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NLUS February 2013 Digital Edition

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    The February 2013 issue of SEAPOWER NOW AVAILABLE AS A DIGITAL EDITION Go to www.seapowermagazine.org P. 3 President’s Message. New Hopes, Old Problems. P.
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        The February 2013 issue of SEAPOWER


      Go to www.seapowermagazine.org



      P. 3 President’s Message. New Hopes, Old Problems.

      P. 44 Councils honor sacrifice, service on Pearl Harbor Day.

      P. 46 Colorado Councils help commemorate Cuban Missile Crisis 50th anniversary.

      P. 46 Baltimore Council hosts gala meeting, banquet.

      P. 47 San Diego Council installs new president, marks 70th anniversary.

      P. 47 Central Kentucky holds annual dinner.

      P. 48 N.Y. Council members attend NYPD ceremony, visit submarine base.

      P. 48 Atlanta Council, NSCC cadets take part in Veterans Day parades.

      P. 51 Tampa Council honors university’s Navy ROTC top commissioned graduate.

      P. 51 Oak Harbor honors Whidbey Island NAS Sailors and Marine of 2012.

      P. 53 Northern Virginia Council presents awards at holiday reception.

      P. 10 Waterways Awareness. Drought brings focus to inland infrastructure.

      P. 14 In Sandy’s Aftermath. Coast Guard continues storm recover efforts, assesses damage to USCG facilities.

      P. 18 Integrated Intel. Marines focus on coordinated approach to provide ‘knowledge at the point of action.’

      P. 22 Drone Shift. Marines believe years in Iraq, Afghanistan have prepared UAS squadrons for Asia-Pacific challenges.

      P. 24 Unmanned & Expeditionary. As Marines return to amphibs, the service hopes to bring STUAS aboard.

      P. 26 Mission Critical. Unmanned platforms prove their ISR worth at sea and ashore.

      P. 30 Year of the Triton. High-altitude, high-endurance UAV for the navy will begin flight tests this year.

      P. 32 Flexible Response. Unmanned system’s water landing capability expands operational utility.

      P. 34 Mission Possible. Coast Guard works to save money by repurposing existing, emerging technologies for broader applications.

      P. 36 The Simulated Approach. For shipboard synthetic training, the opportunities are VAST.

      P. 56 In My Own Words. Retired Navy Lt. Jim Downing, senior Pearl Harbor survivor, Colorado Springs, Colo.

      P. 6 Washington Report

      * ‘Worst Possible Outcome’ Prevented, But DoD Still Faces Catastrophic Cuts.

      * 2014 Budget Proposal Delays Are Likely.

      * Authorization Act Saves Cruisers From Retirement.

      P. 7 Intercepts

      “We’ve heard that already on the front lines in Afghanistan, the troops have serious questions about sequestration. This is not just a Washington issue. It’s a Camp Bastion issue. It’s an issue at Incirlik. It’s an issue at our bases in Asia. We need to think carefully about this.”

      George E. Little, Pentagon press secretary

      Noting the far-reaching concerns about sequestration, during a Pentagon press briefing. — Armed Forces Press Service, Jan. 8

      Visit www.seapowermagazine.org for the complete contents of SEAPOWER's February issue. To subscribe, call 800-356-5760.


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