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06:05 PDA Bulletin - post-9/11 wars have undermined US national security

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  • Charles Knight
    Two new publication from the Project on Defense Alterantives: Pyrrhus on the Potomac: How America s post-9/11 wars have undermined US national security by
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2006
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      Two new publication from the Project on Defense Alterantives:

      "Pyrrhus on the Potomac: How America's post-9/11 wars have
      undermined US national security"

      by Carl Conetta, PDA Briefing Report #18, 05 September 2006.


      A comprehensive net assessment of America's post-911 security policy
      shows it to be "pyrrhic" in character: although progress has been
      made in disrupting Al Qaeda, the broader effect of recent policies
      has been to increase the threat to the United States, while
      weakening the nation's capacity to respond effectively. Subsections
      address the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, military readiness issues,
      the advance of political Islam, and changes in world opinion. A
      concluding section offers recommendations for a new course.

      "Die Europäische Union: Stolpersteine auf dem Weg zur Integration
      (The European Union: Stumbling Blocks on the Road to Integration)"

      by Lutz Unterseher, Guest Publication, Studiengruppe Alternative
      Sicherheitspolitik, Berlin, Germany, May 2006. In German with
      English abstract (printable fulltext .pdf document).


      The EU is entering a sustained period of conflict-prone development
      with grossly different paths of adjustment and modernization
      stimulating constant fighting for a redistribution of notoriously
      scarce central resources. If Europe does not want to fall back onto
      the level of a mere free-trade arrangement, if it intends to become
      a unified actor in the international arena that transcends the role
      of just an economic bloc and is also capable of generating and
      executing global policies with respect to the environment, security
      and other issues, there is no alternative to an 'open-club régime'.


      We invite you to visit and bookmark our International Security
      Online page with convenient links to our five 'gateway' sites each
      with conveniently ordered listings of thousands of full-text
      documents, articles, and books on the Iraq and Afghan wars, the
      effect of war deployments on the U.S. military, defense planning,
      security strategy, counter-terrorism, homeland security, defense
      transformation/modernization, and Chinese military power.

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