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Pagan Chant-Song Project - Call for Help]

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  • M Kuncaitis
    Labas! / Slava! A friend of mine is trying to create a sort of database of pagan/pre-christian chants from around the world. If you think you know of any
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 18, 2006
      Labas! / Slava!

      A friend of mine is trying to create a sort of database of
      pagan/pre-christian chants from around the world.

      If you think you know of any chants that you'd like to share with
      Brendan, please email him at cathbad@...

      For those on my Romuva list, I've already shared with Brendan "Saly
      Kelio" (the lyrics).


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      Subject: [Norton AntiSpam] Pagan Chant-Song Project - Call for Help
      Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 15:55:23 -0400
      From: Brendan Myers <doctor-brendan@...>
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      Hello everyone,

      My name is Brendan Cathbad Myers, and I've a project in the works now for
      which I would like some help from the pagan community around the world.

      Having attended Pagan ceremonies of various kinds in five different
      countries over the last four years, I am always impressed by the way pagans
      use music and song, both in ceremonies as well as well as at gatherings and
      parties. I keep hearing several of the same concepts and sentiments
      expressed in the lyrics, and sometimes I hear the same tunes and melodies as
      well. But I'm also sometimes surprised at how many pagan groups use
      recorded music, or never sing at all, and equally surprised at the reactions
      provoked when someone tries to sing instead. People say things like, �I
      wish I knew more pagan chants and songs�, or �We pagans should sing more�.
      Well, I quite agree. Singing together is one of the ways that group of
      like-minded people becomes a unified community, able to share and build and
      live together.

      The project for which I am looking for help is this. I would like to put
      together the largest collection of pagan chant-songs possible. I am
      interested in both the short repetitive refrains used in rituals, as well as
      longer �performance pieces� used at parties, gatherings, and similar events.
      The songs that people sing together, whatever kind of song it is, are the
      ones that interest me most. I want to track different regional variations,
      track their popularity, track the usual circumstances and situations in
      which certain songs are performed or not performed, and if possible find the
      authors to the most popular ones.

      Please, if it should not trouble you to do so, email to me the words of as
      many pagan songs as you know, along with, if possible:

      1. Where you are from (i.e. what country, and what city or region)
      2. the author (if known to you),
      3. how often you usually sing it, or how popular you think it is
      4. in what situation (i.e. a ritual, a party, etc.) you usually sing it
      5. where and in what situation you learned it, and
      6. any other information you think may be relevant.

      But please keep these extra remarks short (one sentence each, preferably) as
      I am hoping for thousands of people to write to me. Please do not assume
      that someone else might already have sent one to me. I�m also interested in
      the popularity of the most well known songs.

      Please email me at Cathbad@..., and put the words �Pagan
      Chant-Song Project� in the subject line. And please spread this message to
      as many friends as you know. I will accept responses for this project
      starting today, 18th April, until 1st June, 2006.

      Also, please forgive me if I do not respond quickly, or at all, to thank you
      for your contribution. My ability to reply will largely depend on how many
      responses this call for help generates.

      Once this is all put together, I also wish to write a philosophical
      commentary on them. For it is my theory that in the great collection of
      pagan chant-songs, there is already a wisdom-tradition, mostly orally
      transmitted, in which the most important beliefs, principles, proverbs, and
      ideas are expressed with the greatest clarity and beauty.

      The results of this project, along with any conclusions I may reach, will be
      made available probably in the late fall or early winter of this year. I
      will publish some of the results on my own web site, and will look for a
      mainline book publisher to publish the whole results. If I do find a
      mainline book publisher interested in carrying the results in book form, I
      will acknowledge the community contribution to this project by donating some
      of my royalties to pagan community development projects.

      Of myself, should anyone wish to know, I studied folklore at Memorial
      University of Newfoundland, and philosophy at NUI Galway in Ireland, and so
      I feel well prepared to undertake a project of such far-reaching scope.

      I hope you agree that this is a worthwhile and useful community-building
      project, and I hope that you will consider helping me out.

      Blessed be,
      Brendan Cathbad Myers, Ph.D
      Author of "Dangerous Religion" and "The Mysteries of Druidry"
      PLEASE REPLY TO: cathbad@...

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