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07:08 PDA Bulletin -- Prisoner to Primacy

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  • Charles Knight
    New: A Prisoner to Primacy by Carl Conetta, a commentary on the paralysis of the US security policy debate and why the country may not see a fundamental
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2007
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      "A Prisoner to Primacy" by Carl Conetta, a commentary on the paralysis
      of the US security policy debate and why the country may not see a
      fundamental shift after 2008. Since the end of the Cold War, much of
      the US policy community has been mesmerized by the advent of US
      military primacy and the advantages it supposedly conveys. Primacy has
      become a security end in its own right and the cornerstone of our
      global policy. Trouble is: primacy is not sustainable. Indeed, the
      more it is exercised, the more it invites balancing behavior on the
      part of others. And, if recent experience teaches anything, it is that
      we have dangerously overestimated both the extent and utility of our
      military primacy.



      "Defense Analysis Bulletin No. 5" by Bipasha Ray, 08 December 2007.
      This is an occasional series reviewing reports and articles pertaining
      to international security, terrorism, U.S. military and defense
      policy. This edition summarizes recent relevant reports from the
      Congressional Research Service and the Congressional Budget Office
      addressing Army reset costs, problems with the mission of combating
      terrorism in the 2006 National Strategy for Combating Terrorism, the
      costs of long-term deployments in Iraq under differing circumstances
      and U.S. reactions to the state of emergency in Pakistan.


      Newly posted:

      "Security in the Great Transition" by Charles Knight, Tellus Institute
      Great Transition Initiative Series, 2006. This essay seeks to make
      plausible that which seems difficult to imagine at this moment in
      history. To that end it offers a plausible narrative on how the world
      moves very close to the elimination of large-scale organized violence
      in the seventy-eight years between 2006 and 2084. The narrative is
      written with the voice of a grateful historian in 2084. Whatever
      reality emerges seventy-eight years from now will not be constructed
      out of human imagination and agency alone. Much is beyond our control.
      But as humans we have some freedom to apply our labor and skills with
      spirit and purpose toward goals. The first step on this path of
      purpose is in the imagination.

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