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    NLUS Council Alert ... From: Service To: #EVERYONE ; ##Sea Cadets Sent: Tuesday, May 06, 2008 7:09 AM Subject: NLUS Council Alert NLUS Council Alert May 6,
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      NLUS Council Alert
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      Sent: Tuesday, May 06, 2008 7:09 AM
      Subject: NLUS Council Alert

      NLUS Council Alert

      May 6, 2008

      Hello Navy Leaguers! We are preparing for the Spring Meeting of the Board of Directors. You are welcome to join us in Arlington. We hope to see many of you there. If you have questions or comments about the information below, please contact the Member Service Center at service@... or 800.356.5760. Thanks! Bill Waylett

      Featured Sections:

      I. Best Practice – Individual Augmentee Recognition
      II. Oldies but Goodies - Best Practices, 2006
      III. IRS Form 990N Now Due
      IV. Councils and Politics
      V. Public Relations
      VI. Membership
      VII. Announcements

      I. Best Practice – Individual Augmentee Recognition

      Thanks to Bill Dudley, Northeast Florida Area President for sharing this idea

      After Bill Dudley was elected Area President at the Palm Springs Convention last fall he went to commands in Northeast Florida to determine if there were additional needs that the Navy League could fulfill. Captain Jack Scorby, Commanding Officer, Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, FL (NAS/JAX) suggested that we consider providing recognition for sailors detailed for Individual Augmentation. Individual augmentees (IAs) are sailors detailed from their regular command (or from a reserve unit) to fill critical vacancies associated with the war. Because they deploy and return individually, they often do so with little or no “fanfare” (i.e. recognition). Last Wednesday, April 23rd, the inaugural IA Recognition Luncheon was held at NAS/JAX for 149 Individual Augmentees and 56 spouses. Here is Bill’s report:

      “I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to everyone who supported and help make possible yesterday's IA Appreciation Luncheon. It was an outstanding event and very humbling to say the very least. I think everyone who attended was in awe of our many men and women who have served so gallantly and unselfishly in this program over the last 4 years. To hear them speak about their duties in theater as if it were routine is on the far side of amazing. They are, indeed, unsung heroes, each and everyone.

      Yesterday's event left no doubt this is a program that the Navy League must advance throughout all it Regions and Councils. It matches in necessity the support and recognition we give to our SOQ's, SOY's, and our many youth programs. These are all extremely important to our Navy League mission but we cannot overlook our returning IA's and the important work they are doing to augment the Army and Marines in the War On Terrorism.

      To all Council Presidents in the Northeast Florida Area: please convey to your membership my heartfelt appreciation for your financial support for this inaugural IA Appreciation Luncheon and for all those who attended, I thank you for your personal support.

      The luncheon was overwhelmingly covered by all the news services including Florida Times-Union, ABC Ch.25, CBS Ch.47, NBC Ch.12, Fox Ch. 30, Ch.4 Independent, WOKV 690 AM & 106.5 FM and NPR Radio (WJCT). Our National President, Mr. Mike McGrath, was interviewed by all the major news affiliates, including CBS live.

      A grand salute to Captain Jack Scorby and his IA Team at NAS/JAX for their superb job in making this day a reality. Bravo Zulu to his team and their outstanding performance.

      It was a great Navy/Navy League Day.”

      Bill reports that additional luncheons will be held at Mayport Naval Station and NAS/JAX twice a year to continue this recognition program. Congratulations to Bill for taking the initiative in this important recognition; ALL COUNCILS ARE ENCOURAGED TO CONTACT THEIR LOCAL COMMANDS AND HOST SIMILAR EVENTS. Well done to Bill and his team.

      II. Oldies but Goodies – Best Practices, 2006

      Once again we are “recycling” Best Practices from a previous year – 2006. Here’s the menu:

      1/5/06 Year End Council Activities
      2/25/06 Ship Adoption – A Council Opportunity 2 4/21/06 Guantanamo Briefing
      6/5/06 Two Ideas – Council Carpooling and Evites
      9/18/06 Speakers for Community Service and Public Education Events
      10/6/06 The Navy League History Book as a Gift
      10/6/06 Council Fundraising – A Good Idea
      12/12/06 Toys for Tots
      12/12/06 Support of Local Schools for Commissioning Ceremony

      III. IRS Form 990N Now Due

      A reminder that all councils that are tax-exempt must file a tax return by May 15, 2008. Returns include IRS Form 990 (if your council has gross receipts over $100,000), Form 990EZ (for gross receipts from $25,000 to $100,000), or Form 990N (all gross receipts less than $25,000). All returns MUST BE FILED USING THE COUNCIL’S EIN. Further information is available on the IRS Exempt Organization page at http://www.irs.gov/charities/index.html. Steps for filing Form 990N were covered in the Council Alerts dated March 14th and April 4th.

      IV. Councils and Politics

      The Internal Revenue Service has classified the Navy League as tax-exempt under the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to the Navy League are thus tax-deductible. Councils holding a 501(c)(3) determination letter are also tax-exempt and can accept tax-deductible donations, but this designation comes with limits on political activity. First, non-profits must be non-partisan and may not endorse candidates for election -- any election. IRS rules state that non-profits “do not participate in, or intervene in [including the publishing or distribution of statements], any political campaign activity...” The IRS may reprimand the non-profit, assess fines, or revoke the organization's non-profit status. Since 2008 is an election year, we want to advise you of this requirement.

      Prohibited activities. Criticizing political incumbents, providing contributions from council funds to any candidate, endorsing candidates, advocating for candidates, or forming a political action committee.

      Permissible activities. Voter registration drives, sponsoring debates or “meet the candidate” nights, and issuing candidate questionnaires.

      Many councils invite their incumbent representatives to speak to their council during an election year. If this is not a campaign stop, and your council does not perform a prohibited activity, this visit should be OK. You may, however, receive a request for “equal time” from the opponent, so good judgment is needed when considering whether to issue the invitation.

      Navy League members do not lose their rights as citizens to support, advocate or endorse candidates; they just have to exercise these rights outside the Navy League.

      V. Public Relations

      Speakers Bureau

      Bill Dudley, Northeast Florida Area President recently spoke to two local civic organizations about Navy League. In both cases, a part of his presentation was the use of the new Navy League video. Bill reports it was overwhelmingly received by the members of both organizations and was a perfect lead-in for the rest of [his] presentation.

      It is a perfect marketing tool for making presentations and it helps to generate a lot of questions afterwards.

      As a result of the presentation to the local Lions Club, Bill signed up three new members.

      VI. Membership

      Dues Increase

      Remember that on July 1, 2008, member dues rates will be going up. Here is a quick summary of what the new dues and rebate structure will be:

      Member Type, Dues, Rebate
      Life Member, $500, $164
      Husband/Wife Life Member, 750, 294
      Regular Member, 50, 12.50
      Two-year Member, 90, 21
      Three-year Member, 125, 26
      Husband/Wife Member, 85, 25
      Associate Member, 50, 12.50

      No changes were made to Active Duty Spouse Member ($30), Community Affiliate Member ($400), Corporate Gold Member ($14,000), Corporate Regular Member ($4,400) or Business Associate Member ($1,600).

      Please prepare now to update your these rates on your council’s printed materials and websites. New materials are being developed now to be shipped to councils ahead of the increase. You should begin receiving your supply in late May or early June.

      Members can renew now at the current dues rates, regardless of their renewal date. This is a perfect opportunity to encourage them to upgrade to a 2 or 3-year membership.

      VII. Announcements

      1. Returning Warriors Workshop
      The Lake County Council in Illinois has led the way to support the Navy Reserve’s Returning Warriors Workshop in Navy Region Midwest. The workshop allows recalled reservists and their spouses to transition and return to their life; counselors are available for both individual and group sessions. Lake County Council raised money for certificates of appreciation and lunch for attendees. The Glenview Council, Chicago Council, other veteran organizations and the Great Lakes Region President, Bill Glynn, also contributed to this workshop. CONGRATULATIONS TO PAT GALLAGHER, LAKE COUNTY PRESIDENT, FOR ACCEPTING THIS CHALLENGE. Other councils that wish to initiate similar support for this worthy effort can get details from Pat at fergal@....

      2. National Maritime Day
      The theme for May is Celebration of our Maritime Forces. May 22nd is National Maritime Day and the birthday of the Merchant Marine. The Navy League’s Congressional Maritime Week is also celebrated the week of May 19th. Councils should plan/host local events commemorating these events and invite your local congressional representatives to participate.

      3. May Deadlines
      May 12th is the deadline for registration for the Spring Board of Directors meeting, May 22-24, 2008, at the Marriott Crystal Gateway Hotel in Arlington, VA. Online registration is available on the Navy League website.

      May 16th is the deadline for submission of nominations for the Navy League’s Distinguished Service and Hall of Fame awards. Please send your nominations to Executive Services at Navy League Headquarters.

      Member Services

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