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Re: Kite Stores in Cinci Area?

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  • hart5j@aol.com
    The club members are correct in that there are no kite stores in Cincinnati. However, there are places in town that sell some decent kites. Flags USA in
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 4, 2011
      The club members are correct in that there are no "kite stores" in Cincinnati.  However, there are places in town that sell some decent kites.    Flags USA in Hyde Park and next to Jungle Jim's in Fairfield of Route 4 has a decent selection of kites and does sell some 2 line stunt kites.  Their selection is limited to mainly to GFAK and Newtech.   However, if you are specifically looking for controllable kites the information you have received already is the best advise.   Come to the Airwaves Kite Fest April 9th & 10th and there will be vendors there to help you and experienced kite flyers that will teach you how to fly them.  And best of all it's free!
      John A. Hart
      P.I.G.S Aloft Kite Club
      Cincinnati, Ohio  
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