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2012 Mackie Awards Deadline Extension

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  • usaseapower
    Ahoy Council Presidents, Council Webmasters, and others... My message http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PCR-NLUS/message/870 of December 16 is below. The big news
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 11, 2013
      Ahoy Council Presidents, Council Webmasters, and others...

      My message http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PCR-NLUS/message/870 of December 16 is below. The big news is that the submission date deadline for the Navy League's Newsletter and Website Mackie Awards has been extended one month. It is now January 31.  If your council has a newsletter or website you believe could compete well - NOMINATE!

      See the announcement from John Daniels at headquarters directly below. Below that is my original message of December 16.

      I serve on these NLUS national committees and others:
      • Information Technology
      • Public Affairs & Education

      Standing by to provide assistance as needed...

      Phelps Hobart
      Senior Vice President

      • Vice President Communications & Information Technology
      • Vice President Community Service Organization Presentations
      • Vice President Legislative Affairs
      • Vice President Membership & Marketing
      • Vice President Veteran Affairs

      Pacific Central Region
      Navy League of the United States


      ----- Original Message -----
      Sent: Friday, January 11, 2013 8:52 AM
      Subject: 2012 Mackie Awards Deadline Extension

      Council Presidents -

      I wanted to send a reminder to each of you that the deadline for submitting for the Mackie Awards was Dec. 31, 2012. I know that there are many of you that have put a lot of hard work in effort into your councils' websites and new letters. Unfortunately, we have received only a handful of submissions – many of which are great and tell the story of the great work you are all doing. However, I would like to challenge you all to share the activities and accomplishments of your council and consider applying for either the newsletter or website Mackie Award (or both).

      The Chairs of the Information Technology and the Public Affairs & Education Committee have authorized me to extend the deadline for submission of these awards to Jan. 31. Please submit your awards to publicrelations@.... If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


      John M. Daniels

      Vice President of Communications and IT Services

      Navy League of the United States

      2300 Wilson Blvd.

      Arlington, VA 22201

      (703) 312-1557



      --- In PCR-NLUS@yahoogroups.com, "Phelps Hobart" wrote:
      > Ahoy Council Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents, Editors, and Webmasters,
      > Two Navy League award deadlines are fast approaching - the NLUS Mackie Newsletter and Website awards deadline.
      > I am passing along information on your council's eligibility to receive the Mackie awards and how to nominate your council newsletter or website.
      > If not eligible, I encourage you to make having a council newsletter and website a 2013 priority.
      > There are other council awards with their own criteria. You can find information about them within Council Resources at www.navyleague.org and the Navy League Operations Manual. They include council performance awards - the outstanding, meritorious and honorable mention council awards - as well as membership recruiting awards, membership retention awards, and public relations recognition program awards.
      > Don't forget there are additional special awards given to NLUS members for membership recruiting this month.
      > I, along with your Area President, can assist with information in regards to these awards.
      > All the best for entering the 2012 competitions.
      > Phelps
      > Phelps Hobart
      > Senior Vice President
      > Pacific Central Region
      > Navy League of the United States
      > (916) 739-6949
      > The following information is posted on the Navy League's Information Technology Committee website: http://navyleague-itc.nlus.us.
      > The Donald M. Mackie Awards (http://www.navyleague.org/programs/mackie_awards.html) were established in 1964 to encourage more effective communication between Navy Leaguers. The award is named for Donald M. Mackie, an instrumental figure in establishing "Navy - The Magazine of Sea Power," now known as "SEAPOWER".
      > The award honors excellence in both print and web-based communication. The website category was added in 2007 to better represent present and future communication standards. Judges are chosen based on their expertise in journalism, design and web publishing or a related field.
      > Web Site entries will be judged on the Initial Screening Evaluation Criteria (http://www.navyleague.org/programs/files/WebsiteInitialEvaluationCriteria.pdf) and Web Site Evaluation Criteria (http://www.navyleague.org/programs/files/WebsiteEvaluationCriteria.pdf).
      > Submission deadlines for the 2012 Mackie Awards:
      > Website: December 31, 2012
      > Newsletter: December 31, 2012
      > --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      > Additional information...
      > For Mackie Award submission instructions, please click here (http://www.navyleague.org/programs/mackie_award_instructions.html). Guidance on that page states:
      > Donald M. Mackie Awards Submission Instructions
      > 2012 Submission Deadlines
      > Newsletter: December 31, 2012
      > Website: December 31, 2012
      > Newsletter Guidelines
      > a.. Size Categories
      > a.. Small Council - no more than 125 members
      > b.. Medium Council - 126 - 499 members
      > c.. Large - no less than 500 members
      > d.. Each size category has a first, second and third place winner
      > b.. Judging
      > a.. Newsletters are judged on the basis of how well the editor works with his/her available resources
      > b.. Criteria:
      > a.. Frequency (must be issued a minimum of four times a year)
      > b.. Quality of writing
      > c.. Readability & layout
      > d.. Timeliness
      > e.. Subject matter
      > f.. Visibility in the community
      > g.. Use of photographs
      > h.. Distribution
      > c.. Award Contender Checklist
      > a.. Format
      > a.. Do you have a masthead?
      > b.. Is the editor's name readily visible?
      > c.. Do you have an issue and volume number?
      > d.. Is the editor and/or council's address easy to find?
      > e.. Do you have page numbers if there are several pages?
      > f.. Do your headlines stand out from the rest of the copy?
      > g.. Is your type large enough to be read easily?
      > h.. Are your newsletter's type sizing and fonts consistent?
      > i.. Is your newsletter's format consistent (number of columns)?
      > j.. Are articles and graphics well-aligned?
      > b.. Content
      > a.. Are your articles short and to the point?
      > b.. Are your articles well written and interesting?
      > c.. Is your writing grammatically correct?
      > d.. Are there any typos?
      > e.. Does someone proofread and edit your newsletter?
      > f.. Is there a variety of news from your council, the state, the region, and National Headquarters?
      > g.. Do you use headquarters-provided Legislative Reports?
      > h.. Do you have articles about the sea services?
      > i.. Do you have articles about all the good things your Navy League Council is doing in the community?
      > j.. Do you include pertinent quotes?
      > k.. Do your headlines grab the reader?
      > l.. Is information easy to find?
      > m.. Do your articles follow a logical progression?
      > c.. Graphics
      > a.. Is your newsletter cluttered with graphics and photos?
      > b.. Is your artwork interesting and relevant?
      > c.. Are your photographs hi-resolution, proportional and visible?
      > d.. Do you use negative space?
      > d.. Distribution
      > a.. Do you have advertisers?
      > b.. Do you distribute your newsletter to influential non-members such as:
      > a.. Mayor
      > b.. Board of Supervisors
      > c.. Local libraries, high schools, colleges and universities
      > d.. Active duty sea service people - especially adopted ships, units or facility personnel
      > e.. Radio, television and newspaper editors
      > f.. Potential members
      > g.. Community leaders and members of your congressional delegation
      > c.. Do you provide extra copies to featured people?
      > d.. Do you send a copy to National Headquarters?
      > Website Guidelines
      > a.. Size Categories
      > a.. There are no size categories within the website division. Only one award will be given for first, second and third place winner
      > b.. Judging
      > a.. Websites are judged based on an initial screening by the Navy League's Information Technology Committee (ITC) and a final judging administered by National Headquarters.
      > b.. Entries will be judged on the Initial Screening Criteria and Web Site Evaluation Criteria
      > c.. Procedure
      > a.. Councils will submit a request for consideration that includes the Submission Requirements (see below) and Initial Screening Criteria form.
      > b.. The Information Technology Committee (ITC) will review these materials and determine whether initial requirements are met.
      > c.. ITC will report the results to Navy League Headquarters, who will proceed with the judging process.
      > d.. The Senior Director of Communications will enlist the appropriate judges to evaluate entries.
      > c.. Award Contender Checklist
      > a.. Does the website have credible, original content relevant to the local council, local sea service activities and regional or national Navy League goals and activities?
      > b.. Does the website engage the user?
      > c.. Is the website memorable?
      > d.. Does the website have clearly defined goals?
      > e.. Is the website easy to read?
      > f.. Is the website well organized and easy to navigate?
      > g.. Does the website have valuable, timely information?
      > h.. Is the formatting/design consistent?
      > i.. Is the website visually attractive?
      > j.. Does the website have proper spelling and grammar?
      > k.. Does the website load quickly?
      > l.. Does the website use special effects to add value?
      > m.. Do the links work?
      > n.. Does the website build user loyalty?
      > d.. Submission Requirements
      > a.. Name of council/region/area
      > b.. Council membership as of December 1
      > c.. Title of website entry
      > d.. Site URL (http://)
      > e.. Name of webmaster
      > f.. Email (council contact)
      > Submission Instructions
      > a.. Newsletter
      > a.. Send a minimum of four newsletter issues published in the calendar year.
      > b.. Electronic (in .doc/.docx or .pdf format) or paper copies are acceptable.
      > c.. Please include 2 copies of each issue.
      > d.. Indicate your council size, the name of your newsletter editor and who receives it in addition to Council members.
      > e.. Mail submissions to (must be postmarked by December 31):
      > Navy League of the United States
      > Director of Public Relations
      > Attn: Mackie Award - Newsletter Submission
      > 2300 Wilson Blvd., Suite 200
      > Arlington, VA 22201
      > f.. Email submissions to:
      > publicrelations@...
      > Subject: Mackie Award - Newsletter Submission
      > b.. Website
      > a.. Websites entered must have been in general use for at least part of the calendar year.
      > b.. Websites must be available for viewing in January following the award year.
      > c.. Please do not make design modifications to your website after submission until the awards are announced. Content updates are permitted.
      > d.. Email submissions to:
      > publicrelations@...
      > Subject: Mackie Award - Website Submission
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