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Re: Looking for used IC-PCR1000

Hi Ellis, Definitely interested, but I'm viewing this via the web interface and the email address showing in your message is not translating for some reason.
Nov 8

Re: Looking for used IC-PCR1000

I've got a pcr1000 I was thinking of selling. The radio, original box and a serial cable with serial-usb adapter. I'd take 150.00 if you're interested.
Nov 8

Looking for used IC-PCR1000

Hello, I'm looking for a used in decent condition 1000. Not concerned necessarily about software disks, power source etc. but of course the entire package
Nov 8

Icom Ic 7800 & IC 7000 Forsale

Icom IC-7800 with 3 Roofing Filters and latest Firmware Update with SP-20 matching Speaker Factory Shipping Boxes with everything that came with the rig. Also
Oct 13

Remotehams.com on Android

Just FYI, I have my PCR1000 on Remotehams.com using the HRD software and it works pretty well once it's set up. I came back to this when I learned that they
Aug 4

Tracking Filter and Meteor scatter from GRAVES

OK then - own up if you can say anything about the tracking filter other than it tracks the RF frequency. I have started to look at using the PCR1000 again
Jun 30

Re: PCR1000 for sale?

Hi Stewart What are you asking for it ? i would like to see some photo's if possible. Pete 2mls East of Halfpenny Green South Staffordshire ... From:
Peter Hawkes
Jun 21

Re: PCR1000 for sale?

Pete, I have one with DSP unit installed, that I'm not using. Stewart gm0gtu@...
Jun 20

Re: PCR1000 for sale?

I have an imaculate one that is boxed in full working condition, has the dsp ut-106 fitted, its not needed since i brought my AR8600 mk2, would be prepared to
Jun 20
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Re: PCR1000 for sale?

I am in Florida and the unit is clean and works. I just don't use it any more. Can send photos later. On Jun 20, 2015 8:12 AM, "'Peter Hawkes'
Scott Roberts
Jun 20

Re: PCR1000 for sale?

Hi I would offer you £195.00 if in clean condition and working ok, but i would like to se some photo's. first Whats your location? Email off goup if you are
Peter Hawkes
Jun 20

Re: PCR1000 for sale?

Hey all, I have a PCR1000 I haven't used for well over a year and was thinking of selling it. It comes complete with the ut-106. What's the going rate for this
Le Muddy
Jun 20

PCR1000 for sale?

Hi, Anyone in the group got an unblocked PCR1000 for sale ? , i am very much regretting selling mine 12 months ago. Pete UK
Jun 20

Re: PCR-1000 Deaf below 30 Mhz

Do you have accessory filter installed? Take it out and try again ... Do you have accessory filter installed? Take it out and try again On Jun 15, 2015 2:20
Jun 16

PCR-1000 Deaf below 30 Mhz

I just purchased my first PCR-1000 and it is VERY deaf below 30 Mhz. Does anyone repair these radios anymore? does anyone have any suggestions? SW stations i
Jun 15
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