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21Mr Chen Zhao Ji will be visiting.

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  • Marge
    Sep 6, 2006
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      I am posting this for Joe & Debbie Von Bokern as they do not have
      access to this message board.


      Mr. Chen Zhao Ji is coming !!! Along with his wife and a Friend.
      If you haven't seen his work check out this website
      http://www.windabov e.com

      We need to quickly accelerate our fundraising.
      You can order/reserve Mr. Chen's kite pin for a donation of $10.00.
      The money will help pay for their expenses.
      Just send back an e-mail requesting one be saved for you. We will have
      them available at the scheduled events.

      You are invited to Fly kites with Mr. Chen Zhao Ji and watch his
      amazing Mechanical Kites in motion on Saturday, September 23 at the
      Voice of America Park from noon-5. We will be flying in front of the
      VOA Building. We will have some of his kites for sale. We will also
      have a fundraising sale to help cover expenses. Bring your kites to
      fly, a chair or blanket, any donated items to add to the sale, and
      some cash for those good deals that you will not be able to pass up !

      On Monday, September 25,you are invited to the Maple Knoll Retirement
      Village in Springdale, Ohio for a program with Mr. Chen .
      We will be in the auditorium from 7:30-9:00. This is free and open to
      the public.

      On Tuesday, September 26,you are invited to a program by Mr. Chen at
      the Otterbein Retirement Community (585 North SR 741) in Lebanon,
      Ohio. We will be in the Multi Purpose room in the Campus Center from
      7:30-9:00. Mr. Chen will demonstrate how he bends bamboo and will
      describe how he makes his incredible kites. This is free and open to
      the public.

      Mr. Chen Zhao Ji will be at the Midfest International Festivel held in
      Middletown, Ohio.
      China is the focus of this years festival. It runs from Friday,
      Sept.29 - Sunday,Oct.1 . We will have schedules available at the Kite
      Fly and will send out a new e-mail when all the activities for the
      weekend are planned.

      Directions to all activities are available at this e-mail address.

      We will be bringing Mr. Chen and his wife to the AKA ( American
      Kitefliers Association) Convention in Des Moines, Iowa from Oct.2-8.

      Mark Your calendars and Join Us !

      We will be flying kites indoors at the U. S. Air Force Museum in
      Dayton, Ohio on Saturday, Sept.16 from 10-3. The Museum is Free.
      Join us !

      Thank you,
      Debbie Von Bokern
      PIGS Aloft Kite Club
      People Interested in Getting Stuff Aloft

      jdvonbokern@ fuse.net