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1Wow 6 members!

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  • P. Wolfe <wirowlkwos@yahoo.com>
    Jan 18, 2003
      This is the first time I checked out the stats on this groups since I made it. I was very surprised to see 6 members.

      As much as I would like to lead the conversation, I must admit that I am a rank beginner. More inclined to ask a question here and there and most content to just sit back and learn. I created this list for that very selfish reason.

      I love the cybalist but ever since the archives quit working for that list I have been missing my doses of PIE religion discussion. It seems that Linguistics is the major focus over there but going throughthe archive, I have seen some great information concerning PIE religion and mythology.

      Just thought I would write and say hello and thank you all for joining up.

      Paul W.