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  • Phil, Hope one of these addresses gets to you. Attached is a photo of Gene Lewandowski with his wife Dorothy with their "Bottom Half" and soccer ball at Airwaves Kitefest. Dorothy and Gene were regular fixtures at the Airwaves Kitefest over the years and their soccer player was always a big hit on the soccer fields. Photo by R Messmer. Rick Agar ----- Original Message ----- From...
    R Agar Jan 29, 2013
  • This year, Airwaves Kitefest has two kite stores that will set up shop for the 2 days of the festival: www.windstarkites.com will be back for their third year as a kite vendor. www.chicagokite.com will be in their second year at Airwaves. Both will tailor their inventory for the general public (ie less expensive kites) so you may want to check out their websites and contact them...
    R Agar Apr 3, 2011
  • Actually, you can see Airwaves (AKA the Otto M. Budig Family Kitefest) was recognized as the "Best of West Chester". I also noted that most of our sponsor businesses were recognized as "Best of" so they should be proud of the company they were in. Remember, Kitefest is April 10-11, 2010. Happy Holidays. Rick Agar
    R Agar Dec 20, 2009
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  • It is a park and there are bar b que grills there for the general public so I don't see a problem. Nothing for sale would be allowed and has to be where it won't cook kites/ lines/ spectators but should not be a big deal. Alcohol is not allowed however so no beer with the brats. Rick ---- Chris Taylor wrote: > This question was asked by one of the members of kitebuilder.com...
    Ragatech@fuse.net Mar 25, 2009