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29OSEK mini winter kite workshop.

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  • Nancy Lockwood / Harry Gregory
    Jan 6, 2008
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      OK folks, has cabin fever got you down? Have the holidays left you
      drained? Well, if you are not going to the Midwest Area Kitemakers
      Retreat or the Fort Worden Kitemakers Conference or the Oregon
      Kitemakers Retreat or the Saturn Outer Ring Kitemakers Retreat, why
      don't you come to the OSEK mini winter kite workshop. Think about it.
      You get a proven Double Cell "Butterfly" kite (see Photos in file) by
      The Cliff Quinn of Coopersburg, Pennsylvania! Cliff is the 2005 AKA
      Grand Champion and 2006 Kitebuilder.com Kitebuilder of the Year. He
      will be with us to make his cellular butterfly kite with appliquéd
      graphics. (He will be out at Fort Worden Kitemakers Conference in
      March, so you don't have to go to Wahington to make this kite.) For
      $100 you get a kite, Two days of communing with fellow kitemakers from
      this area, and LUNCH both days. How can you pass this up? Think about
      it, no, why think about it. It's a deal you can't pass up! For a
      limited time only, call Bob Lockhart at 216.731.3639 or e-mail at
      rflock@... and then send in you money. We need it to hold
      your seat. There are a limited number of seats and the deadline is
      January 15th so call or e-mail now. And we'll throw in this Added
      Incentive! For the extra low price of $5 each, YOU can also own a
      Cleveland Kite Festival Cap or Visor, and for a mere $3, an OSEK Patch!