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23585FYI-Condo/Homeowner Association Bills in General Assembly>>>

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  • arteerick
    Feb 27, 2016
    FYI-Condo/Homeowner Association Bills in General Assembly>>
    Some of you are aware that I am a lobbyist for several non-profits whose mission is focused on public education, children and family related issues. However, I have also lead or represented Condos and Homeowner Associations in the past.
    While reviewing pending bills, I found several in the attached, that may interest some Condo and Homeowner Associations, their board and/or members.
    See attached and if interested in taking action, contact the bill sponsor, your senator and delegates, especially if they are members of the committee that will hold the hearing.
    Please pass it on, if applicable to others


    Child, Family, Community & Public Education Advocate
    Remember - You only know what you have experienced.

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