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93Re: Kite Stores in Cinci Area?

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  • R Agar
    Apr 3 5:31 AM
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      This year, Airwaves Kitefest has two kite stores that will set up shop for the 2 days of the festival:
      www.windstarkites.com will be back for their third year as a kite vendor.
      www.chicagokite.com will be in their second year at Airwaves.
      Both will tailor their inventory for the general public (ie less expensive kites) so you may want to check out their websites and contact them if there is something in particular you are interested in so they may include it in their inventory.  Both do handle serious stunt kites as well as the low end stuff.
      Airwaves Kitefest is the signature event of PIGS Aloft and we really need more volunteers this year or we will have to curtail some of the activities planned for the festival.  It will be your chance to meet most of PIGS Aloft members and many Hoosier Kitefliers Society who helps us put on the Festival.  It is also a chance to see some national champion level kite ballet performances on our two performance fields with teams flying their routines to music.  Check out details at www.airwaveskitefest.com and contact PIGS Aloft to volunteer and get further details.
      Rick Agar
      PIGS Aloft
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