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58Logos, Promos and identities

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  • Ohio Society for the Elevation of Kites C
    Nov 18 6:32 AM
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      Sounds like a cooler head from a bit away from this should speak up.
      John, every club has its identifying logo. We put them on banners, on
      hand-outs, on anything we use so folks will know who we are. Most clubs
      have developed over the past 33 years simply by flying and luring folks
      to the fun we have doing it. It takes time. One former President of OSEK
      used to call us "the best kept secret in the City of Cleveland".
      Lately, some of us would like to return to those days! OSEK is now
      getting calls and e-mails from all over Ohio to do events all spring,
      summer and fall. BUT those members who have joined just to enjoy the fun
      are nowhere to be found when it comes to being Responsible or In Charge
      of events. Even when those events are right in their own backyards. This
      is especially true when we need people to help do workshops - the
      biggest money maker we have! - Far too many younger sport kiters take
      but don't give. They figure if they come and put on a "show", that's all
      they need to do. Few even offer to help teach others how to fly sport
      kites. Few even think about the club's need to raise money to survive so
      things like field fees and insurance fees and info distribution costs
      can be covered so they CAN have fun! I am a member of several clubs
      across the USA, and they ALL are facing this problem. A core group does
      all the work so the rest can play.
      So is Promotion of a club something a single person should do? Not
      without complete agreement and knowledge of how, what's to be said, and
      to whom by the membership of the group. My personal identity as a kiter
      - flyin' free - was sending out thousands of e-crap once, without my
      knowledge. We got a few hundred rejected e-mails from people all over
      the world for days! With a name like PIGS Aloft, some scammer is likely
      to decide that's cool, and suddenly a very nice kite group's identity
      is stolen to sell viagra or worse. In today's anything-goes-society,
      you can do more damage than good if you use a special identity item in
      the wrong place or to the wrong audience. Kite clubs don't usually view
      CLUB promotion as important as EVENT promotions- which are priceless!
      How can you help do that?
      When we do the Cleveland Kite Festival, we promote it with publicity
      releases and posters. It draws a couple thousand people a day to the
      park. For us, that's a manageable result. We have caps and visors with
      out club logo on them and sell them at events. We've had festival
      t-shirts that sold like hot cakes for a couple years. We think of these
      items as income producers, not club promotions.
      Nancy Lockwood