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104Re: [PIGSaloft] New kite WEBSITE

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  • Angie Chau
    Jan 27, 2013

      Wow-sers!  Nice look to the new site!  I've just begun browsing around but I like so far.  Will the old site remain active for a certain period before being discontinuned or are there plans to keep that but in use it for another capacity?

      Hmmm, since I'm already here, I guess I'll have to input our events...  ;)

      We'll certainly mention & link to it on our home page.  Thanks for the notice.

      Angie (HKS)

      --- On Sun, 1/27/13, Robin <boulderjunk@...> wrote:
      Hello, Kiters!

      Please visit our NEW kite website for all types of kiting,


      a very easy to use source of all kite information

      Please let me know what you think

      Robin McCracken
      AKA Region 7 Director
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