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NLUS Council Alert January 7, 2011

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  • Senior Director for Regional Affairs
    January 7, 2011 Happy New Year Navy Leaguers! 2011 is here, and most Councils are electing and installing new officers, then planning their events for the
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      NLUS Council Alert for January 30, 2009
      January 7, 2011
      Happy New Year Navy Leaguers!   2011 is here, and most Councils are electing and installing new officers, then planning their events for the upcoming year.  Does your program include training for your Board and Officers?  Training is normally available at Region and Area Meetings, or can be scheduled before or after an Area or Region meeting for your council.  Ask your Region or Area President for their meeting schedule, then call me if you are interested! Don’t forget the 2011 Centennial of Naval Aviation and the upcoming War of 1812 Bicentennial events in your program planning.   If you have questions or comments about the information below, please contact the Member Service Center at service@... or 800.356.5760. 
      Thanks!  Bill Waylett   
      Featured Sections:
      I .     Council Annual Planning; New Board and Officer Training
      II.     Best Practices
      III.    Membership
      IV.   Public Relations
      V.    Development
      VI.   Announcements 
      I.   Council Annual Planning; New Board and Officer Training
      Your Council Annual Meeting of Members and Elections are complete, so now what?  Here are additional activities that also should be completed:
              •  Council President Turnover (as required) – the Council President
                          Turnover Guide is an excellent summary of this process.  The Guide can
                          be downloaded from our website at 
              •  Conduct Board and Officer training (contact Bill Waylett at
                          wwaylett@... to schedule this training).·        
              •  Complete an Annual Planning Retreat and set the Council Annual
                          Calendar (training is also available for this process).·        
              •  Complete a Council Financial Audit; a workshop is available to assist
                          your audit committee at
      Our training is also available by conference call and we are planning to have online training (webinar) available later this Spring.
      Completing the planning activities above cannot ensure a successful year, however.  Our new perspective on council activities is to focus on community involvement.  We have outstanding councils that do not have monthly membership meetings, but instead host community events, often partnering with other organizations.  These events are planned to engage the community and showcase the men and women of the sea services, emphasize the value of and support for youth groups, engage the business community, support community service projects, then promote their activities and events online – council website, Facebook page and Twitter.  Navy Week is an excellent example of this type event!  Navy Week schedule and contact information is available at http://www.navyweek.org/.
      Many councils schedule more than one event monthly, thus offering their members multiple opportunities to get involved!  If our Navy League is going to rejuvenate, we must change our activities to attract, engage and retain younger members.  Not 20 and 30 year olds, but 40 and 50 year olds!  We also encourage all councils to review the many best practices (posted on our website) that have been identified as successful activities at http://www.navyleague.org/councils/council-best-practices.
      We offer workshops to assist your council in planning most of the above activities, including:
              •  Recruiting Community Affiliate Members
              •  Effective 21st Century Communications
              •  Recruiting & Retaining Younger Members
              •  Council Event Planning
              •  Council Partnership Workshop
              •  Public Education Seminars
              •  Your Council in Community Service
      These workshops can be scheduled for an individual council before or after Area & Region Meetings or during the meeting for attendees.  To schedule, contact your Area or Region President or contact Bill Waylett directly at wwaylett@....  There is no cost to the council for these services.
      II.  Best Practices
      Councils continue to forge ahead with innovative programs to support our sea services.  Here are three examples:
      Fisher House Partnership
      Broward County Council members provided support for the establishment of a Fisher House at the Miami, FL Veterans Administration Hospital.  Council members donated items to furnish and provision the 47th Fisher House, which was funded by the Fisher Foundation and community organizations, including council member’s financial support.  Fisher House provides no-cost housing for family members whose military member is receiving care in military and veterans hospitals across the USA.  For more information, contact Bob Hein, VP Public Affairs, Broward County Council, at luan541@....
      Propeller Club Partnership
      Seattle Council has partnered with the Seattle Propeller Club on a number of projects, including (contact Diane Jaffa at jaffacodsz@...):        
                                Pacific Marine Expo Celebration at Quest Field, featuring VADM
                                  Manson Brown, USCG, Commander Coast Guard Pacific Area·        
                                Centennial of the Great White Fleet
      Savannah Council also partners with the Propeller Club, particularly in support of local Coast Guard activities and commands.  Contact Tom Wright, thomaswwright@... for additional information.
      Central Jersey Council Angel Program
      Since the 1990s, the Central Jersey Council has been purchasing holiday gifts for sea service families located in the New York harbor area, including all Coast Guard cutters (9 total) in the harbor, as well as Coast Guard Sector New York, Coast Guard stations adjacent to the harbor and Long Island, and Naval Weapons Station Earle families.  The Angel Program, as the council has named their effort, has enthusiastic support from members and the receiving families.  For more information, contact Bill Aitken, Council President, aitkenwa@... , or Dan Dermer, VP Military Affairs, dermerda@....
      Congratulations to these council members for their support of the Navy League’s mission.  Well done!
      III.  Membership
      Council Officer Updates
      If a Council has already elected new officers, the Council President needs to send the list of new officers to Navy League headquarters by mail or email so that they can be updated in the database. This is important because access to the Online Community’s council rosters and reports depends on the database being correct. It’s also important to ensure your rebate checks go to the current treasurer, not the old one. The Council Report Change Form http://www.navyleague.org/councils/annual_report.php can be found, and downloaded, from the Annual Report page of the website. At the very least, we need to know now who your 2011 President, Council Contact, Treasurer, Membership Chair, Recruiting Chair, and Retention Chair are because these are the individuals with access to Online Community reports.
      Annual Reports
      Now is the time for Council Presidents to begin assembling your Council Annual Report.  Remember, council rebates are tied to the timely receipt of your annual report.  Although you have until March l to submit your report, we use your officer updates to update the Leadership Directory, the website, the membership database and the Online Community. We will be publishing a revised Annual Report in about one week, but you can start gathering your information now.  The sooner we receive the report, the better!
      New Membership Directory
      Our vendor, Harris Connect, is calling members to ask them to purchase the new Membership Directory. The last directory was produced and released in 2007.  The 2011 directory is scheduled to be delivered in the first quarter this year.  Members have received fliers and post cards from Harris Connect asking them to call and verify their contact information.  Subsequently, representatives of the company are calling members to ask them to purchase the directory. 
      This new edition will be a full-color version with eye-catching cover graphics. Members will be able to submit a photograph electronically to be included in the front section of the directory. It promises to be a great coffee table book that you can proudly display. Members will also get an electronic copy of the Directory on CD. Please encourage your fellow members to update their information when they receive their notifications and encourage them to consider submitting a photo of themselves. 
      IV.  Public Relations
      Navy Week Calendar published.  Navy Public Affairs has published the 2011 Navy Week schedule at http://www.navyweek.org/.  Navy Week events are conducted to raise awareness and bring the Navy to communities across America.  Navy Week is also an excellent opportunity for your council to raise visibility in your community by getting involved with the planning and execution of a local Navy Week.  Each Navy Week has a coordinator who wants local council assistance and guidance. 
      Centennial of Naval Aviation Events
      The birth of Naval Aviation is recognized on May 1, 1911, the date of the contract for purchase of the Navy’s first aircraft.  An aggressive schedule of appearances by Naval Aircraft are scheduled throughout the year (see the schedule at
      http://www.public.navy.mil/airfor/centennial/Pages/Events.aspx).  Council leaders who want to participate in any of these events can contact the Centennial History Director, Captain Rich Dann, USN, Richard.dann@..., or call (619) 545-1899.  The Centennial Office is sponsored by Commander, Naval Air Forces, and is located at Naval Air Station North Island, San Diego, CA.
      War of 1812 Bicentennial Events
      On June 18th, 1812, President James Madison and the United States Congress declared war on Great Britain.  The ensuing conflict involved many battles throughout the continent over the next two years before peace was negotiated.  The Navy History & Heritage Command will be sponsoring events at key battle sites over the two-year bicentennial period.  Stay alert for announcements of these bicentennial events at http://www.visit1812.com/.
      Mackie Award Newsletter deadline extended
      The Mackie Award for Council Websites Nominations are normally due by December 31 YE.  This year we have extended the deadline until January 17, 2011.  Instructions for submission are on our website at http://www.navyleague.org/public_relations/mackie_awards_instructions.php.
      V.  Development
      Navy League Address Label Campaign
      Our popular address label campaign began at the end of October so you would have them for the Holidays.  Please support this campaign with a donation.  Your donation counts towards qualifying for the President’s Circle.  We appreciate your continued support.
      Navy League Bids to Establish Modern Development Program
      NLUS has partnered with the highly respected Firm, IDC Fundraising (a division of Harris Connect), to assist with our Development efforts to enhance our Mission critical initiatives such as the Sea Cadets, Scholarship, communications and education programs.  These vital programs are supported outside of annual Membership dues.  The IDC team is being lead by Brad Carlson, Naval Academy graduate, and the NLUS team is under the direction of Kevin Traver, our new Senior Director of Corporate Development.  IDC has been providing council to and executing fundraising campaigns for more than 35 years and their client list includes all the National Service Academies, USO, Marine Corps Heritage Foundation and the US Navy Memorial.  The current test program involves calling 5,000 NLUS active members by IDC’s team of communicators (who are all Navy League Members) and will run through the end of January.  All results are regularly being updated to the Steering Committee, the National Executive Director Dale Lumme, and National President Dan Branch.  If you have questions or comments about this ongoing test please contact Mike Carter, Director of Development – mcarter@... - for more information.
      VI.  Announcements
      1.  January Seapower Almanac
      The January edition of Seapower is the Almanac.  The Almanac edition provides a summary of the status and condition of the Sea Services — Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Maritime Administration — and serves as a vital reference publication for its readers.  Additional copies are available for $22.50, plus $5 for shipping.  Contact Publications Director Kerri Carpenter for more details.  Please note that the Almanac issue is not produced in digital form.  The digital edition of the February issue of Seapower will be posted on our website soon.  Please watch for it at http://www.seapower-digital.com/seapower/spsample
      2. Anchor Program Update
      In 2010, Navy Safe Harbor placed 42 seriously wounded USN and USCG sailors into the Anchor Program.  Navy League councils were asked to provide senior mentors for 13 of these sailors; 2 councils responded to this request.  Congratulations to Philadelphia Council and Milwaukee Council for stepping up!  Can we do better?  There are seven sailors that need senior mentors at this time.  The Anchor Program Guide on our website at http://www.navyleague.org/councils/council_guides.php  has details of what is expected of Anchor Program Senior Mentors.  Please help!
      3. Military Child Award Nomination
      Operation Homefront, our Navy League Partner, announced the deadline for nominations for the 2011 Military Child Award as January 31, 2011 (see http://www.operationhomefront.net/highlights.aspx?id=7956).  Operation Homefront also sponsors the Lockheed Martin Military Motherhood Award, which will announce a nomination deadline soon (likely deadline is in March).  Please promote these awards among your council’s adopted units.
      4. Navy League Launches 2011 Sea-Air-Space Website
      The Navy League launched the 2011 Sea-Air-Space Exposition website Tuesday, December 21, 2010.  The website will remain live year-round to provide Navy Leaguers with current updates of the exposition.
      This year, the Navy League will host its annual three-day exposition at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Md. from April 11-13, 2011.  Visitors can book and manage room blocks, obtain exhibitor and sponsorship information, and watch 2010 Sea-Air-Space panels at www.seaairspace.org.  
      5.  IRS Notices and Assistance
      a. The IRS Form 990 filing thresholds are changed for 2010 returns (filed by May 15, 2011), as follows:

                          Gross Receipts equal to $50,000 or less        Form 990N (postcard)

                          Gross Receipts of $50,001 to $200,000         Form 990EZ (short form) &
                                 up to $500,000 total assets
                          Gross Receipts over $200,000 & total             Form 990 (long form)         
                                  assets over $500,000

      b. Small non-profits are eligible for the Health Care Tax Credit.  File IRS Form 990T with the credit request on line 44F.  If a council does not have unrelated business income, the Form 990T must still be filed to claim this refundable tax.

      c. The IRS has announced the initial schedule for it’s Small and Mid-sized 501(c)(3) organizations.  This one-day workshop, presented by experienced Exempt Organizations specialists, will explain what 501(c)(3) organizations must do to keep their tax-exempt status and comply with tax obligations. This popular one-day introductory workshop is designed especially for administrators or volunteers who are responsible for an organization's tax compliance as well as those interested in careers in the nonprofit sector.
      March 1-3                    New Orleans, LA
      March 29-31                Las Vegas, NV
      Go to the IRS Calendar of Events for more information about upcoming workshops.
      6. National Awards Correction
      An award presented at the NLUS National Convention in Jacksonville was inadvertently missed in the last Council Alert.  Rear Admiral William D. Baumgartner, Coast Guard District Seven Commander, presented the Coast Guard Distinguished Public Service Award to the family of Joseph R. Milsaps of the Broward County Council.
      7. Upcoming Dates, Deadlines and Events
      Jan. 17           Martin Luther King Holiday observed
      Jan. 28           US Coast Guard established
                              Vietnam Peace Agreement announced
      Feb. 1             National Freedom Day (fly the flag)
      Feb. 21           President’s Day Holiday
      Navy League councils plan and implement programs that raise the visibility of the Navy League of the United States in communities across the country through their support of sea service members, their families, youth groups, and through initiatives and partnerships that engage community service organizations.
      Member Services
      The NLUS Council Alert is prepared by Bill Waylett, Sr. Dir. for Regional Activities
      wwaylett@... or 703-528-1775

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