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NLUS Council Alert September 7, 2012

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  • Senior Director for Regional Affairs
    It’s been a busy summer for Navy Leaguers! This edition of the Navy League Council Alert is intended to bring you up to date on activities affecting council
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      NLUS Council Alert for January 30, 2009

      Welcome back, Navy Leaguers!   I hope you were able to relax over the holiday weekend, as most council prepare to start their fall schedule of events.  This will be the last Council Alert since, as previously announced, next month we will begin incorporating the Council Alert information into a redesigned Navy Leaguer !

      If you have comments about the information below, please contact the Member Service Center at service@... or call 1.800.356.5760.  Thanks!  Bill Waylett 


      Featured Sections:

      I.          Council Political Activity

      II.        Legislative Affairs

      III.      Council Best Practices

      IV.       Membership

      IV.       Public Relations

      V.        Development

      VI.      Announcements


      I.          Council Political Activity

      Council leaders are reminded that the Navy League of the United States’ Bylaws prohibit partisan political activity on behalf of the NLUS. Personal participation in the political process is encouraged, but NLUS members cannot actively engage in a political campaign while holding office in the Navy League (a perceived conflict of interest).

      Invitations to candidates to speak at council events are allowed only if all candidates are invited.  Politicians who are members of the council can certainly attend council events, but cannot be allowed to make a campaign speech unless their opponent(s) are also invited and, if in attendance, allowed to speak.

      Council communications, particularly emails, must be closely monitored for objectionable political activity, since emails can be easily circulated with unintended consequences.

      In general, the “blackout” period for speaking engagements by members of Congress running for re-election should be the 90 days before the General Election.  We are in this restricted period now, so please plan accordingly.  The Navy League is an educational non-profit which must remain apolitical.


      II.  Legislative Affairs


      The Center for Security Policy has published a Report on the Economic Impact of Sequestration at http://forthecommondefense.org/reports/.  The report summarizes the job and business revenue losses by State and County.  The Legislative Affairs Committee asks that our LA team members share the local data with their Members of Congress when you ask them to find a solution to avoid Sequestration.  Local job and revenue losses should be a powerful motivator to compromise and find a solution.

      Additional Training for Legislative Affairs

      The Legislative Affairs Steering Committee is sponsoring two new training programs to raise awareness and increase effectiveness in our Grassroots efforts:  Navy League Field Leader Workshop (30 minutes), available monthly every first Thursday by telephone conference (next one is October 4, 2012) and the Region Vice President Training Workshop (1 hour), available monthly every third Thursday by telephone conference (next session is September 20, 2012).  All sessions are at 3 p.m. Eastern.  Please contact Bill Waylett, wwaylett@..., to register and receive the materials and call-in information.


      Please visit the Legislative Affairs section of the website—we’ve been updating and it’s become a strong resource for what is happening on Capitol Hill.  Legislative News is updated monthly with an overview of Hill activity, and Sequestration updates and news clips are posted almost daily. You can also find summaries of hearings and copies of bills there.  We have created a new section, the Legislative Action Center, which shows which bills the Navy League is supporting. 

      Grassroots Legislative Initiative Update

      We have produced a video demonstrating how to prepare for and present Grassroots LA Presentation One; your Region Vice President - LA has a DVD which can be used to prepare for your presentation.  Legislative Affairs (LA) training will continue in September and October with Presentation One scheduled for October 2, Presentation Two scheduled for September 11 & October 9, Presentation Three scheduled for September 18 & October 16, and Presentation Four scheduled for September 25 & October 23.  All presentations are at 3 p.m. Eastern.  You must register for training with your Region Vice President, LA, who will send your name and email address to Bill Waylett, wwaylett@....  Presentations are also available in Word for those presenters who cannot use PowerPoint.


      III.      Council Best Practices

      Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Expo

                      Thanks to Grant Ivey, past Greater Los Angeles Area President and Chairman, Navy Days-LA

      The Navy, as well as many industries, is having difficulty finding qualified candidates to learn to operate our highly technical Navy systems.  The critical deficiency is lack of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education.  The Navy League has committed to support the Navy’s initiative to raise awareness across the country of this critical need.  Several councils have initiated programs to support this initiative, but Navy Days-LA has taken this initiative to another level!

      The Sixteenth Navy Days-LA was held August 14-19, 2012 at the Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach in San Pedro, CA.  A new feature of Navy Days-LA was a STEM Expo.  The purpose of this event was to educate students, parents, and the public at large about the importance of staying in school and pursuing STEM courses to improve employability.

      The STEM Expo was arranged as a pre-ship tour in the Port’s cruise terminal building.  The USS Wayne E. Meyer (DDG 108) and USCGC George Cobb (WLM 564) were available for public tours during Navy Days-LA.  Up to 400 visitors per hour were guided through presentations emphasizing the importance of STEM courses to managing our high-tech Navy and industry.  Wednesday and Thursday were restricted to youth from various organizations, such as Sea Cadets, Junior ROTC cadets, Boy and Girl Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs, Police Activities League (PAL), YMCA and CYA/CYL participants.  Friday through Sunday tours were open to the public; Naval Sea Cadet Corps cadets were the tour guides for the STEM Expo on the weekend.

      Exhibitors included defense contractors, the CyberPatriot high school competition (sponsored by the USAF), Dow Chemical, ONR’s Sea Perch, Naval Sea Cadet Corps,  and Navy League.  Most presentations were short video presentations from the sponsor.

      Navy Days-LA was founded after 2000 at the request of the Third Fleet Public Affairs office; Los Angeles/Long Beach was one of the few major port cities with no Navy ship visits at that time.  Grant Ivey, Santa Barbara Council, volunteered to organize the event and recruit a Board of Directors to manage the planned annual event.  The first Navy Days-LA was held in April, 2001 (see http://navydaysla.org/history).  There have been more than annual events since.  Thanks to Grant Ivey and the Navy Days-LA Board of Directors for organizing a well-attended event that emphasizes the importance of 1) staying in school, and 2) taking courses in STEM curricula.  America’s future depends on gaining traction with this message, and Grant Ivey is leading the way! ==============================================================

      IV.       Membership

      Navy League Annual Report

      We have produced a Navy League Annual report for 2011 that briefly describes the activities and accomplishments of both the councils and headquarters during 2011. Click on this link http://www.navyleague.org/files/aboutus/annual_report.pdf if you would like to view the report online.  There is also a direct link on the home page of our website.

      Deceased Members and Retention rates

      Several Councils have asked if the death of member counts against their retention rate. The answer is no, reporting the death of a member does not affect the Council’s retention rate.  We believe we have deceased Life Members that have not been reported.  Please help us clean up our membership records.  As part of our Seapower magazine audit process this year, we will soon be sending a notification to all Life Members asking them to verify their membership and subscription. You can report deceased members to the membership team by sending an email to service@....

      Member Email Addresses

      We continue to have only about 33 % of our member’s email addresses.  Please ask your members to provide their email to us so they can receive important announcements and updates on opportunities to support our maritime service members and their families.  Remember, every Navy League member in a leadership position should update their contact information at least annually. We appreciate your cooperation.


      V. Public Relations

      Navy Leaguer posted.  The latest edition of the Navy Leaguer, a publication featuring council events and activities, is available at: http://www.navyleague.org/files/communications/navyleaguer/201206.pdf

      If you have information you would like to be considered for future editions, read the “Council News Submission Checklist” at http://www.navyleague.org/communications/the-navy-leaguer.html.  The Navy Leaguer will be combined in October with the Council Alert to produce a newsletter that celebrates council achievements and educates council leaders on subjects important to council operations.

      CSOP Update.  The Community Service Organization Presentations have all been updated and are posted on the Navy League website at http://www.navyleague.org/councils/csop.html.  The new Marine Corps CSOP has been videotaped so that the presenter can deliver the information without having to speak to the audience; questions must still be handled by the presenting team.  We have also videotaped the Navy League introduction presentation.  The following presentations are approved for use at this time:

      U.S. Navy
      CSOP#1 USN#1 “Protecting the Sea Lanes and America’s Commerce” as of 5-16-12 CSOP#4 USN#2 "The IA Program - Recognizing Individual Augmentees" as of 5-16-12

      U.S. Coast Guard
      CSOP#2 USCG#1 "Resetting our Maritime Forces" as of 6-5-12

      U.S. Flag Merchant Marine
      CSOP#3 USFMM#1 "An Important Asset" as of 5-16-12

      U.S. Marine Corps

      CSOP#6 USMC#1 "Role of the Marine Corps" (.ppt) as of 05-16-12
      CSOP#6 USMC#1 Video "Role of the Marine Corps" (.mov) as of 5-16-12

      Navy League

      CSOP#5 "Call to Action: On behalf of our Security" (.ppt) as of 05-16-12

      CSOP#7 NLUS#2 "NLUS Introduction" (.ppt) as of 04-18-12
      CSOP#7 NLUS#2 Video "NLUS Introduction" (.mov) as of 04-18-12

      A Sequestration CSOP is in development and will be available shortly for field use.

      Navy Week.  The Navy Week events for 2012 have been announced and are posted on the website www.navyweek.org.  The 2012 Calendar for America is posted at http://www.navy.mil/navco/display.asp?page=cfa.html.  The Calendar for America includes all Navy Outreach activities, including Navy Weeks, Blue Angel Demonstration Flights at air shows, and the War of 1812 Events that began in New Orleans, LA on April 16-22 (more below).

      Navy Week events are conducted to raise awareness and bring the Navy to communities across America.  Navy Week is also an excellent opportunity for your council to raise visibility in your community by getting involved with the planning and execution of a local Navy Week.  Each Navy Week has a coordinator who wants local council assistance and guidance.   To locate your local coordinator’s name and contact information OR to offer assistance, please contact John Daniels, Navy League Senior Director of Communications, at jdaniels@.... Here are Navy Weeks and Fleet Weeks scheduled for the remainder of the 2012 year that need support from local councils:

      ·         San Diego, CA                       Fleet Week, Sept. 16-30        

      ·         Buffalo, NY                           Sept. 10-17 (includes 1812)

      ·         San Francisco, CA                 Fleet Week, Oct. 4-8

      ·         Houston, TX                          Oct. 22-28

      War of 1812 Bicentennial Events

      The Navy League is the official partner (along with the Navy History and Heritage Command, the Naval Historical Foundation, the International Council of Air Shows and Operation Sail – 1812 OpSail) for the War of 1812 Bicentennial.  Council planning should be completed now to take full advantage of this public education opportunity!

      Upcoming events in 2012 that include NLUS participation in the US:

      ü  September 5-10, Detroit, Michigan

      ü  September 12-17, Buffalo, New York

      ü  September 16-30, San Diego, CA

      ü  October 4-8, San Francisco, CA

      For more information on these bicentennial events, go to http://www.history.navy.mil/commemorations/1812/1812-index.htm.

      Local events that have councils in the area of the event are listed for the next 2 months.  The full schedule is at http://www.visit1812.com/.  Events the Navy is involved with are at http://ourflagwasstillthere.org/events.html.  Here are local events planned for August-September, 2012:

      US Navy War of 1812 Port Visit Detroit, MI, September 5-10, 2012, Detroit, MI

      Fort McHenry Star-Spangled Banner 1812 Weekend, September 7-9, 2012, Fort McHenry, Baltimore, MD
      Battle of Plattsburgh, September 7-9, 2012, Plattsburgh, NY

      War of 1812 Commemoration, San Diego Fleet Week, September 16-30, 2012, San Diego, CA
      US Navy War of 1812 Port Visit Buffalo, NY, September 12-17, 2102, Buffalo, NY

      US Navy War of 1812 Port Visit Toledo, OH, September 19-24, Toledo, OH
      Battle of St. Leonard Creek, September 22, 2012, Jefferson Patterson Park, St. Leonard, MD

      Mississenawa 1812, October 12-14, Mississinewa Battlefield, Marion, ID
      Battle of Queenston Heights & Brock’s Burial, October 12-14, Queenston & Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON & Lewiston, NY

      VI. Development

      President’s Circle Membership

      Currently we have 110 members of the President’s Circle.  Members of the President’s Circle contribute a minimum of $1000 for unrestricted support of Navy League mission-focused operations.  Members also receive VIP status at Navy League events, including special receptions at most National events and invitations to Ship Commissioning Ceremonies.  Application can be made online at www.navyleague.org/, or by contacting Mike Carter, Director of Development, mcarter@..., or call 1-800-357-5760, x1585.


      VII.     Announcements

      1. Naval Sea Cadet Corps Month.  National President Phil Dunmire has proclaimed September Naval Sea Cadet Corps Month in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Sea Cadets being chartered by the US Congress on September 10, 1962.  Council leaders should plan appropriate birthday celebrations to honor America’s Best Youth Group!

      2. Act of Valor.  Proceeds from purchase of the Act of Valor Blu-ray DVD will be donated to Operation Homefront, our Navy League partner that exists to support the families of deployed service members.

      3. Council information of use.

      A. Mackie Award Proposed Changes.  The Information Technology Committee (ITC) has recommended changes to the Mackie Awards, as follows:

      ·         Eliminate council size criteria for website awards;

      ·         ITC volunteers will screen website entries and recommend websites meeting minimum initial screening criteria to the National Awards Committee for final decision; and

      ·         Awards will be decided based upon adherence to the evaluation criteria, rather than council size, and will include a non-council subcategory for region and area websites; initial screening criteria will be posted on the Navy League website after approval of these changes.

      These recommendations will be reviewed for approval at the National Board of Directors Meeting in October.

      B. Board of Directors Meeting.  The National Board of Directors will be meeting at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Crystal City, VA on October 17-21.   The deadline for early registration and hotel reservations at the NLUS discounted rate is September 26; register at http://www.navyleague.org/bod/.  Events of interest to council leaders include:

      ·         National Committee Meetings;

      ·         Workshop on Membership Best Practices (Saturday, 10/20);

      ·         Innovations Expo featuring council initiatives (Saturday, 10/20); and

      ·         Sea Services Luncheon featuring   as the speaker (Friday, 10/19).

      Please plan to attend and support your elected officers and directors.

      4.  Seapower.The September edition of Seapower can be found online by visiting www.seapowermagazine.org and clicking on the cover of the current issue — “U.S. Marine Corps.”  The special report kicks off with an interview with the Vice Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr, USMC.  Other articles discuss the Corps efforts to refocus on amphibious warfare, unmanned options, lightening the load for individual Marines, and Marine Corps logistics strategy.  The National President’s message is “Happy Anniversary, Sea Cadets” and Navy League News features an article on the 50th anniversary of the Sea Cadets being chartered by the U.S. Congress on Sept. 10, 1962.  Other articles include an update on seabed mining activities under the Law of the Sea Treaty and a pickup in port activity.  The Council News Digest includes council support of visits by foreign warships, Sacramento Council’s support of Navy Week Sacramento, International Sea Cadets visiting Naval Station, Newport, RI, Sea Cadet attendance at the Senior Enlisted Academy Graduation in Newport, RI, Granby High School (Norfolk, VA) NJROTC recognized as the Outstanding Unit in Naval Service Training Command Area Five, and San Diego Council’s recognition of Marine Drill Instructors. “In My Own Words” features USCG Cmdr. Christian A. Lee, Commanding Officer, Fast Response Cutter Richard Etheridge, the second ship of the Sentinel class cutter program.

      Want to introduce your local high school students and others in your community to the Navy League? You can do that by giving the gift of a subscription to Seapower to your local school and public libraries.  Many councils have taken advantage of this great value. A one-year subscription for schools and libraries cost just $25!  Contact Editor-in-Chief Amy Wittman for more information at awittman@....

      Limited-edition “Centennial of Naval Aviation” Special Report is still available as well. Contact awittman@....

      5.  IRS Notices and Assistance

      A. IRS Publication 583 has recently been released to provide assistance in starting a new business (and a new nonprofit also), including rules and tips for organization, tax filing, Employer Identification Number, record keeping, tax year determination and accounting methods.  Publication 583 can be found at http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p583.pdf.   

      B.  Workshops for Small and Medium-Sized Exempt Organizations.

       Start off the new year right by planning to attend one of the IRS workshops for small and medium-sized (SMS) 501(c)(3) organizations.

      In FY 2011, in collaboration with several universities, Exempt Organizations offered its SMS workshop program to faculty, students, nonprofit and practitioner communities of its academic hosts. In 2012, all SMS workshops will be associated with academic institutions.

      Online registration is now available for the following workshop locations at: http://www.irs.gov/charities/article/0,,id=234956,00.html

      Check the IRS Calendar of Events for the latest information.

      Pittsburgh, PA, hosted by Robert Morris University.

      Sept. 11

      Seattle, WA, hosted by University of Washington

      Sept. 12

       Philadelphia, PA, hosted by LaSalle University

      Sept. 13

      Spokane, WA, hosted by University of Washington

      Sept. 14

      Chicago, IL, hosted by University of Illinois

      Sept. 18

      DeKalb, IL, hosted by Northern Illinois University

      Sept. 20

      Rocky Mount, NC, hosted by East Carolina University and NC State University

      Sept. 25-26

      Portland, OR, hosted by Portland State University

      Sept. 25

      Silver City, NM, hosted by Western NM University

      Sept. 26

      Boise, ID, hosted by Boise State University

      Sept. 27

      Albuquerque, NM, hosted by University of NM

      Sept. 28-29

      6. Upcoming Dates, Deadlines and Events

      Sept 10            Sea Cadet Birthday & 50th Anniversary- Fly the Flag

      Sept 11            Patriot Day-Fly the Flag - Half-staff

      Sept 16            Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown

      Sept 17            Jewish New Year; Citizenship Day-Fly the Flag

      Sept 21            POW/MIA Recognition Day- Fly the Flag

      Sept 25            Yom Kippur begins at sundown

      Sept 26            Deadline for hotel and early registration

                            – Fall BOD Meeting

      Sept 30            Gold Star Family Remembrance Day

      Oct. 8              Columbus Day holiday

      Oct. 13            US Navy Birthday – CELEBRATE!

      Oct. 17-21       NLUS National Board of Directors Meeting

      Oct. 31             Halloween

      Nov. 4             Daylight Savings Time ends

      Nov. 6             Election – Fly the Flag and VOTE

      Nov. 10           US Marine Corps Birthday

      Nov. 11           Veterans Day – Fly the Flag

      In September, councils should celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the chartering of the Naval Sea Cadet Corps and should also be planning birthday celebrations for the US Navy and the US Marine Corps.  ==============================================================

      The NLUS Council Alert is prepared by Bill Waylett, Sr. Dir. for Regional Activities
      wwaylett@... or 703-528-1775

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