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Fwd: Bilderberg: criminal offences & breaches of UK Parliamentary Code

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  • Tony Gosling
    ... Hi again This time a PDF I just recieved about the conflicts of interest and potential criminal offences and breaches of the UK Parliamentary Code of
    Message 1 of 1 , May 19, 2013

    Hi again

    This time a PDF I just recieved about the conflicts of interest and potential criminal offences and breaches of the UK Parliamentary Code of Conduct of the politicians that attend these 'off the record' meetings.


    I'm a former BBC now Bristol based freelance radio journalist & I've been outing these Bilderbergers online and on TV & radio since I got hold of the 1995 and 1996 participant lists from Reuters which I put online - then got so much traffic I had to change my ISP. That then became www.bilderberg.org Yes, klunky I know, but pretty much all the info on their post WW2 origins is there.

    Obviously with Watergate boy who got the secret state to spy on his political opponents... and multiple war criminal... Henry Kissinger... as one of the main movers and shakers it's gonna be dodgy.
    I'm rather proud to see UK activists are organising the first ever more 'fluffy' festival-like protest with comedians, musicians etc than the usual ranters on megaphones with their 'Go Home Bilderberg' placards..No doubt Hertfordshire plod will be pulling their hair out.

    One key issue for me is they maintain they are a private organisation & all attendees are private. That is a lie. When George Osborne went a couple of years ago it was in an official capacity (free stay declared on Treasury website as such) & he had civil servants with him. If they're private why don't they pay for private security rather than taxpayer police & SB/MI5 presence?

    This is the latest news on them - and, well, massive.

    Bilderberg Terrorist Conspiracy Exposed By Italian Supreme Court President Ferdinando Imposimato
    Evidence has emerged that The Bilderberg Group conspired with a fascist group to extend it's will through terrorism in Italy in the 1960's and 1970's.
    The story was investigated by an honorary Supreme Court judge in Italy and reported by Tyrel Ventura and Tabetha Wallace for Buzzsaw.

    Anyway, do see if you can skim-read the Paul Manning PDF (see the short briefing below) over the next couple of weeks - truly amazing book and he was the real deal as a World War II reporter.


    07786 952037

    It's been a long journey of discovery mining the ins and outs of this monstrosity
    Here's a quick catchup on latest discoveries about them 

    Bilderberg Use Corporations Like Nazis Used Panzer Divisions        
    It's been an interesting year of revelations about the connection between former Bilderberg chairmen Prince Bernhard & Lord Carrington...

    and Martin Bormann's Post-War Nazi 4th Reich Financial Empire

    Jonathan Meades: Jerry Building, Unholy Relics of Nazi Germany

    Martin Bormann — Nazi in Exile
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    Tags Paul Manning, Underground Reich
    by Paul Manning 1980, Lyle Stuart, Inc.
    ISBN 0–8184-0309–8
    Illustrated, 302 pages.
    Download PDF (1.6MB)
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