cosmic vibrations of love teaching you the truth about what it is that love embodies and how love can present itself to you in a number of ways. This love may not always be able to be integrated in ways that one would choose but the connections made with those who embody deep love for one another can still be explored in its deepest ways through the sharing of light, which your 1st strand of cosmic DNA embodies. This light is what reveals the depth of the connection between souls and between the human soul and Father/Mother God.  As this love strengthens within you, you are shown the light of your other half; the soul who must walk with you through eons of time, whom you have not been able to be with in every lifetime, but who now can stand before you. Your eyes can meet, your hearts can join, and you can rejoice in the knowing that you have found one another again, walking along the pathway of expressing light within love. Some of you may already be with that partner. Others of you may have only recently met and for some of you it may still come, but the union of this other half is part of the anchoring of the Divine Cosmic Light and showing you that the Divine Cosmic Light and Divine Cosmic Love is the energy that merges heaven and earth. Open your heart again and allow the vibrations of love and light to move through you and breathe.  
      Commander Ashtar now activates twelve rays of energy towards your heart chakra. These rays open up the portals through which the twelve cosmic strands of DNA vibrate. These are portals that take you into higher dimensions of consciousness, greater levels of awareness of self and that of the other half of yourself. This takes you into the merging of the aspect of self whether in human form or not that is a part of you, that most high aspect of you that shall guide you directly into the core of your Cosmic Divine Counterpart. This Divine Counterpart is within you and it is this aspect that comes to be reflected back at you, showing you the truth of the great light and the great love that exists within the higher realms, that you feel calling you, that motivates you and inspires you to persevere and to complete the cycles that you have chosen to experience in this incarnation.  
      Breathe as Commander Ashtar increases the vibration and you now have 25% quotient of light pulsating through the ethers connecting through the 12 portals of the heart. Breathe as this light moves through your upper and your lower chakras, into all your minor chakras as well as your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Relax all the muscles in your body as the energy moves into every cell.  
      Now beloved ones, your cosmic strand of DNA no. 1 is opening your consciousness to the 13th dimension of higher self-awareness. This brings you into direct contact with your Higher Self through your heart chakra. This also establishes a network of communication between you and your Cosmic Counterpart. Whether you are with them in this incarnation or not makes no difference, the bond is being established. This bond is what will carry you through the times that lie ahead of you, reassuring you of this deep love that you are ready for and worthy of experiencing. Even if this love is not one that you can physically share it is one that will be feeding you on the etheric planes for it is your cosmic contract to serve one another in this manner, to make your connection and to be there for one another. This takes this energy of love and cosmic connection into the very core of the Divine Feminine where you are linked up with the energies of Goddess Ishtar, Goddess Isis, Lady Nephretari, Lady Hatchepsut and Sekhmet. These Goddesses of Divine Light secure the cosmic vibrations of Cosmic Love held within your 2nd strand of DNA, and weave the strands of light and love together anchoring the purest vibrations of light and love that you will come to experience in the not too distant future. This combination of light and love becomes a flame of inspiration. This flame merges with the fire chakras in your solar plexus, which Lady Quan Yin watches over, and it opens the Sacred Flame of Divine Power and Will and merges you on the inner planes with your Cosmic Counterpart. 
      Some of you may now begin to feel an overwhelming love fill your heart chakra as you feel the divine presence of your Cosmic Counterpart connecting with you.  This Cosmic Counterpart reflects all the divine aspects and divine essences of love that you have yearned for your entire life. That which you have sought within your mother and your father, within friends, lovers and that which you have sought within yourself. You have been searching all this time for that Cosmic Counterpart.  Be at peace knowing that this aspect is now one with you through the pure vibration of your heart charka. The reason why we have anchored this particular vibration today, beloved ones, through each of you is because you embody the pure vibrations of light and love needed to open the portals of Cosmic Light and Love so that humanity can overcome the confusion between sacred and profane love. Many associate acts of sex to be an act of love. Sex is a very beautiful act when connected through the heart chakra.  Humanity has experienced it primarily through the base chakra and the activation of these two cosmic strands now increases the quotient of light for your planet raising the vibration from the base chakra through the sacral, through the solar plexus and into the heart, and this is where the true vibrations of sacred love, sacred sex and sacred conception come into manifestation.  
      Take a deep breath in as these cosmic vibrations move up through your lower chakras exploding the vibration of light and love within your heart, drawing in more of the vibrations of light and love from your Cosmic Counterpart.  
      Commander Ashtar increases the frequency of light raising it to 40%. We are now activating a point on the bridge of your nose between your eyes. This is the Cosmic Light Point for your first strand of DNA of the cosmic vibration that you are currently being introduced to. This frequency of energy is merging you with the higher aspects of your Master Guide, your Healing Angel and the Master Teachers of your current lifetime. Visualise this energy centre opening to receive the cosmic vibrations of light as the rays pulsate through you connecting you through the Core Star within this point on the bridge of your nose bringing in the accelerated vibrations of higher awareness. Feel the rays of light coming from all the beings around you penetrating the point on the bridge of your nose and this too increases the vibration of your pineal gland, your hypothalamus and recalibrates the frequencies that influence your para-sympathetic nervous system.  
      Commander Ashtar now takes the energy up to 45% quotient of light filling your body. The vibrations clearing all the webs of etheric debris in the chakras of your physical body. This light flushes into your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies penetrating all the astral bodies around you and disconnecting the attachments to lower frequency information, vibrations, addictions, belief systems and attitudes that do not support the divinity your soul has chosen to experience.  Breathe as this light spirals through all the levels of energy around you, performing a very, very deep and profoundly liberating energy clearing, chakra re-alignment and, of course, your Cosmic DNA activation.  
      Now, become aware of this Cosmic Light moving through the energy point on the bridge of your nose around the group moving through you to the person on your left creating a feminine spiral, weaving the Cosmic Light into the cells of your body stirring divine consciousness to life deep within you. Now feel the light moving through you to the person on your right awakening the deep inner knowing of truth of what light consists of, what it can do, its power, its purity, its truth. This creates the masculine spiral forming a perfect balanced vibration and anchoring your Cosmic Light firmly within your consciousness and within the consciousness of the seven chakras of your physical body and all of the minor chakras as well as your thymus chakra. Your thymus chakra is situated over your thymus gland. This chakra is now becoming more and more active within the Lightworkers. It is the portal to Inner Core Soul Consciousness. This chakra governs your Soul Immunity and is a very important key to your well-being emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 
      Take another deep breath. Now, as all the Ladies, Lords, God and Goddesses move closer to you, they join hands forming a circle around you. Now visualise the Presence or the energy of your Cosmic Counterpart standing in front of you.  It doesn’t matter if there is no face. Just connect with the energy of this Presence. With your eyes still closed, open your heart. Open your body to feel the power of this Cosmic Love washing over you, pouring into you, merging you with the Divine Mother and the Divine Father and the Divine Love of the truest and purest love you could ever wish to experience. Breathe it in. Let it fill you up. Acknowledge how deeply, sincerely, unconditionally and purely you are loved and accepted by your Cosmic Counterpart. Feel this divine mergence take place as this form of energy standing before you stretches his or her hand out to you and you fall into the embrace of love knowing that this light and this love is the truest you will ever know and ever come to be with.  
      Relax into this love and know that Father/Mother God has stepped into you with your cosmic counterpart and that you have integrated the divine whole and this energy is now recalibrated within you to stand within the essence of the Cosmic Self and the Cosmic Counterpart. You are able to ignite the passion, the light and the motivation of the cosmic divinity that shall inspire you to live through what is known as your Quantum Blueprint. This energy is the one that magnetically draws you into higher stratospheres of consciousness and spiritual technology.  Breath in deeply, exhaling fully. Take a few moments now, beloved ones, to communicate with this Cosmic Counterpart, to allow yourself to feel what this energy wants to tell you. Allow yourselves to express your deepest truths and allow the Masters of the Light to transform and transmute what you are ready to change and to be changed. 
      Lord Akhenaten begins approaching you.  He has a beautiful rose quartz tablet in his hand. This rose quartz tablet has a divinely encoded message for you made up of symbols embodying sounds and sacred vibrations which anchor your Divine Cosmic Light and Cosmic Love firmly within the chakras of your physical body and the essence of your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. When you are ready, take this tablet from Lord Akhenaten. As you take it, he activates the vibrations.  Hold it against your heart and solar plexus chakras and breathe the sound vibrations into your body. Notice how the rose quartz tablet becomes crystalline liquid and merges with the chakras, filtering through your upper and lower chakras into the cells of your body and into your conscious awareness. This tablet triggers the deeper conscious unravelling of the codes of light you were originally encoded with by the Great White Brotherhood. This was agreed, to come into activation, at this time as your Cosmic Initiation. The merging with your Cosmic Counterpart, the acceptance of this great love and the willingness to experience it in whichever way it is presented to you was the code to unlock the codes within you.  
      Take another deep breath in and as you exhale Commander Ashtar and Commander Monka create the final grid. This grid is merged with all the chakras of your physical body and creates a magnificent blanket of light around your physical body. This cosmic blanket of light is what keeps you connected to your Cosmic Counterpart - merged with this aspect of your Cosmic Counterpart and keeps the love flowing, alive and true. Remember, being at one with your Cosmic Counterpart is being at one with Father/Mother God. Take a moment to acknowledge that this also means you are at one with your whole Cosmic Self, and the awakening of the Cosmic Self is what grants you access to the Divine Star Gates of 77th Dimensional Quantum Spiritual Technology, opening the dimensions of the world of minerals and crystals and the world of Divine Light that shows you the truth Father/Mother God held within their core. Know that all is and always will be well within the worlds of light. Breathe in and exhale. The energy is now sealed. Feel the light completing the processes of integration calming the energies and bringing everything into perfect harmonious divine resonance.  
      Lord Apollo now asks you to turn around so that your back is facing him.  He begins by inserting a small platinum disc between cervical two and three. This activates the charkas of abundance in your throat chakra aligning them with the 22nd dimension. Imagine the energy activating. He now takes a gold disc and inserts this between cervical seven and dorsal vertebra one activating the codes of higher awareness through the 44thth dimension of Soul Liberation of the Master Teacher and the Liberated Cosmic Self.  Breathe these energies in and very gently he runs the index finger of his right hand down your spinal column harmonising the flow of energy the discs have emanated. Now the final phase of your cosmic activation is complete.  dimension. Breathe, as the energy is activated. He now inserts a crystal disc between dorsal vertebra six and seven activating the higher levels of divine awareness relating to power, will and action through the 33rd dimension. Breathe, as the energy flows through you. He now takes a titanium disc and inserts it between the discs of number one and two activating the higher consciousness and divine understanding of Sacred Love. This moves through the 66th dimension. Finally, he inserts a violet ray of energy, which coats the coccyx at the tip of your spine in the base chakra activating the 55th dimension of Soul Liberation of the Master Teacher and the Liberated Cosmic Self.  Breathe these energies in and very gently he runs the index finger of his right hand down your spinal column harmonising the flow of energy the discs have emanated. Now the final phase of your cosmic activation is complete.
      Turn around to face Lord Apollo once more. Give thanks for what you have experienced today. Give thanks to Commander Ashtar and Commander Monka for monitoring the flow of the higher quotients of light you have integrated. Give thanks to all the Goddesses; to Lord Akhenaten and all the other divine Masters, Lords and Ladies of the light who have come to be with you today and witness the Sacred Cosmic Activation and to bear witness to this sacred anchoring of Cosmic Light, Cosmic Love and the mergence with your Cosmic Counterpart.  Give thanks now to yourself for choosing this exquisite and profound experience, for being so willing to open yourself to this new flow of energy. Acknowledge your courage to embrace what this energy will bring you and what this love is willing to present you with.  
       Breathe into all your chakras and very gently we begin bringing you back into your physical body. Take another deep breath in drawing your energy down your chakras and grounding yourself with the physical earth plane. Acknowledge the person to your left by sharing a ray of love with them. Acknowledge the person to your right by projecting a ray of love to them. The cosmic blanket of light and love is now sealed. We enter you all back in your physical bodies.  
      Take a deep breath, exhaling through your mouth. Keep your hands together for a few more moments as we anchor the group energy; anchoring the grid of light and love, connecting this cosmic portal with the heart of the Lady of Table Mountain, linking each of you with the Ascension Seat of the Cosmic Lords held within Table Mountain, the heart chakra of the mother city, the Divine Mother of your universe, the heart chakra of the father city and the divine Father God, connecting the light and love to the hearts of all those whom you love and whom you care for deeply. 
      When you are ready you may take your hands and place them over your heart chakra drawing your consciousness back into your physical body through the heart moving it down into your base, and very gently opening your eyes bringing yourself back to earth.  
      If you are feeling very ungrounded, beloved ones, please stretch your legs rotating your ankles, your wrists, your shoulders and your neck to allow the energy to flow through all the vital points and to all the energy centres in your body, bringing your consciousness back into the current time line. 
      Beloved ones, we wish to thank all of you for the Sacred Union that has taken place today and for the opportunity we have had to anchor this very powerful grid of light and love. You see, Mother Earth has been calling forth for this energy for some cycles now. It is only very recently that there have been enough Lightworkers holding frequencies high enough to anchor these cosmic vibrations and to activate the cosmic DNA as you will come to know it. The manifestation of the energetic aspects of your Cosmic Counterpart will magnetically attract immense amounts of love towards you in all its forms. Know that this Cosmic Love will bring changes to you in your life. These changes, however, come to reveal to you the power of light and love merged together as a force of creation.  Listen to your heart in every instance, do not let your ego talk you out of what you know is true for you. Believe in your soul’s ability to guide you down the pathway of truth, for this is what the cosmic activation of your cosmic DNA strands one and two will come to show you and will prove to you just how profound the power of love is.  It will show you aspects of love your never knew existed. This begins the activation of the heart grids, the Masters will bring to life on all the continents of your planet, especially the heart grids that are being activated in Egypt , in England , France , Spain , Germany , Canada , Israel and Australia . These grids prepare humanity for the energies that shall come in 2008.  All of you are anchors of this energy in your own divine way. We will also be activating the Cosmic Counterparts’ love grids in Namibia over the Easter period next year. Bringing this very powerful sacred love vibration into the desert area will bring about a flood of love washing over the planet creating a new system of energy for humans to tap into regarding their perceptions of lifelessness within a desert. The perception of the lack of life within a perceived arid situation will transform many wounds and open people’s hearts to the acceptance of love. The anchoring of the Cosmic Counterpart love in Namibia will be overseen by Lord Kuthumi, that’s me of course, Lady Nada, Lord Merlin, Lady Guinevierre and Lord Lancelot. Each of you will be energetically connected to this activation. There will be at least two members of this group who will physically be responsible for the activation taking place there. This, in itself, will also prepare mother earth’s body for the integration of the higher quotients of light and love that will bring her cosmic DNA into full activation, facilitating the ascension wave that shall take place on the 21st December 2008. The cosmic anchoring of that light upon that date will bring to earth that which many of the Lightworkers have prayed for.  
      So now beloved ones, are there any questions we can assist any of you with at this time? 
      Q:  Greetings Lord Kuthumi.  Can you explain to me what…dark, and I am not sure…  
      K:  Certainly, a number of the Lightworkers have been experiencing this shift of energy. Sometimes what happens is when shifts of energy take place such as what has happened today some of the shadow aspects of self, which have been governed by the ego specifically, experience the challenge the light brings and an internal battle begins where the ego tries to hold onto the old ways and prevent the new ways from being integrated. This is sometimes accompanied by physical pain within the head or the throat area. This detachment from the ego, which the soul initiates lasts between 12 and 72 hours. Hold the intention and focus that the soul ensures that the detachment process completes itself with grace, harmoniously and miraculously. Is this clear? Yes, Lord Kuthumi.  It is also very important that all Lightworkers understand the shifts currently taking place are final processes of release, it is not like you experience changes of power (not clear in audio if Kuthumi said these words) where many thought what was coming to the fore were issues they had not addressed, this time it is simply the flushing of residual energy and you do not have to become attached to the issues coming to the fore, acknowledge them and let them pass through you.  Is this clear to all of you?  Yes, Lord Kuthumi.  Very well.  
      Any other questions before we end the transmission? 
      Q:  Lord Kuthumi, I have installed a water dispenser in my home recently. Can you suggest to me what crystals I can put in there to penetrate the water? 
      K:  Certainly.  Clear quartz crystals, rose quartz and amethyst. Thank you. You are welcome.  Peace and blessing be with you. 
      And so it is beloved ones, that as we come to the end of this transmission we bring each of you divine blessings that will hold you and support you every step of the way. We bring you the light that will shine brightly upon the pathway you have chosen and the love that will support you internally.  Remember to trust in the many invisible arms that hold you, knowing that not ever do you walk alone.  Keep your heart open to the love of your Cosmic Counterpart and know that this love and this light will always guide you and will always be with you, as are we.  
      I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom, and I greet and bless you in love. Adonai.

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